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The Dahmers

Joyce and Lionel Dahmer had an extremely disturbed relationship with each other, although outwardly they could maintain a semblance of normality; underneath the cheerful smiles in photographs lurked terrible insecurities and indifference. Jeffrey recalls his father as being distant and unreachable much of the time, and Joyce was prone to anxiety-induced fits and huge displays of temper. The birth of his brother, David, further isolated Jeffrey as it was obvious who his parents favored. He developed into a strange, lonely child fascinated with dead animals.

As Jeffrey grew older, his parents marriage worsened. They resorted to splitting the house exactly in half, each residing on their own side; Lionel installed a security system that would alert him if his wife was trying to enter his half.

In 1978, when Jeffrey was eighteen, the Dahmer’s decided to divorce; the lawyer who handled their case described it as the most acrimonious separation of his career. They fought bitterly for custody of David and eventually abandoned him at the house, with just a gallon of milk to subsist on.

The original sketch was for the @escaflowne-week theme survival / loss and can for now be found on my blog (at least until I post the finished, non-animated version). I wanted to continue filling the week’s prompts, but instead continued working on this because, well… I have no control. Please have this before my computer self-combusts from all the running programs, opened files and their layers.

Dinosaurs Among Us

How did feathered dinosaurs finally take to the air? When did they become birds? This dramatic transition didn’t happen all at once, as Dinosaurs Among Us demonstrates. The evolution of feathers and flight-ready brains was just the beginning. And those awkward in-between stages include some of the most fascinating animals that ever lived: bushy, feathered tyrannosaurs; birds with lizard-like tails, teeth and claws; and even some small, leaping creatures with four wing-like limbs. 

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Dude if it hasn't been done before/ if it ain't too much trouble may I request a scenario of 2p!America and 2p!Romano with an equestrian s/o?<3

This is a different type of request and I’d be more than happy to do it!!

2p!America (Allen Jones): Absolutely. Fascinated. He loves animals so much! He doesn’t see horses much, so he absolutely would love to meet your horses. He’d bring all sorts of food for them, too. He’d be more than willing to help wash them, saddle them, and just overall take care of em. When he sees them, he’ll melt, too. Horses are such beautiful animals in his eyes. He knows that they don’t mean any arm.

2p!Italy Romano (Flavio Vargas): He, personally isn’t a big fan of animals. They’re so… icky. He’s very high maintenance and a bit of a “germaphobe”. However, he’d never, EVER prevent you from doing what you love. He’ll be in the audience/outside of the ring cheering for you! He just wouldn’t want to get near the horses. They can be kinda dirty.

Fall Out Boy Facts You May Not Know

• Full Name: Patrick Martin Stumph
• Birthday: April 27th 1984  
• Favourite Food: Pumpkin squares made by his mum
• Patrick hates BBQ sauce
• Before FOB, he worked at 2 record shops at once
• Patrick once punched Pete in the face over song lyrics
• Patrick has a fascination with marine animals that are extinct
• Favourite Quote: “Quite is the new loud”
• Patrick is a huge fan of David Bowie
• Favourite Film: Rushmore
• High School: Glenbrook High School
• Patrick is only 5’ 4
• Patrick hates being called “Pat”
• Patrick is a huge fan of Jazz music
• Patrick’s last name is actually “Stumph” but removed the “H” because of pronunciation issues

• Full Name: Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the 3rd
• Birthday: June 5th 1979
• Pete wrote all of the lyrics from “Under the Cork Tree”
• Pete has his own record label called “Decaydance Records”
• Pete used to be a soccer player
• Pete plays bass and piano
• Pete hates black liquorish
• Pete is 5’7
• Pete gets stage fright when he has to order coffee
• Full Name: Andrew John “Andy” Hurley
• Birthday: May 31st 1980
• Andy formed the band “The Damned Things” during FOB’s hiatus
• Andy has been vegan since age 16
• Andy has over 2,600 tattoos, as he gets them all in little squares
• Favourite Bands: Slayer and New Kids on the Block
• Andy’s father passed away when Andy was only 5
• Andy was listed on PEATA’s sexiest vegans poll in 2006
• Andy is the smartest member of the band
• Andy is the second oldest in the band
• Andy will leave a room if people start smoking
• High School: Menomonee Falls High School
• Andy’s house has been featured on MTV’s “Cribs”

