to this day, i still wonder how exactly the production for the 2012 lorax really went down. there’s not much record about it, at least that i could find, but honestly, looking at the earlier concepts, you can see that it was originally intended to be pretty different than what ended up on screen.

which by itself it’s pretty normal, of course. movies often change greatly from their original concept during production, sometimes retaining only the most basic set-up of what once was, but what i truly mean is that we know for sure that the lorax was, at one point, a movie that seriously considered including a rock opera villain ballad such as this

yet somehow the song intended for this exact same sequence ended up being. well. this 

and i just want to know what was lost in the transition there because in my opinion, there is no way that the cutesy and sickeningly cheery lorax that we know could have even intended to include a song like the first one in it. this belongs to a very different movie.

Okay, guys, let’s talk about the pit for a second. Most people don’t even know it exists, so we’re here to tell you a little about it.

This is the pit:

It sits under the cement on the Avs-shoot-twice side of the rink:

Most of the time, it’s empty and covered.

However, at the end of each season, we break up the sheet of ice and push it into the pit:

And even though it’s depressing because it signifies the end of the season, it’s also kind of beautiful:

But anyway, the pit is where the ice melts. And all of the water from the ice can then be drained easier.

So, if you ever see a photo of the pit or wonder where we melt the ice, now you know.

It blows my mind that people look at this scene and still want to dismiss the fact that Haggar is his mother, either suggesting a mistress or otherwise. This is such a good shot of mother and son, you can see the exact traits he inherited, and the fact that this is a good scene in general, as it tells us all about their relationship. Haggar feels entitled to control Lotor and send people after him, Lotor throws tantrums and walks away when she reacts with apathy towards his feelings. It also implies that despite the rocky relationship with both his parents, he prefers Haggar, as he still backed down after his tantrum, either because he wanted out before she actually got annoyed with him, or not wanting to pick a genuine fight with her. 

I liked this doodle from a scrapped comic panel so heres a soft McCree for all your good good McCree needs!!!