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A Misunderstanding

Sam stares at the frighteningly earnest face of Vision, an innocent anticipation in his unblinking eye contact that makes the question about fifty times more unsettling. “Um…”

“Please be assured,” Vision’s hands raise, swooping up and to the side as he talks, becoming a real pro at utilizing body language while talking, something Sam should be proud of but can’t bring himself to care about at the moment, instead hanging on whatever comes next, “it is no different than our usual Friday activities.”

Ah, and there it is, confirmation that someone put him up to this, at least that’s what Sam hopes. This puts him on more solid ground, shoulders relaxing as he shines a megawatt smile at the man in front of him. “You asked everyone else about it yet?”

“You were the closest in proximity when I determined to initiate a bonding experience.”

Sam’s smile broadens as he places a congenial hand on the man’s shoulder, “Good. You should probably talk to Nat next, she’s always super busy you know.”  The understanding and obedient nod from Vision cements his plan. “Also, ask Wanda last.”

“I did not realize there should be an order.”

A nonchalant shrug slides the comment away, suggesting it’s something that everyone should already know, which means Vision won’t inquire further, “Listen man, as the social organizer, I promise, that’s the best order.”

Vision gives him one more serious nod and phases away. Immediately Sam pulls out his phone, fingers flying across the screen as he tries his best to get the message out before Vision finds her.

Sam: V is about to ask you a question. Play along and then hit me up.

Natasha: Roger that.

Ten minutes pass before his phone buzzes again, kickstarting his body with a jolt as his hands eagerly reach for the device.

Nat: I thought we agreed no more pranking Vision, he doesn’t know better.

Sam: Hey, mandroid came up with it himself, I’m just being opportunistic.

The ellipsis of Natasha formulating her response comes and goes, the three dots popping up and then disappearing until they finally stay.

Nat: We betting on the outcome?

Sam: Does Steve wear star spangled boxers?

Nat: $30 Rhodes says yes and then rushes to me.

Sam: I’ll take it, but he’s going to talk to me, not you.

Nat: Hope you’re ready to go broke.

Sam shoves the phone in his pocket, grabs a water bottle and begins wandering the common room, investigating each spot to determine where he can be most visible for when Rhodes comes walking into the room, face shell-shocked and voice cracking slightly.  Sure enough, footfalls echo down the hall, slow and plodding, a hesitation and horror clear in the “What just happened?” that seems to be his mantra for the day. ‘

“Hey man.”

Rhodes stops and stares at Sam, mouth agape and eyes unfocused as he forms his question. “Has Vision asked you…”


“Do you think he’s serious?”

An amused smile forms on Sam’s lips as he shakes his head, “No way he has any idea what it means.”

A hesitant shrug goes along with Rhodes’ comment, “Maybe it’s his thing.” His tone develops a mildly defensive air at Sam’s eye roll. “What? He’s odd and we’re a freakishly attractive group, can’t fault the guy.”

“Don’t go lumping yourself in with my sex appeal,” Sam wags a finger towards the man in mock anger. “But seriously, no way he knows.”

“Let’s hope.”

Rhodes walks into the kitchen, still shaking his head, and Sam takes this as his opportunity to brag, turning to snap a picture of the confused and slightly dejected Rhodes and sending it to Natasha.

Sam: I’ll take your $$$.

Nat: I feel betrayed.

He starts to type a reply but stops as the ellipsis pops up.

Nat: $50 bucks Steve is just as clueless.

Sam: No way, we’ve taught him better than that.

Nat: You’re cute Sam, stupid, but cute. What about Wanda?

Sam: $70 she explains it to him, all sweet and gentle, before they get here.

Nat: Oh no, she’s joining him. $150 she’s all moon-eyed and giggly until she sees us.

Sam contemplates both options, he rarely wins against Nat, but he already bagged thirty bucks and he feels like he has a better handle on the social side of team dynamics.

Sam: $150 it is. Can’t wait to be rich.

That night Sam lounges on the couch, feet up on the table, arms out along the back cushion, and grins. “So are we just going to sit here in terrified silence?”

The scoff to his side belongs to Natasha, her legs crossed and a magazine in her hands, “I’d say anticipation of the upcoming shit show of embarrassment more so than terrified.”

“Speak for yourself,” Rhodes leans forward, elbows pressed into his knees as he glances back towards the dark hallway, “I wasn’t going to come but you two insisted.”

