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Imperfect Celestial (Castiel x Reader)

Plot: Cas doesn’t understand why the reader feels so insecure. Why should she? To him, she’s the most beautiful thing in the Universe.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: Selfhate, Cas being a sweetheart, almost smut (Winchesters be cockblocking), lots and lots of fluff, angst

(In this fic, all the crap with April and Meg didn’t happen but I still hardcore ship Megstiel. I apologize because this is crappy.

Also look how pretty he is in the gif!)

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Sugar? Yes, Please (M)

Summary: SugarDaddy!Yoongi AU. You’re a college student with an aspiration for journalism, but the traumatic experience of being broke and lonely gives you an opportunity to try out something new: become a Sugar Baby.
Genre: Smut 
Words: 8,216
Warnings: Daddy kink, age difference
A/N: This was originally supposed to be separated into two parts, but I figured just screw it; we’re all thirsty for Yoongi, so I’ll keep it all in one. Please enjoy this monster of a fic because it took me literal days and I am so done with myself.

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The Lost Cosmonauts - Throughout the 1950′s and 1960′s, the space race between USA and the Soviet Union was in action. Many people worldwide were fascinated with the race - amateur radio operators were very keen to attempt to catch something regarding the space race on their radios, and in 1961, two brothers, Archille and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia, caught something truly terrifying and unexplained. Earlier, in 1957 the brothers managed to capture the heartbeat of Laika, the dog launched into orbit where she sadly died, but this time, they managed to record the voice of a woman, seemingly in distress. This woman was believed to have been used in secretive testing the ability for humans to cope in space. The audio says:

“Isn’t this dangerous? Talk to me! Our transmission begins now. I feel hot. I can see a flame. Am I going to crash? Yes. I feel hot, I will re-enter…”

The recording then abruptly goes dead.

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do u have any good links/posts on how to fan out over PoC characters/ships without it becoming fetishization? (as a white/female fan). i checked out FAQ and didn't see anything but sorry if i'm missing something obvious

Hi! I know there are some circulating, but right now the only one I can find is only about latinxs. I could give you some ‘tips’, though:

  •  Avoid using language that fetishizes PoC. Don’t call your fave latino your papi, don’t compare dark skinned people (especially black people) to food, etc.
  • Ask yourself why you’re “fanning out” over them. Is it because you find them exotic? Does your fascination come from their race/culture? For ships, are you applying stereotypes to the character(s) of color? Are you hypersexualising or desexualising them? 
  • Don’t focus only on their ‘ethnic’ features when praising them. Yes, they are beautiful, and you can appreciate them, but if you fixate on them then you’re fetishizing them. This includes, in the case of “foreign” celebs, fetishizising their language. I die inside a little every time I see a gringx ‘swooning’ when Diego Luna speaks Spanish, or when I see k-pop fans making fun of their idols’ ~funny words~ in korean. 
  • Please, praise the characters of color, call them beautiful, handsome, pretty, georgeous, but don’t be over the top (especially, as I said in the last point, with their ethnic features) and be mindful of the way you do it. Why are white women beautiful angels who must be protected, but you want brown women to ‘walk all over you’ and ‘kick your ass’?
  • Again, this might sound like it’s not that important but please don’t be over the top. It’s so cringeworthy, fake, and obvious when a white fan’s ‘fangirling’ over a character/person of color and they just want ‘ally points’ for liking said person. Just. Don’t do that. Talk about them, express your love for them, but be sincere.
  • And if someone (read: a person of the same race as the character you ‘like’) calls you out on something, apologise and correct your behavior.

I think that basically covers it, but anyone feel free to add to the list! 

Mod A.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why are Khajiit always reduced to jokes about skooma and thievery? They have an incredibly interesting culture, history, and origin stretching from the whispering of the First Secret to Masser and Secunda to the modern day Elsweyr (which is now split into its original two states of Anequina and Pelletine and ruled by the Aldmeri Dominion), complete with their own religion, rituals, foods, art, and architecture. And don't get started on how weird their morphology is (the freaking phases of the moon determine if you're just a normal fucking housecat, an anthropomorphic cat, or one of several other forms) and how it's tied into their religion and selection of leadership (When the moons eclipse, their new "Mane" is born). The Khajiit are a fascinating and unique race in both the TES universe and fantasy in general and they deserve better than to be reduced to a stupid meme just because Skyrim didn't feature them in much detail

The Kalash are fascinating. Kalash people are a non-Muslim aboriginal minority living on the fringes of northern Pakistan, the only ones not following the religion in all of Pakistan. Their genetic makeup is so pure and distinct, that they are unlike other human races, thanks to their evolving DNA and rare alleles. Their isolation have helped them to preserve their culture. Even more interesting, most don’t look Caucasian like this girl, but their gene pool creates great variation.

