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Are you excited for World Turtle Day? From tiny, cute baby turtles to massive 1,500 pound leatherbacks, these fascinating animals can be found in almost every ecosystem around the world. Carrying their shells, they’re at home wherever they roam. Human intervention has threatened some turtle species, so please make sure you don’t disturb or distract them, especially nesting sea turtles. Photo of green sea turtles at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge by Daniel W. Clark, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had many complex sexual perversions, and one of his most deeply rooted fetishes was organs and body parts.

As a young child Dahmer was morbidly fascinated with dead animals, and kept a prized collection of preserved road kill that he spent hours touching and looking at. He studied medical journals that showed graphic pictures of surgeries and amputations, and was very knowledgeable about embalming chemicals and methods of preserving flesh.

Dahmer preferred muscled, well-built males as murder victims, and told FBI profiler Robert Ressler that he would often lie his head in a victims lap in order to hear the noise of digestion. He was sexually aroused by the process of dissection and dismemberment, and enjoyed feeling his victims organs after he had “studied” them (his phrasing)

The best concepts for aliens come from animals okay like
There are termites that build towers and have indoor fungi gardens and they employ scorpions as bodyguards so that ants can’t raid the tower

There are birds that build giant hanging nests in trees that function as apartment buildings with over a dozen families to one tree and sometimes when there’s an open apartment a tenrac (which is basically a hedgehog) will move in and keep the nest clean

Symbiosis is so fuckin fascinating to me??? Animals are always the best basis for aliens

The original sketch was for the @escaflowne-week theme survival / loss and can for now be found on my blog (at least until I post the finished, non-animated version). I wanted to continue filling the week’s prompts, but instead continued working on this because, well… I have no control. Please have this before my computer self-combusts from all the running programs, opened files and their layers.

Some Ninjago Headcanons

1. Cole isn’t black, white or Hispanic in my mind. He’s Polynesian.

2. Jay is super white and sunburns really easily.

3. Kai and Mya are Korean. So are Wu and Garmadon.

4. Misako is Japanese. So Lloyd would be Japanese-Korean.

5. Zane was designed to look Norse, particularly Swedish/Danish.

6. Zane is Atheist, but very curious about all of the cultures he’s been exposed to and does a lot of research to understand others.

7. Cole can play the guitar, violin and piano.

8. Lloyd is multingual. Speaks English, Japanese and Korean.

9. Jay has the single most beautiful smile on the face of the earth.

10. Jay is also the third shortest of the group. Nya is taller than he is.

11. Jay wasn’t lying when he said he was always trying daring foods in episode 8. He will eat anything anyone asks him to, no matter how gross it looks. He always tries Cole’s foods.

12. Jay also really loves indie folk music.

13. Cole has major stage fright and social anxiety. He tries to tell himself that people’s opinions don’t matter, but he’s always afraid someone is judging him. He eats to cope.

14. Cole really enjoys weight lifting.

15. Kai is a really bad singer. In stark contrast, Nya has a beautiful voice.

17. Lloyd doesn’t want to be in a relationship at all. He is content as he is.

18. Zane is oddly fascinated by animals, especially cats and horses.

19. Garmadon used to be an expert prankster and taught Jay most of what he knows.

20. Kai and Garmadon became really close after he turned good, to the point Kai saw him as a father figure.

21. Garmadon’s past haunted him. He was always afraid he would never be able to atone for what he’d done.

22. Garmadon always knew that Misako wasn’t satisfied with their marriage and that she wanted to be with Wu. To the day he (might have) died, it ate away at him.

23. As a child, Garmadon knew people favored Wu. He knew from a very young age. As he grew up, he felt like he wouldn’t ever be good enough for anything, which is why he left to train under Chen.

Serial Killers and Cruelty To Animals

Cruelty to animals (or a fascination with dead animals) is a very common behavior exhibited by serial killers in childhood and adolescence. It is estimated at least 70% of serial offenders have engaged in animal cruelty before moving on to human targets.

Being cruel towards animals has its roots in misplaced aggression and sadistic pleasure; offenders get a “high” from causing the animal pain and distress, as well as gloating over other’s grief when they discover their beloved pet has been killed. Often offenders start with something “small” - such as insects and rodents - before moving onto bigger prey such as cats and dogs.

While animals are regularly slaughtered for food, many budding serial offenders torture and kill animals for pure pleasure, and are unable to form loving attachments to animals. On the flip side, other offenders are primarily interested in dead animals, and will collect roadkill or build a “cemetery” in order to satisy the inner need for control and domination.

Jeffrey Dahmer was fascinated by dead animals from a very young age, and while it has never been confirmed that he killed an animal, he certainly kept a collection of animal organs and skeletons.

Edmund Kemper killed two family cats at the age of ten, and had a penchant for burying animals alive. He would also play with their corpses after they were dead.

David Berkowitz killed and skinned over 100 dogs before his arrest at age twenty-four, and professed a particular hatred for German Shepards.

