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Voltron Sexuality Headcannons

Shiro: Hetero-romantic Asexual /space dad just needs to hold hands and have cute kisses. let the man reST/

Lance: Bisexual /but is really into aliens for some reason… no one knows why/

Hunk: Pansexual /this literal ray of sunshine loves everyone no matter what. thinks that everyone needs an equal chance of being loved. so pure. protect him/

Keith: Gay Gay Gay Gay *coughalsopolyamoruscough* /save this boy he’s too gay to function. sees any attractive guy and goes full on pining mode. sucks that he’s around hot guys all the time… they understand and let Keith hold all of their hands when he wants to. keith realizes that he shouldn’t pursue a relationship with them. /

Pidge: Super into chicks /like damn. unlike Keith, Pidge makes her gayness into a giant meme. even though Pidge is preoccupied with her robotics, Pidge is a hopeless romantic when it comes to the thought of having a girlfriend. Pidge blames Zarkon for her lack of love life. #destroyzarkonandletpidgehaveagirlfriend2k17 /


Altean and Galran genders and sexualities work differently than humans.

Think of Alpha/Beta/Omega. It’s kind of like that.

Alphas usually go for Omegas and vice-versa. Betas usually stick together. Although they aren’t confined to this norm.

Allura: Alpha /and damn is she a strong one too. Allura is typical in the sense of being attracted to Omegas. She really likes holding their small frames in her arms. What counts as small frame in Altean is a mystery to the Paladins/

Coran: Beta /and proud. He relys on his neutrality to comfort any type of secondary gender. He could be considered demisexual in human terms because of the crush he used to have on Alfor wHICH HE DENIES/

Keith: Omega /in galran terms, Keith is 100% Omega. Galran omegas are a lot more aggressive than Altean ones. They are usually smaller than Alphas and Betas too. Omegas in Galran society are perceived as too precious so they don’t fight. Omegas in Galran society are the only Omegas that were and are ever treated with utmost respect./

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I was gonna send like a doodle ask of Meenah and Stardust asking Socket if she wants to get up to some trouble (cuz the one of a person asking for her to be their GF was dorbs) but then I remembered that I can't draw so instead just imagine that below this is a picture of Meenah and Stardust asking Sprocket if she wants to get up to some trouble and also Meenah is probably making a lewd hand gesture because her face got stuck that way eventually


"I am the Champion of the Plucked Eye and Heart...”

@vicivefallen asked me last night what I made of Lascelles’ fate in the book. I had a lot of thoughts, none of which were remotely coherent at 2.30 in the morning, and turns out I have even more today, so here we are. :D

(Sticking under a cut because it’s full of spoilers, and very waffling!)

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Because you are a Ravenclaw

The ones who will love and accept you no matter what

The eyes that are curious to know why
The unusual past times

The nose that falls in love with the smell of a new book

The brain that has too many thoughts to process

The feeling of understanding

The heart that yearns to learn more

The fingers that continuously search for something to create

The back hunched over from reading to much

The soul that’s quirky, but everyone loves it

The witty sentences formed

The accidental distraction that happens

The thought process that makes everybody confused

The want to know the answer

The fear of being wrong

The people who will never live in a world without new discoveries and inventions

The experiments that go horribly wrong

The fascinations with what is happening in the minds of others

The innovators and creators that unite

The house that does not get nearly enough credit

The ones who will love and accept you until the rest of your life


(For the contest but realizing that everyone else has much more useful/ helpful/ awesome stuff but whatever!)


there’s a page on the lost media wiki about promotional short interruptions to nick shows in 2001-2002 for the jimmy neutron animated series and i just like to imagine there are a group of people feverishly looking for clips of cgi pants dancing across the screen


i got really carried away but I LOVE WINGS!!!! I love birbs and wings and i don’t know why i don’t make more characters with wings. 

Fanart of avian Keith and Shiro from @fishwrites’s Watercast fic! Outfits based on @marchingspace’s design with my own twist! I love designing fantasy outfits with functionality for weird anatomy i also love halter tops with a firey passion.

i’d like to take this moment to say that harpy eagles are my favorite species of eagle. o<-< They’re so cute and silly looking with their poofy crests but so badass. 


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

Does anyone else just examine the marvel that is the human body (not in a sexual way). Like, I’m sitting here right now moving my fingers and watching my ligaments tense and loosen as they pull on the bones that compose the phalanges of my hand. Certain finger positions cause divots to form between the ligaments, while balling a fist causes them to be almost even with the flesh of my hand.

Sorry for the weird ramble. I just find how all the parts of the human body work and fit together to be absolutely fascinating.

The human body is an amazing machine.