Infernal Fascination Chapter 18
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Rated: Explicit

Takes place after the events of “Maces and Talons.” Hiccup is captured by Dagur the Deranged, who wants nothing more than to call the dragon rider his own. This reignites the war between Berk and the Berserkers, while the war with Viggo Grimborn and his dragon hunters is only just starting.

repetition of broken hearts

Genre: angst, basically {angel!taehyung + reincarnation au}

Words: 1.7K [drabble]

Summary: Deep down, you two knew angels should never fall in love

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A/N: I needed to write this down before I lost my damn mind, the storyline has been in my head for a couple days now. Ps: this is sort of inspired by bigbang’s “let’s not fall in love” 

Please tell me if there are any mistakes! English is not my first language so sometimes I miss some details!

If asked, any human, especially a devote one, would say that the idea of ​ paradise involved, obviously, the divine. A parallel world where there would be no pain or suffering, where only the worthy would enjoy its fruits and would drink of its limpid water. Still, if the conversation was extended to the question of the beings that supposedly inhabit this promised land, they would be described in many different ways. Some would call them angels, seraphins , high spirits, saints… it does not matter. There is a point in which all these characteristics collide, a crossing where they are seen as the purest of forms. Beings who, theoretically, would be unable to break rules, unable to do evil.

If you asked Taehyung, however, the answer would be a little different.

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“Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death. The rest of your life used up and blown away in the blink of an eye. You die in the past, and in the present they consume the energy of all the days you might have had, all your stolen moments. They’re creatures of the abstract. They live off potential energy.”

Unpopular (Qun) opinion ahead. And Chantry bashing, but that’s pretty much expected by now right?

I love the Qunari as a race. They fascinate me. Where did they come from? Why is their blood stolen? Why is Keiran sad for them?

I don’t love the Qun. I have no interest in learning more about the ins and outs of how they subjugate people in their totalitarian government. And as such, I have little to no interest to going to Par Vollen, not just because I don’t want to see it but because I can only guess how the narrative would treat it. (Since there’s squicky stuff involved with going to someone’s country and saying their religion/culture is wrong. I will complain from over here but I’m not actually going to go and demand change, that’s got reeeeeally problematic colonialism implications… Don’t even get me started on the parallels that have been drawn with real religions.) 

This whole time the writers have been trying to shove ‘the Chantry isn’t so bad, they’re just trying to help’ as the party line which I and many other people aren’t buying. The Chantry is shit as an institution and even with Leliana in charge is liable to backslide at some point into the abusive and power hungry policies that have governed it for centuries. However, I can only see a trip to Par Vollen as a way for them to go ‘Look, the Chantry isn’t so bad! See how much worse it could be for mages / everyone?’ Which is just straight up bullshit.

The Chantry and the Qun are both really squicky power systems, you don’t get to excuse one by pointing out the other’s flaws. And that is why I’d rather hang out with a group of Tal Vashoth (please can we visit the Valo-kas mercenaries?) than go to Par Vollen. 

I am so sick of how white people “study” us for “science.” When I got serious about fitness every other board i frequented looking for advice was full of “sources” being posted by insecure white guys going on about genes and certain traits that are exclusive to black people. same with white women, they all just seem to have such a fascination with race (black people) and what makes us so different.

I was never a fan of that corny phrase, “they’re obsessed with us” but there’s some ugly and hard truth to it. They exclusively see us as subjects and statistics and it burns them to have to face us as PEOPLE. Whites are NEVER in favor of equality or the dismantling of white supremacy because it’s their life force.