Lonely footfalls resound in the metal hallway, Steve’s broad shoulders lifting as he smiles at the group. “Hey guys.” He’s met with a chorus of Hellos as he sits between Sam and Natasha on the couch, hands clapping against his knees. “Really great of Vision to plan this, I’m glad he’s finally taking some social initiative.”

Sam groans a “Yeah, super proud,” as Natasha reaches behind Steve, mockingly rubbing her thumb against her index and middle fingers as she celebrates her first victory.

The conversation doesn’t continue, the voices floating down the hall arresting their attention. The gentle, polite intonations of Vision telling a story are met with, Sam frowns, uncharacteristically giddy giggles. Wanda is never shy to entertain Vision, even at his most weird and inhuman moments, but she’s not one for giggling. Natasha levels a pointed and victorious stare at him but Sam refuses to give in just yet. When they arrive in the room he raises an eyebrow at how Wanda’s hands are wrapped around Vision’s bicep, her body pressed firmly into his sweater clad chest as she looks up at him with a sickeningly sweet and hungry smile.

Natasha throws one more celebratory smile at him and loudly declares, “You two are late.”

That’s when Wanda freezes, smile faltering as she takes in the rest of the team and suddenly her cheeks are beet red, eyes turning up to the man next to her with a plaintive and confused “Vizh?”

Vision simply smiles and pulls her the rest of the way to the common space. “Thank you all for coming.”

Even though it’s juvenile, Sam can’t stop from tittering at the comment, confused lines forming around Vision’s gem as he looks between Sam and the intensifying blush on Wanda’s face.  She turns towards the synthetic man gently brushing his arm with her fingers as she prepares to sully his beautiful, endearing innocence. “Um Vizh?”

“Yes, Wanda?”

She glances back at the varying degrees of amusement on the their teammates’ faces, minus Steve who also has the blissful gleam of ignorance. “You do know what Netflix and Chill means, right?”

“Of course,” which is said with less confidence than usual, his ability to pick up on nonverbal cues getting more fine tuned each day, “it simply means to watch Netflix while,” he raises his fingers to utilize air quotes, “‘ chilling ,’ or relaxing on the couch.”

Sam glances at Natasha and finds that even she appears close to breaking, lips held tightly shut as her face reddens slightly from the effort to remain neutral. Wanda sighs, an internal fight that manifests in her fingers waving with red when Sam releases another laugh. “Actually it, um,” only now does she seem to realize how the whole situation looks, a nervous, wide-eyed glance behind her as she tries to figure out if everyone else pieced together her intentions towards Vision. Sam gives a helpful wink and a thumbs up, mouthing Get it girl , and she ducks her head to hide another blush before addressing Vision again. “It means to,” her fingers lift awkwardly as she air quotes, “ watch Netflix but you actually, um fool around.”

Sam adds a gleefully helpful, “She means have sex!”

The confusion on Vision’s face fades slowly into intrigue, a brief, slightly heated questioning turn of his irises when he looks at Wanda that quickly dissolves into embarrassment as he takes in the smirks around the room. “I see.”

“Wait,” Steve studies the faces around him, “seriously?”  Natasha gives his shoulder a soft, reassuring pat.

Despite the clearly awkward atmosphere, Vision raises a finger, eyes squinting as his mind works through the revelations. “I am a bit confused by the concept.” Everyone sits in rapt anticipation as he formulates his inquiry, the paths of Vision’s mind a fascinating and often unpredictable journey. “The enjoyment of Netflix is to consume entertainment, yet the very foundation of the,” now that they’ve defined the phrase it takes on a proper air, the same one he uses for talking about scientific terms, “Netflix and Chill is to forgo watching the entertainment. How is it possible to keep track of plots when otherwise occupied?”

“Um well,” the concern in his voice is so genuine that its effect on Wanda  is immediate, her lips lifting at the edges as she brings a hand to rest on his forearm. Sam wonders if he can get some of his money back because Wanda did gently and sweetly explain it, just not before being thoroughly embarrassed. “You can always just watch something you’ve already seen or something that doesn’t require your attention.”

This seems to solve everything, Vision grinning in understanding as he adds, “Fascinating, so would it be fair to say we often HGTV and Chill?”

Natasha finally cracks, her sniggering mingling with Sam’s own laughter at the fact they all can feel the heat coming off of Wanda’s cheeks as she mumbles, “I think I’m going to call it a night,” and walks from the room.

Hope you enjoyed! 