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A soft laugh, not unlike a schoolgirl's giggle, echoed out as Rin appeared, the eternal smile carved into her face still seeming to ooze darkened blood. "Dark," she purred, an amused glint in her eyes. "It's been a while. Time has gotten away from myself and the others." A brief pause, then she continued. "I happened to notice that fantastic video. Props to Will, I'm impressed. But I'll admit, I was surprised at the amount of figments present... How many are there, exactly?"

Dark cupped his hands together, and rested his chin against the smooth bumps of his knuckles, watching the approaching figure with a roachful smile, his eyes sharp and aware. He gave a singular nod, accepting the compliment to Wilford without too much of a blow to his pride. Yes, the mangy pink mutt had done well, he would give him that. At the question, he removed his head from his hands, and tilted it back, taking a professional, bussiness-like demeanor about him as he spoke.

“What you saw was the extent of Mark’s mind. There are nine in total, each representing a separate side to Mark’s ego and personality. That is about an average number, give and take a few, for each human being. It’s all dependent on how they act and what they experience in their life to determine how many figments they will receive. Wilford, governing libido, restlessness, humor, egotism/vanity, impulsiveness, jealousy, spite, eros (erotic/sexual love), pragma (enduring love), mania (obsessive love), rage, masochism, and so on. The Silver Shephard governing justice, mercy, morality, and the like. Doctoriplier governing terminology, medical knowledge, patience, pessimism, and so on. The Host taking care of creativity, grammar, all things artistic based. Myself governing possession, fear, anger, grief, lust, loneliness, love (for now), anger, greed, lies (manipulation), psychotic tendencies, jealousy, seduction, anxiety (ties in with fear). Google governing intellect, knowledge, electronic awareness, calculation, etc. Ed Edgar… I’m not entirely sure. I believe some sort of obsession with money, mingled with country roots of some sort. Bim Trimmer governs his dramatic side, presentation, excitedness, formality, musical endeavors, so on so forth. King of the Squirrels governs his fascination with animals, particularly squirrels, and a desire for leadership.”

k.jiwon -- the first i love you

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Rush was just part of life, everyone seemed rushed to get everywhere and to do everything at the same time but that was just part of the busy life style everyone carried over their backs. It was almost a consequence of being human. Those rushed moments only lead to unsolved business that later on would haunt people, either because of the unsaid words or because of the too much they said without meaning. The rush was to blame.

Where did the living the moment rest? Over Jiwon’s back. He was chill. He did understand how important it was to live the present moment instead of rushing to the next chapter in life or actually delaying things to happen. Sure, there was a timing for certain things in life but sometimes people just had to make it happen instead. His arms wrapped around the female who was beside him, staring at the fish she seemed to love just so much.

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Okay but Hugo Weasley
  • Hugo Weasley who doesn’t like Quidditch, or chess, or studying.
  • Hugo Weasley who hates violence, scary films, and heights.
  • Hugo Weasley who feels alienated from his family, from a very young age, because he doesn’t share any of the same interests with any of his cousins, or his sister.
  • Hugo Weasley who, at age ten, is confronted by his Uncle Charlie at a family reunion, and learns all about his uncle’s job and the adventures he’s gone on.
  • Hugo Weasley who pmuch falls in love with dragons tbh and receives all of Charlie’s old textbooks and adventure books and fantasy novels and the like, and studies them intensely (much to his mothers dismay, and his father’s amusement).
  • Hugo Weasley who is promptly sorted into Hufflepuff upon his first year at Hogwarts, along with his cousin Lily Luna.
  • Hugo Weasley who studies Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Charms intensely until his third year when he is able to take Care of Magical Creatures.
  • Hugo Weasley who never misses an opportunity to get extra credit with Hagrid, or help him with some of the animals in the Dark Forest, or learn more about the animals in which he loves to study.
  • Hugo Weasley who is very outspoken on the care of Magical Creatures, and speaking out against laws that are harmful to said Magical Creatures.
  • Hugo Weasley who constantly stands up for his mum when people are speaking out against her, and is constantly supporting his mum every time she passes a new law, or diminishes an old one; watching as she continuously helps people gain back their rights.
  • Hugo Weasley who is bullied by the students at Hogwarts for ‘being sorted in Hufflepuff’, and ‘his weird fascination with animals’.
  • Hugo Weasley who takes the bullying up until his fifth year when he finally allows his Granger temper to shine through, and uses a carefully placed stunning hex on the bullies (something he learned in Defense Against the Dark Arts, which he had previously intended only to use on animals), and receives two weeks detention with Hagrid in the Dark Forest (which was spent visiting Aragog’s children, and helping Hagrid gather plants for Professor Longbottom).
  • Hugo Weasley who ends up getting an essay of his published in the Quibbler for ‘a fascinating, and enlightening article about how smog and air impurities are having an affect on the creatures of the Wizarding World’.
  • Hugo Weasley who ends up writing a monthly article for the Quibbler, and eventually, the Daily Prophet, about rare Magical Creatures, various excavations done where the bones of an age-old Magical Creatures were found, or educational articles about how to care for them/i.e. help maintain their habitat; slowly making a name for himself (his pen name is Hugo Granger).
  • Hugo Weasley who graduates Hogwarts, not the top of his class, but with all E’s and O’s (and was the only one in his class to get straight O’s, all four years of taking Care of Magical Creatures). 
  • Hugo Weasley who becomes a dragon tamer, like his Uncle Charlie (who ends up becoming his superior) for five years, before going on archeological digs for any new insights on extinct Magical Creatures, before retiring and deciding to work at the Ministry of Magic, in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.
  • Hugo Weasley who continues to write articles in the Daily Prophet about the importance of keeping the environment clean so that Magical Creatures (as well as average creatures) are able to breed naturally, and that they might have a safe, clean place to reside, as well as telling various encounters he had with Dragons during his short time as a Dragon Tamer, as well as his his time on his digs.
  • Hugo Weasley who ends up writing another textbook for the Care of Magical Creatures Class, titled ‘The Wondrous Creatures of the Wizarding World; Both Past, and Present’, correcting mistakes that Newt Scamander had made in his ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, while adding all the information he and other archaeologists collected over the past hundred years.
  • Hugo Weasley who is just a really freaking awesome character with so much potential and is just a smol child whom I must protect to the end of time, tbh????

