♤ he might have resting bitch face i’ll never know
♤ it’s intimidating tbh but when u know how stupid silly he is
♤ also when he smiles when nobody else is
♤ i’m dead
♤ you’re dead
♤ oh sehun stop it
♤ could you not
♤ for the sake of all of us sobbing fans
♤ uggggggggg

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♤ sehun in the ko ko bop mv btw
♤ killed me
♤ a million times
♤ he’s not even my bias wtf
♤ something about him
♤ is he a visual
♤ yes he is but is he a vocalist
♤ yes he is but is he a dancer
♤ yes fucking he’s everything he’s just exo okay
♤ exo’s sexy visual rapper dancer vocalist with a huge d- darn heart !! n dick

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♤ i’m borderline shipping sehun and minseok
♤ like um
♤ confirmed ???
♤ jongdae and luhan back off
♤ they’re together now
♤ sm even officially revealed it in the movie
♤ they just look so
♤ stop
♤ i can’t 
♤ he pisses me off by doing that ugggggg

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♤ he’s so done with exo lmaooo
♤ also likes to be a bitch around junmyeon
♤ “you fucking peasant i swear”
♤ pretty much has exo wrapped around his finger
♤ don’t bully the maknae
♤ or else
♤ i mean i wouldn’t know what would happen but i’m guessing something bad
♤ “i’m stepping on yo caviar bitch !!!”
♤ what else could he do
♤ probably lock the bathroom door woAH !!!

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♤ did i mention he looks hot in everything
♤ no okay
♤ fas hion i c on !!
♤ no wonder
♤ why is he
♤ i imagine his wardrobe is bigger than his di-
♤ i’m not going there
♤ i feel like he’d look hot in a garbage bag
♤ don’t think about that
♤ damn it now you are okay

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♤ tall
♤ pretty tall
♤ uses that against everyone
♤ also it’s kinda hot
♤ like when they debuted he was like the same height as ksoo lol
♤ we watched him g row !!!
♤ also no wonder his di-
♤ stop stop stop stop stop
♤ so yeah he’s kinda hot ???
♤ also kinda a big deal ??

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♤ pissed 24/7
♤ either that or he’s just bored
♤ either way
♤ he’s basically me lol !!1!
♤ also i just noticed his eyebrows in the gif abvoe are hot
♤ like woahwoahwaoh
♤ likes to keep a distance from annoying people
♤ “don’t touch me”
♤ “i don’t wanna get affected”
♤ enjoys watching people suffer esp junmyeon embarrass himself w jackets lol

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♤ likes being sexy
♤ is sexy
♤ not sexy not an option
♤ like i feel like he’s constantly in a war w his hormones
♤ no references intended ;):))););;)
♤ he’s just so
♤ i’m speechless
♤ cannot properly type
♤ long sigh for sehun’s di-

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♤ also sehun and tao were the cutest things ever
♤ tiny little things
♤ also hunhan but you all know how that mentally fucked people up
♤ hunhan was cute
♤ taohun was cute
♤ any ship sehun is in is cute
♤ don’t fight me on that
♤ okay he’s just
♤ how ??????
♤ i’m gonna stop crying now okay

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♤ thinking about sehun w ot12 makes me emo
♤ i’m not gonna think that
♤ fuck it doesn’t help that the gif above is in black n white
♤ so sad rn
♤ anyways yeah that’s sehun for u
♤ a sexy piece of fUCK
♤ that will impregnate y’all with his smile i guess
♤ damn it we all love him
♤ bratty maknae is secretly a fucking omg i love him i type can’t
♤ y’all thirsty get some water