i got really carried away but I LOVE WINGS!!!! I love birbs and wings and i don’t know why i don’t make more characters with wings. 

Fanart of avian Keith and Shiro from @fishwrites’s Watercast fic! Outfits based on @marchingspace’s design with my own twist! I love designing fantasy outfits with functionality for weird anatomy i also love halter tops with a firey passion.

i’d like to take this moment to say that harpy eagles are my favorite species of eagle. o<-< They’re so cute and silly looking with their poofy crests but so badass. 


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

Does anyone else just examine the marvel that is the human body (not in a sexual way). Like, I’m sitting here right now moving my fingers and watching my ligaments tense and loosen as they pull on the bones that compose the phalanges of my hand. Certain finger positions cause divots to form between the ligaments, while balling a fist causes them to be almost even with the flesh of my hand.

Sorry for the weird ramble. I just find how all the parts of the human body work and fit together to be absolutely fascinating.

The human body is an amazing machine.

I haven’t watched a single second of Yuri!!! on!!! Ice!! !? (because my schedule has yet to allow it), but I’m fascinated by what information i’ve gathered in the field.

  • Cute chubby boy with big brown eyes but also he’s not chubby?
  • Russian man with silver pinterest hair
  • angry preteen 
    • that’s the main squad
  • They chill in hot springs and anime balls?! 
  • Russian man has floppy dog that is sometimes a plushy?
    • I think Russian man might be a Magical Girl™
  • He’s also very concerned for Doe Eyes lips because I’ve seen like seventy gifsets of him rubbing his lips.  Which is great teamwork because no one wants to look like Leonardo DiCaprio from the Revenant 
  • Angry preteen is less than thrilled with how exposed he is to the gay shenanigans.  He’s like a bitter Armin Arlert.  The Alanis Morissette of anime.
  • Doe Eyes gets a sexy black leotard to match his pretty black hair, which is now slicked back (Regina George voice: Cady, doesn’t he look good with his bangs pushed back like that?)
  • He also told the press that he takes pipe from Russian man on the daily and everyone is like “Hmmmm, yes, this is good information for figure skating”
  • They hold hands
  • and hug
  • and they almost kissed I think but it was a Tease™ and ended up in a head butt. But also Doe Eyes licked his lips at him and Russian man nutted 

Listen, I’m just a dude surfing the web, but this show has made me the investigative journalist of sports anime. I hope you all get to see a blowie happen on ice, because that doesn’t even seem that farfetched for this show.

since it has been requested a few times now. This will be available as print. I just don’t know how large the endresult will be since the original file is not that huge.

you could put it up this way, or upside down (thanks to iwa-chan’s first name Kanji :’D ). The Kanji are their names “Hajime” and “Tooru” but as bonus if you take them together like this it will also read “obstinate” or “stubborn” :’D. Because they are.