I mentioned in my 100+ follower head cannon post that I would making a separate set of head cannons for Shiratorizawa, so here they are. Thank you everyone!!:)

  • when Semi first started training for pinch server, there was an instance when he ran  up to serve, but slipped on a puddle left by Ushijima who had dropped his water bottle
  • Ushijima thought he indirectly killed Semi and apologized profusely
  • The others just kind of stood there and laughed. (especially Tendou)
  • Reon watches Steven Universe, his favorite gem is smokey quarts 
  • Kawanishi gets in trouble often for falling asleep in class, once he even lied about having cleaning duty so that he didn’t have to go to practice, but as it turned out, he actually had cleaning duty 
  • Powder puff trees remind Ushijima of Tendou. It’s gotten to a point where Ushijima actually planted a powder puff tree outside of his home. (He tried planting one outside of his dorm, but was told that if he did that he would be suspended 
  • Yamagata gets motion sick easily, they have to make sure to bring his medicine whenever they go anywhere. 
  • When Kawanishi was a first year he sat next to Yamagata and they both got vomited on because, as it turns out, Kawanishi gets motion sick too
  • Semi has a pet rabbit
  • Shirabu went through a scene phase in an attempt to rebel against his parents when he was a first year. He stopped because no one would take him seriously
  • “That’s why Tendou’s hair is so big, because it’s full of secrets”
  • Goshiki can’t figure out why his microwave isn’t working. (His room mate unplugged it because Goshiki is the type of person who lets the microwave beep at two in the morning)
  • Reon needs a vacation, like seriously give this man a vacation
  • Semi and Shirabu sit next to each other on the bus once, an only once, this is because when they sat next to each other Semi fell asleep and started leaning on Shirabu. Shirabu couldn’t take it and slapped him away
  • When Semi woke up he had a hand print on his cheek and was very confused
  • Tendou can play the contrabass really well, if he didn’t continue with volleyball he would have joined the schools orchestra 
  • Goshiki goes to the zoo and is fascinated with the animals that aren’t even exotic, like squirrels. (so does Kawanishi)
  • Kawanishi is the baby of the team, I mean, so is Goshiki, but Kawanishi is babied by everyone
  • Shirabu also went through an emo phase. (When Semi visits his family, they show him pictures. Shirabu was mortified and Semi was laughing his ass off)
  • Collage au where the captains all room together, Imagine Ushijima going to them for advice on how to apologies to someone, because he thinks he made Tendou angry at him
  • Imagine Tendou going to the mothers and asking them how to confess to someone. (In my mind Tendou is also a mother, have you seen the way he supports every one? FIGHT ME)
  • There team bonding times come very randomly, they’ll just decide to do something and go with it
  • Just, the Shiratorizawa team being very close and very friendly to each other. (Because I’m honestly so done with people thinking they’re all jerks b/c they’re NOT. They’re all precious, too pure for this world)

This is so long but I love Shiratorizawa!!! I wanted to make a separate post for all of my followers who followed me for Shiratorizawa and who love them just as much as I do, Thank you soooooo much!!! (Subtle Ushiten and Semishira, check)      

I have two daddies

AO3 link

5 times their son tells people about having 2 daddies +1 bonus little snippet

Some random idea I came up with after watching the new Matt & Blue video


The first time it happens it doesn’t happen like they had always expected. It’s not in response to someone asking him where his Mummy and Daddy are, no it’s when Thomas is 3 years old and they’re at the supermarket. Robert is asking the lady at the bakery to slice their bread, some spelt wheat bread he insists on buying nowadays. Aaron is behind the shopping cart, Thomas in the child seat of it, eying the pastry section, wondering if he can get away with sneaking a snack into the cart.

“I have two daddies!” Thomas says with a giddy smile on his face as the lady hands Robert their bread.

“That’s nice sweetheart,” the lady replies giving Thomas a bright smile.

They shared a look over the top of Thomas’ head wondering where that came from, but ultimately just can’t help but smile at their brilliant son.

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