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hi hello first of all i LOVE ur art style its just... so fluid and so ??? aesthetically Pleasing to look at im just in awe.,, ., anyways i just wanted to ask, since ur a mage of heart, do u relate to meulin seeing as how she is one too?? im just faschinated by classpects and stuff but sorry if thats a weird thing to ask

Shy -Newt Scamander Imagine

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Pairing: Female reader x Newt Scamander

Word Count: 1,672

Warnings:  FLUFF, a bad word or two

A/N: So yeah, I don’t take requests for Newt but I couldn’t help myself with this one…I just had to write this idea down! Still, I hope you enjoy this although it’s not teen wolf related :) And also, I wrote this in another perspective than I usually do..

The reader is a hufflepuff in this!

“Have a nice day!” You smiled, handing the customer her bag with new baked bread, before sending her a warm smile. She thanked you once again for your help and left the shop, leaving you alone behind the counter. You glanced down at your shirt and noticed the bread crumbs all over it, carefully brushing them off. 

“These are really warm, don’t burn yourself alright?” Jacob came up behind you and placed down a plate with cookies next to you. 

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How would you write Coven to be scarier?

Okay this is an interesting question.

  • First of all I’ll remove the humorous aspect of Delphine . She had way more potential as a goulish villain rather than a housekeeper with some good jokes . I wanted to see her killing more people .
  • No love triangle , did anyone give a fuck about that?!Because I certainly didn’t.
  • Less importance to the teen side  because that was boring and not creepy at all.
  • I’ll gave a lot of importance to the minotaur ,  they totally wasted his potential by killing him after two or less episodes. It might have been a very faschinating and refreshing villain .The potential of the mitologic aspect was mindblowing.
  • More voodo magic , more black magic and more witches! Way too many time was wasted in finding out who the fuck was the bloody supreme.
  • I’ll take off the story of Kyle’s abuse and the story of the neighbours , that were just out of place.
How I fell in love -Stiles Stilinski Imagine

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Part 1

A/N: The second part to Liar! The italics are flashbacks.

Summary: Stiles tells Y/N about some of his favorite memories from their childhood and how he slowly fell in love with her.

Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski

Word Count: 1,236

Warnings: Mention of fighting

Tags: @stilesxxstilinskii @melanie451 @idontknowwhatimdoingdamn

“What?” Y/N dropped her hand in shock, her eyes glued to Stiles who was blushing like mad.

“I didn’t realize until now” he mumbled. “But I think I’ve been in love with you all this time”


“No Y/N. Please let me talk?” She nodded slowly, nor sure what to say. Stiles sighed before he began talking. 

“I remember the first time I met you…”

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1. after the high chaos ending emily is overthrown as empress. she becomes obsessed with becoming empress again so she murders her conspirators and becomes known as the crowned assassin

2. after the high chaos ending emily grows more and more faschinated by the outsider, which leads to her finding the coven and ultemately joining, discarding her duties as empress

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yes hello i would like tO DATE YOU

requrements to date me:

  • u must have entirely black eyes
  • u must be a cosmic whale god
  • ur true form must be a tusked leviathans
  • u must b able to give ppl magial pwrs
  • u gta b able 2 kill a man with ur cheekbones cause theyre so sharp
  • u must be faschinating
  • the outsider u gotta b the outsider