Rose and Pearl Theory

So I’ve seen a bunch of stuff saying Pearl is a friend zone creep and also some stuff saying she’s just an emotionally complicated character. I have to say I kind of lean towards her being a very emotionally complicated character. And my reasoning for this, even though it may piss off some people, is that to be a friend zone creep or someone that won’t take no for an answer, the answer has to be no. I don’t believe Rose said no. I won’t say that she said an exclusive, enthusiastic yes though either.

I believe she did the same thing to Pearl that she did to Greg upon meeting him. If you’ve seen the episode, and if you haven’t go watch it and stop spoiling the ending, then you saw that Rose and Greg were not the couple we see in pictures, or here him wax poetically about. In the song they sing, all the things she “liked” about him, weren’t exclusive to him. She liked his song, she liked his band, she basically points out all these superficial things even though they’ve been apparently dating for months. She knows nothing about him. I don’t even think she knows his name well. She calls him Mr. Universe, his stage name. Now this also would be a polite way of addressing him but if they’ve been dating or hanging out for months then I would’ve thought that formality would’ve fallen to the wayside pretty fast. Rose’s “love” for him is superficial at best. That’s not to say that doesn’t change in the future, both Steven and the video she left show that. But significant amounts of time had passed. She even looked older. Though she probably just tried to match Greg, she probably matured emotionally by that point.

Relating all this back to Pearl, Rose says she loves humans. That they’re funny and questions why he’d want to be a gem when he’s already fascinating by being a human. She’s entranced with humans, who live short lives, but seem to live them so differently and in the moment than Gems. She also admits there’s been others she’s loved. Amethyst even says that Greg might be her favorite human, while Pearl worries that Greg might be Rose’s favorite human as well. This leads me to think Greg isn’t the first human lover that Rose has had. As long as Rose was on earth with the Crystal Gems, she could’ve had strings of human lovers to feed her fascination with the race. That’s not to say that she was unfeeling or didn’t care about humans. But on a personal level she really is an alien, caring that their lives are respected, but having no real idea of what it’s like to be a human or to even converse deeply with one about relationships. It’s not a far stretch to say she might’ve had a relationship with gems, a certain one to be exact. Pearl, her confidant, her knight in the war, and the one that proclaims to love Rose and seems to think that Rose returned those feelings. I think Rose did. Why else does their fusion have such good harmony, Why else does their dance seem to end in a kiss? Rose loved Pearl, she even calls her “my Pearl” when asking her to join her in the rebellion and warning her that she doesn’t have to do this. But actual love comprises more than just loving someone. A relationship, or a fusion as stated by Garnet, has to be open, honest, and you have to grow together. A fusion creates something greater than the sum of its parts. Physically Rainbow Quartz seems to embody that. But emotionally, while Pearl and Rose may have loved each other, that love didn’t make them grow the way Greg and Rose eventually would. For all their time together Pearl never learned to value herself without Rose, without relying on just being a Gem, for herself. Rose never got deeper in relationships, it seems. Though they can fuse, their relationship couldn’t jump those hurdles. Likewise if Rose had human lovers she probably did so while still with Pearl. She calls her relationship with Greg “playing”. And Pearl could never deny Rose anything so she would probably just go along with it and act just like she did with Greg, quietly trying to show them up, reminding them how short their time with Rose would be and staying secure in the fact that at the end of the day she would have Rose to herself again. Basically a jealous lover. It’s not that Rose didn’t return any of Pearl’s feelings. It’s that she didn’t return them with the same depth. And the problem is that all or nothing would’ve been better. I don’t think Pearl was especially nice. Not at all. She was saltier than the Dead Sea. However if the above theory is even halfway right she probably saw Greg as another interloper human trying to steal away Rose and assumed he’d be dead and gone. Expect he manages to “fuse” with Rose in away Pearl never had and maybe never could. But that’s okay. Pearl and Greg while not buddies, have made it much further than their initial interaction would suggest possible. She’s fixed his van how many times? Their short conversation about the crying breakfast friends? Even going to get lapis with him in tow. It’s not the greatest and maybe it never will be but they’re trying. Greg said Gem/human interactions are pretty new and uncharted. And Steven said that things about the past don’t just stop being heavy, and there’s a lot of it, but you have to get past it. It may take a while. But…in keeping with a major theme in the show, there’s hope if you believe.