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-shuffles over- - coughs nervously- .. Might I entreat you to write IzaMika for the thing *_* I know I'm a broken record

HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH I haven’t done any massive headcanon post for them. 

Who wakes the other one up with kisses:

Izaya does it because look at his precious little project, so trusting of him in his sweet sleep. He knows it still ruffles Mikado’s feathers a bit, so he’ll wake up with a little jab at Izaya. Mikado will once in a while kiss Izaya to wake him up, but he likes to make it rare enough that Izaya wonders what’s coming directly after. The days Mikado are warm are wonderful and unusual and then followed by days that are sinister. 

Who cooks for whom:

Izaya insists that Mikado cooks, so once in a while he does, letting Izaya watch because he knows that Izaya likes to analyze people through how they handle the kitchen. They don’t really enjoy meals together at home, but since Izaya also has an occasional craving for high quality food, they go to nice restaurants sometimes. Otherwise it’s store-bought bento or cup noodles.

Who is the morning person/night person:

They’re both night people as that’s when people are on the forums. Izaya does work at night a lot — a few drinks will secure new information from lots of people. Mikado goes to bed earlier, often opting to wake up before dawn to fiddle with Dollars stuff before leaving for school. He leaves quietly, smiling at the weird way Izaya stretches out his limbs in his sleep. Only on weekends do they stay up equally late and does he sleep later than Izaya.

Who is the romantic one:

MIKADO but he’s too fucking sure that Izaya would tear him to shreds if he acted on it. He remembers all the little shit Izaya seems to like, from the dumb children’s cartoons he caught him watching to the type of dishes he orders when they eat out. Izaya’s interpretation of romantic is expressing that Mikado is one of the most fascinating and unpredictable humans he’s met haha.

Who is the top when it comes to sex:

Oh please, they switch. They like to fight for dominance a LOT. Not physically, though. Mentally. Sometimes Mikado can be straddling Izaya’s lap and riding him and Izaya feels like the submissive one. Sometimes Mikado is in Izaya and Izaya’s tied up and everything, yet he’s the one laughing and directing. 

Who would lead in ballroom dancing:

Mikado tries stubbornly to win the lead, but in the end he yields to Izaya since Izaya’s taller, making it easier. Izaya doesn’t mind either way. He actually likes the few times Mikado snaps and takes back the lead. Kind of mirrors their sex, honestly.

Who is the more cuddly one:

Izaya, because he can be affectionate and get a reaction out of Mikado at the same time. Nuzzle against Mikado and see what happens! It’s a fun game.

Who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch:

Izaya at first. When he knows Mikado won’t like it or will find it stupid, he enjoys watching his lover squirm and suck it up. That said, Mikado finally instates a rule that they switch off, which is fine by Izaya anyway since it’s still interesting to analyze Mikado’s choices and reactions. His choices are cute stories with grand protagonists, but once in a while he pulls out a dark psychological film that reminds Izaya of his hidden depths.

Who is the one who would pay for dates:

Seeing that Mikado is a student, it’s mostly Izaya, who tried to rub it in Mikado’s face until he realized how little Mikado cared about that situation. Funny, considering Mikado insists on splitting the bill with his friends, if not treating them.

Who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes:

Both of them. Izaya’s tone would be more playful and have room for them not doing it. When Mikado initiates, they’re doing it. Izaya’s happy to oblige, take over, and tease his eager partner.

I really love the power dynamics between them. They both have an edge on the other in different ways.

I am so deeply engrossed by The Good Place.

Seriously. This Show.

It is one of the most fascinating and genuinely unpredictable (in a good way) shows that I’ve seen in years. But all of the twists and turns flow organically from the characters and premise, so it all works. And it manages to examine the fundamental nature of “good” while still being very funny.

I can’t wait until this hits a streaming service so I can binge it and watch the show all unfurl in one swoop. I just really love it. 

She’d always liked the sky.

She remembered sunny days with her mother, finding rabbits and dogs and dolphins dancing through the sky, shifting and changing as it pleased them. They were adaptable and fluid and all together their own. The sky was free.

She remembered saving up, buying a cheap telescope to look at the stars that had always enticed her so, the giant balls of light, powerful, beautiful, dangerous. Yet visible only as small specks of light in the dark. She wanted to sort them and code them and listen to their secrets. She wanted to find animals in the stars too. But the stars were free and she just couldn’t see the shapes, so the stars consumed her mind and she was left confused and sad, and still in awe of this eternal beauty so far away.

