Lo scriverò qui, probabilmente soltanto per non dimenticare. 
Questi siamo io e alcuni amici, nel nostro piccolo paese, che decidiamo di fare qualcosa di bello (visto che qui non si vede mai niente) con 60 poesie scritte a mano, a mezzanotte, in un’area pedonale. Le foto non rendono quanto bello fosse il nostro lavoro di 2 ore. 

Il mattino dopo, alle 8 e mezza, quando io e la mia amica siamo uscite a controllare che fosse tutto a posto, abbiamo trovato tutte le poesie sul pavimento, ancora attaccate alle funi che notiamo esser state recise. Tutte e otto le funi. Mentre raccogliamo quella che ormai era spazzatura, dei passanti ci domandano se fosse opera nostra. “Hanno chiamato i carabinieri” ci dicono. “Hanno fotografato tutto, documentato tutto” ci dicono. “Qualcuno si è spaventato” ci dicono. “Non sapevamo” ci dicono. “Solo ora vediamo che siete state brave ragazze” ci dicono. “Qualcuno ha dovuto tagliarle” ci dicono.

Poesie. Mi volto e vedo due gruppi di bambini con i loro cappellini colorati, in compagnia delle loro maestre. Ci guardano.
- “Mamma, oggi ho visto due ragazze raccogliere tanti fogli sporchi.”
- “Amore tu non farlo mai.”
Sarà stata questa la conversazione tra uno di quei bambini e la sua mamma nel tardo pomeriggio? Quel bambino, che quella mattina, avrebbe potuto leggere poesie.

Prendo una poesia tra le mani, “ode al giorno felice” di Pablo Neruda. Le parole si leggono appena sotto l’impronta nera di una scarpa, probabilmente 42. Intanto il proprietario del bar lì vicino continua a dire le sue stronzate. Trattengo le lacrime.

Nel paese in cui vivo, Fasano, le persone vedono delle poesie e chiamano i carabinieri. Le persone vedono poesie e sentono il bisogno di sbarazzarsene al più presto. Le trovano d’intralcio. Si sentono minacciate.
Già me la immagino quella persona che è uscita di casa, ha visto una serie di poesie, ha lanciato un urlo ed è corsa in casa a prendere delle forbici. Taglia tutte le funi. “Ah, finalmente. Ora siamo tutti salvi!”. Ma perchè? Ma cosa ti ha fatto una poesia? Anche con la testa di cazzo che hai ci passi da sotto alla fune quindi qual è la necessità di fare un gesto così drastico? Cattiveria. Paura. Non so. 
Vi svegliate, vedete poesie ed avete paura.
A me fate paura voi.

What I want is the other world in this world. What I want is the way up and the way down, the way in and the way out. What I want is the poem that rears up like a mythic creature from the dark place of origins, only to transform into the holy, unrepeatable faces of the living. What I want is the mythic wings still thrumming inside them.
—  Joseph Fasano, from “Supernovae and Dark Stars: Some Notes on Universality in the Lyric Poem,” American Poet (no. 50, Spring/Summer 2016)

Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Luca Guadagnino, Walter Fasano and Michael Stuhlbarg at the premiere of Call Me By Your Name, at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, on January 22nd, in Park City (Utah). // Armie was styled by Ilaria Urbinati in Moncler and jbrandjeans // Pictures : Getty Images

harry and louis in rio 2014

Okay, so I thought I’d only share this story after they came out (honestly, I thought they were so close) and I’ve never thought so many people were doing the same, and it is impossible for this amount of people to be making all these stories up, so I’m taking all of them.

I have seen a few anons here saying that they’d seen L&H together in south america, and then you mentioned a roof party in Rio or something and yeah, I think it’s time to share this since everyone is doing the same. (I only shared this recently with a new friend I made on tumblr, but she’s kept the secret)

Last year, 1d came to Brazil and sadly I couldn’t get the tickets on time, but my sister was living in Rio at the time and she was working at the hotel they stayed in, and that week she got the late night shifts. (Hotel Fasano)

Anyway, my sister is older, she’s in no way in the fandom, and back then she didn’t know jack about 1d or Larry, she only knew about Harry because of me, of course. 

The morning of the concert, she texted me on whatsapp stating that she had seen Harry by the pool at like 2 or 3 am with another boy and she was like “Did you know he’s gay… or not straight? I couldn’t stop thinking about you when I saw them because I know you’re crazy about him, I’m so sorry;” and I was like “Lol, no, believe me, I really don’t mind.”

At first, of course, I didn’t believe her and we started arguing over the phone until she swore to me she was saying the truth, then I asked her to describe the boy he was with and she said “Short, small, cute” Then I sent her a pic of Louis and she was like “That’s him. Who’s this?” And I told her “That’s Louis, he’s in the band too” and she was “:o :O :O but they’re in the same boyband, they can’t be together, it’s so risky, blah blah..”

Anyway, I told her they were not out yet and they were keeping their relationship under the radar, but then I didn’t want to keep talking about it because last year I kind of lost faith in Larry and it was kinda sad to me, and since then my sister’s always thought I never believed her.

Then those pics of them at the Christ the Redeemer leaked and L&H were really cute and cozy and we got that famous pic of them, you must know which one. But I still didn’t want to believe my sis’s story. I took a break from the fandom last year, therefore I haven’t tell this to anyone.

Lately, with these anons sharing stories of witnessing them together, brought me back to this and so a few weeks ago I talked to my sister and asked for some more details, and she was like “Oh, I thought they were over since they haven’t come out yet” But I told her that no, they’re still in the closet but we’re close to something. Her words:

“Not everyday you meet an international popstar, so of course I remembered it all vividly. Harry’s really handsome and tall and they were sitting by the edge of the pool with their feet underneath it while they held hands. At some point, I made eye contact with the small one, and for a second he seemed hesitant, so I just proceeded to change the towels and stuff and decided not to stare to make them comfortable, but I might have stared more than I intended. They started kicking at the water, splashing it all over their laps and giggling like five years old, then the small one started whispering in Harry’s ear and he was smiling like an idiot with this weird face” “His frog face?”, I asked and she replied “Yeah, he looked like a frog”

As she was on duty hours, she couldn’t get a pic or approach them or anything, so I don’t have any other proof beside my sister’s words. She told me that she hadn’t noticed they were couple-y together until her coworker mumbled something homophobic under his breath, then she noticed their hands trapped between their thighs and entwined. She also said there was another elderly couple there, but they were oblivious to who they were. She also said that some of her coworkers from other shifts were all gossiping about how all of the members of 1d spent the day partying at the pool, except for one of them, whom she assumed was Louis. and that’s it.

Add this to the list, please, thank you for your time and everything, sorry if I misspelled something as english is not my first language. 


These pictures make me feel all warm and fuzzy😊