• Full Name: Joseph Mark “Joe” Trohman
• Birthday: September 1st 1984
• Joe is the youngest member
• Joe was brought up Jewish
• High School: New Trier High School w/ Pete
• Before FOB Pete and Joe formed a band called “Arma Angels”
• Joe collects guitars
• Joe loves Star Wars
• Joe once acted as Pete’s chauffeur and got his license suspended  

• They are known for their long song titles
• Their name was suggested to them by a fan at their first gig
• “Sugar We’re Going Down” was on Billboard’s Top 100 for 20 weeks
• The band’s official fan club is called the “Overcast Kids”

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Hey, I saw some of your matchups and I was wondering if I could get one. I'm 5"2, dark brown eyes and fluffy short brown hair. I love draw and write stories for myself. I have a fascination for animals, mainly cats and reptiles, and I love mythological creatures and have a thing for cryptozoology. I like nature documentaries and one of my main hobbies is playing the piano (I've been learning for almost 3 years) and I also wear glasses. P.S. I love your account ❤️

Thank you, I appreciate it!♥


You would look adorable with Kuroo Tetsurou!

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Let’s be honest, he thinks your love towards mythological creatures is the cutest thing he has ever seen! He loves that your eyes sparkle, when you are talking about your interests. Well, thanks to you, Kuroo is now totally obsessed with those mystical creatures! You two also have totally sweet discussions about various documentaries, sometimes the two of you are having a lazy afternoon with documentaries and some of your favorite movies.

He will often ask you, if you would like to play the piano for him. Tetsu could listen to you for hours, since you look like an angel from above while playing. After your music session, there is no way you would get away without cuddling and kissing. He also loves to steal your glasses, he thinks they look absolutely perfect on him. (You can’t tell him otherwise). Well, either way he always melts in your arms when you caress his hair. You can’t help but laugh at him, because he will often lie down in your lap and Kuroo would just look like a cute kitten!

friday! fall out boy facts!

Patrick Stump:

1. Patrick was born in Illinois.
2. His favourite food is pumpkin squares made by his mum.
3. He really, really dislikes barbeque sauce.
4. Before FOB, he worked at two record stores at once.
5. Patrick once punches Pete in the face over an argument about song lyrics.
6. He lives in Chicago.
7. But also has a place in Los Angeles.
8. Patrick has a fascination with marine animals which are extinct.
9. His favourite quote is “Quiet is the new loud”.
10. Patrick is a huge fan of David Bowie.
11. Rushmore is his favourite film.
12. He went to Glenbrook South High School.
13. He is only 5’4.
14. Which makes him the shortest member of Fall Out Boy.
15. He has an older brother called Kevin.
16. Patrick does not like being called Pat.
17. He used to be a vegetarian.
18. He is a huge fan of Jazz music.
19. As well as playing guitar, he also plays the drums and piano.
20. His actual last name is Strumph, but he removed the ‘h’ to avoid confusion over the pronunciation.

Jeffery Dahmer had a well documented history of collecting roadkill as a young teenager, and would spend hours in the woods behind his home in Bath, Ohio, preserving bodies and keeping them in jars.

However, its not known for sure whether or not Dahmer killed animals for this purpose, or was otherwise cruel towards animals. One day a group of boys walking through the woods near the Dahmer home came across a horrific sight; a dogs body nailed to a tree, and its decapitated head stuck atop a stick. Jeffery became the number one suspect in this incident, as he was known to have a fascination for dead animals. However it could not be proven if the dog was alive or already dead at the time, and so Jeffery was not charged or punished.