She remembered being locked away in a classroom, a film background noise to the thunderstorm awakening excitement within her. Huddled up with a group of friends in the cold, all talking in hushed voices about how the storm seemed to speak to them, to unearth something inside them, and how they couldn’t understand the fear the girls on the other table seemed to feel towards this magic.

She remembered sitting on a trampoline at 12am among friends, the scent of tea tree enveloping her, and wishing on the first star she saw. wishing for another universe, a planet to call her own. She remembered saying her pleases and thank yous because maybe if she asked politely enough, her wishes would come true. She saw three shooting stars that night.

She remembered walking to school on a frosty morning and looking up at the seemingly infinite blue and wishing she could keep it forever. So she pulled out her phone and took a picture. And as she felt the frost crisp and cold beneath her shoes she wished it would snow. She wished the cold white would bury her and hide her away.
When she looked back on the photo the next day, it just wasn’t the same.

She remembered seeing a rainbow on the bus and pointing it out to her friend with a grin, who just shrugged uninterestedly, because no one else seemed to love the sky like she did, not even the rainbows.

She’d always liked the sky.

So was it any surprise that she fell for someone with storms in their eyes, with constellations hidden on their cheeks? All the stars and storms that caught her then, caught her again now and she found herself getting lost in all of the clouds she hadn’t seen sneaking up behind her. And even though she couldn’t breathe in these high altitudes the air was so sweet that she’d rather die breathing it than live without it once more. But in all of her fascination she forgot how unpredictable a storm truly can be, and that a rainbow can’t fix what a tornado broke. Or that sometimes the rainbow doesn’t happen, and you’re just left with the wreckage of your mind and heart because beauty destroys you from the inside out.

She’d always liked the sky, she fell in love with it. And ultimately, it was the sky that killed her.

—  palace-of-lies 

i really hate the logic that because x character didn’t react negatively to a similar experience that y character had, x character is better and more worthy of our love

(without even getting into the fact that this standard is often applied to characters who go through some kind of trauma or neglect that they had no control over, and that people expect them to overcome it the right way in order to earn their place in the narrative …)

it’s also just totally missing the basic purpose of storytelling. if everyone has to react in the same way to similar experiences, you will run out of stories quick, my friend. human beings are unique and fascinating and unpredictable, and i want to read about all their reactions, and i never want to close myself off from a story because a character isn’t healing themselves fast enough for a reader’s liking, or isn’t doing what they ought to do.

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do you know any good larry fics that contains a lap dance?

everywhere (i wanna be with you) - 42.3k

Harry and Louis meet because they have terrible friends, they fall in love because something feels right in a world of uncertainty and shifting grounds. Louis is an actor and Harry is a model at the top of his game, the best things in life are the most unexpected ones and the things that hit you when you are least expecting it.

this heart is heavier than the bills in my pocket - 2.5k

Harry is 28, Louis is 18. They have office sex. That is all.

sweet, sugar, candyman - 1.1k

Louis gives Harry a lap dance to the tune of Candyman by Christina Aguilera.

and now a piece of me is a piece of the beach - 85.4k

Entrancing. Mesmerising. Unique. Exciting. Adventurous. Fascinating. Unpredictable. Whirlwind. Rush. Beautiful.
Harry is still not sure whether he is describing the sea or Louis.

you already know - 1.4k

Louis and Harry enjoy a night out at a club. When they’re home, Louis gives Harry a lap dance and puts on a (slightly drunken) show. Everyone wins!

whisper dirty secrets while i’m pulling on your hair - 2.1k

Harry’s had a hard day at work and just wants to go home and snuggle up with his boyfriend Louis, but when he comes home, he gets more than he expected.

Algy perched close to the water, watching each wave as it rolled in and splashed on the rocks around him. No two waves broke in the same way, and it was impossible to guess what the next wave would do. Sometimes a whole series of smaller waves followed one another, scarcely managing to splash at all, and then a much larger one swept in and sprayed him with a shower of salty water. Algy was fascinated by the unpredictability, and time flew past quickly. But it was impossible to play this game for extended periods, as the tide was always changing. Just now it was going out and - as Algy watched - the waves withdrew, so that after a while they no longer splashed him at all. But Algy didn’t mind, because he knew that the tide would soon turn, and the waves would return to splash again…

Algy hopes you are all enjoying a peaceful and relaxing Sunday just watching the waves, either literally or metaphorically :)