The Department of Awesome Natural Wonders would like to remind you that mushrooms are strange, fascinating and sometimes exquisitely beautiful things. Bored Panda assembled a fantastic collection of some of the most stunning fungi photos we’ve ever seen.

These photos were taken by Bernhard Pfister, Patricia Woods, Martin Pfister, Steve Axford (previously featured here), Eric Balcon, Maneesh, Wojciech Grzanka, and H Richard Ellis respectively.

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Different species of mushrooms from around the world

“The mystical world of mushrooms" 

Mushrooms shown here:
1. Amethyst Deceiver
2. Leratiomyces
3. Hydnellum Peckii
4. Coprinus Comatus 
5. Aseroe Rubra 

See more at: http://www.boredpanda.com/mushroom-photography/


A Fascinating Calculation

Dividing by 7 yields this fascinating play of the numbers 1,4,2,8,5 and7. I am not going to spoil the fun by letting you on the pattern that emerges and other captivating properties that you might discover along the way.

Although feel free to write to us if you found anything that marveled you and we would definitely share it with the world.

Who knew division could be this much fun. am i right?

Have fun!


This is one of the strangest and most mysterious books on the shelves of the Archie McPhee Library. Haunted Air [Buy on Amazon], by British musician and artist Ossian Brown, is a fascinating collection of anonymous Halloween photographs taken between circa 1875 and 1955. They’re all from Brown’s personal collection and are presented without any context. In fact the only text in the entire book is the all too perfect foreword written by the inimitable David Lynch.

“The photographs in Haunted Air provide an extraordinary glimpse into the traditions of this macabre festival from ages past, and form an important document of photographic history. These are the pictures of the dead: family portraits, mementos of the treasured, now unrecognizable, and others.”

Each page contains a single bewitching photograph - a simple layout that makes the photos even creepier and more captivating. Without any background information, these haunting pieces of Americana have only each other for company. That is, until you start looking at them, wondering about them, making up stories for them. On the pages of this book, every day truly is Halloween.

[Photos from Haunted Air via NPR]

the verb “can” is so fuckin weird

for starters, most verbs have a “to” like “to love”, “ to want”, “to fight”, but you can’t say “to can”. in fact, you’d say “to be able to”.

which brings me to the fact that “can” is basically a random substitute for “to be able to” depending on the indicated time ???

like for example:

Past: I wanted
Present: I want
Future: I will want

Past: I was able to (or I could, it depends)
Present: I can
Future: I will be able to

like you can say “I can go to the store” but you can’t say “I will can go to the store” you have to say “I will be able to go to the store”.

and like technically I guess we could replace the present “can” with “to be able to” and it would work but just sound hella awk like “I’m able to go to the store”

PLUS it doesn’t get conjugated AT ALL


I want, he wants
I fight, she fights
I can, he can
You can, she can

IT NEVER GETS AN “ S” it’s never “he cans” or “she cans”

like I’m sure there’re very logical yet bizarre and fascinating linguistic reasons for all this but just like whatthefUCK “can” ????!??!??