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Hello! I'm the Valentine's ANON! please share some hcs about your favorite couple and favorite friendship in Saint Seiya :D and if you want, send this to more blogs! Thanks and Happy Valentine!

YAY! (*-*)//// Thank you and Happy Valentine, Valentine’s Anon!

So, my favorite Saint Seiya couple is Shion/Dohko
One of my headcanons is that Dohko is fascinated by the lemurian race. Ever since he met Shion for the first time he got fascinated by him and got interested for his traditions and all.
Something like:

And Shion goes like: should I take a bench for you so you can reach them?
And yes, Shion teases Dohko because of his height.


And one of my favorite Saint Seiya friendship is Milo/Aiolia.
In my headcanon, since they are young, Milo is the bad influence for Aiolia, who is too pure and Milo tries to break it u_u ♥ (but he can’t cause Aiolia is too pure D:) Something like:

Milo: baby boy
Aiolia: I AM NOT A BABY!!! I can handle this!

The Cars of Early Ultraman

Among the things that makes the Ultra Series special in the history of tokusatsu programs are the various machines used by the Scientific Defense teams throughout the years.  A lot of them have been fantastical designs with VTOL jets, Space Planes, mini Submarines and Drill Tanks among the improbably arsenal of amazing vehicles. 

However, they have also used a number of more mundane motor vehicles to get from place to place.  These are usually highly modified commercially available road vehicles though sometimes the modifications weren’t all that special.

The very first car in the history of the Ultraman series is a good case in point.

The SSSP (Science Special Search Party) drove around in a pretty stock 1963 Chevrolet Corvair. This is the vehicle made infamous by Ralph Nader’s 1966 book Unsafe at Any Speed. It was also only used in the original Ultraman as a convenience, being one of the producers’ cars with a few removable stickers applied so he could use it to commute back and forth to work.

When it came time for the second series Ultraseven, a new car was needed and one purpose built for the show.  This vehicle is the Pointer, a car almost as famous in Japan as the 1966 Batmobile is in America.

The base for this particular vehicle was a 1957 Chrysler Imperial.

Sadly, the Pointer was never in great condition during filming and the modifications were only skin deep.  Nothing had been done to fix up the innards of the car and it didn’t even run.  It had to be pushed or towed for every scene it is shown in motion.

When we get to the third Ultraman series (The Return of Ultraman) the Monster Attack Team (MAT) has a pretty stylish ride to get from place to place.

This is a 1968  Mazda Cosmo Sport. it was the first vehicle Mazda produced with a Wankel Rotary Engine (the precursor to the engine used in the recent Mazda RX-8). It was called the Cosmo because of the late 1960′s fascination with the Space Race and Mazda wanting the vehicle to represent the future of automotive technology.  This may have been the reason it was chosen to be the vehicle of the futuristic MAT in 1971.  Either way, it is a beautiful car, especially with that paint scheme.

This is where I am going to end for now.  There have been many other cars to grace the screen thanks to the Ultraman series but I really wanted to spotlight these three iconic vehicles from the very early days of the series.

Flame Dancer (Bard Archetype)

Fire has always held a fascination with sentient races, its many uses in civilization, yet its power and danger makes it difficult to work with. However, there are those who see that danger and wish to conquer it, much to the amazement of those around them. Fire is, after all, the volatile protector of humanoids against the things, so its naturally worshipped and venerated by many.

Fire-based performances vary by culture, but include walking on hot coals, dancing with twirling torches and flaming batons, breathing fire, and so on.

Naturally, bards are happy to include these traditions in their own performances, and there are some that truly blend them into bardic arts. These flame dancers not only utilize fire in their performances and magic, but also ward themselves and others against it.

With one performance, they can subtly bend flame, extinguishing those on fire and allowing allies to avoid it easily.

Similarly, they are able to enhance the sight of others to see through smoke and heat shimmer.

They can also bend flame further away, preventing all but the most intense flames from searing the flesh of their allies.

Flame also bends to their will, as they learn to cast various fiery spells to sear foes.

If you’re planning to run with a few casters that focus on fire spells, or alchemical flame, this is a great archetype to go with, warding your allies from literal friendly fire. From there, I can recommend a support or combat bard build, fighting alongside allies and burning foes. You could also play off the alarming nature of fire and have them learn fear-based spells as well.

Like all forms of performance, there’s a lot to explore culturally with flame-based performance, and I highly recommend doing research to figure out what sort of inspirations your character draws upon for this archetype.


The city watch suspects the Circus of Illusions of being involved with the slave trade, sending the party to investigate. However, the performers and workers prove taciturn, and investigating too deeply could mean facing one of the magical firebreathers.

Originally, the Dance of the Fire King was regulated to a few festivals each year on the islands of Demrava. Now, however, they are practiced every holy day, and smoke billows out from the volcano of the largest mountain. Rumor has it that the cherufe Agmazzeraz has returned to his lair after decades of exile.

An undine has been burned to death on the eve of the Festival of the Flame-Bearer, a time normally associated with feasts and fire-related performances and games. Some suspect a radical sect of the fire god of being responsible, though there is little proof that such a thing exists.

Star Trek/Captain America Crossover: Man in the ice

This was fucking ridiculous. The crew of the Enterprise was allowed a few weeks of leave planetside before she was scheduled to embark on one hell of a long journey. Five years in space. God. This was going to be hell; space was a death trap of disease. While everyone else was enjoying the time off, the last few weeks before being stuck on a ship to go off and explore uncharted territory, McCoy had been given an assignment. No holiday for the good doctor so it seemed. Hell, he was happy to set his feet back on Earth after not thinking he’d ever see his home planet again but not if it meant work. His complaint of, “What the hell do you mean I don’t get any information ‘till I’m there?, had been received with silence and red tape. Now he was strapped in on a shuttle, soaring over a white wasteland of snow and ice across the North Atlantic Ocean.

McCoy didn’t like not knowing. He preferred to have information, not clouded mystery. As a doctor, it was important to know what he was dealing with when it came to a patient if he had hopes to diagnose and treat them properly. This was no different. He hated not knowing where he was going besides a ‘block of ice’. After a slightly bumpy landing, Bones had a parka shoved in his hands, conveniently matching the snow pants that crinkled annoyingly with his movements. Shivering outside, fur-lined hood pulled as tightly over his head as was possible, McCoy was in a sour mood. “D-damn it man, I’m a doc-doctor not an Eskimo!” He complained through teeth chattering. He was from Georgia. Cold really wasn’t his cup of tea. At all. He could picture Jim laughing at him and calling him a marshmallow in his overly puffy coat. It kept him slightly warm and broke the icy wind at least.

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“Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death.”

He takes the job at Downton Abbey (thanking whoever’s listening for his interest in vintage cars back in the 21st century), and he thinks he’ll stay a year or two at most. Get some money and try and figure out where the hell he can even begin to look for answers.

Sometimes when he starts to think he might be mad, he takes out his long dead cell phone and the photo he had in his pocket when it happened. He looks at the small window to the future, to his old life, until he remembers he’s sane and it’s the world that turned out to be far stranger than he ever knew.

When the War starts, Tom Branson still has 76 years left until he’s going to be born.

He knows he can’t be the only one to have encountered the Angels. The only one thrown into the past. He wants to find the others, and find a way home.

The problem with the plan arises when he meets Lady Sybil Crawley. 

When he hands her the pamphlets (he knows votes for women are inevitable with more certainty than she’ll ever realise).

When his heart jumps into his throat and he can’t sleep for fear she might be hurt worse than early 20th century medicine can handle.

When Gwen shrieks with joy and he feels their hands come together.

And for the first time since he arrived, he realises living in the past might actually be when he wants to be.

Celebrating New Who 

March 21:
Favourite Episode - Blink

“Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death. The rest of your life used up and blown away in the blink of an eye. You die in the past, and in the present they consume the energy of all the days you might have had, all your stolen moments. They’re creatures of the abstract. They live off potential energy.”

A bit of an obvious choice, I know, but I remember Blink being the first episode to ever sell me on Doctor Who. It’s such a simple story yet it has element of everything - intrigue, romance, comedy. It somehow, in 42 minutes, perfectly encapsulates what Doctor Who is, while being extremely Doctor-lite at the same time. Sally Sparrow is the perfect once-off companion (can we call her a companion? She doesn’t really meet the Doctor until all the events are over) that is capable of being the Doctor on her own. She’s clever, quick-witted, brave and quietly compassionate.