Thank you so much, @canisalbus , for reblogging my silly fanart and putting such kind tags! I honestly choked when I saw it on my dash  (´。T ω T。`)

It really means a lot to me! And, since Farzin is one of my favourites among your characters (and certainly my favourite design), I just had to make another silly doodle. A token of happiness and gratitude, if you will.

Plus, I’ll take any excuses to draw this gorgeous, graceful canine vizier.

  • قطار
  • فرزاد فرزین
  • شخصی

وقتی من رسیدم قطار رفته بود
تو مه و دود جا موندم

هرچی تو دلم بود نشد که بگم
من پشت غم ،جا موندم

هرجایی که میرم یادت بامنه
بارون میزنه، اونجایی

میترسم اسمم یه روز از یادت بره 
با فاصله تنهایی

رفتی از ذهن این خیابون
تو گریه های بارون، من میمردم

چیزی نگفتم از این سکوت
به اون که خونه نبود ، دل سپـردم

تو نمیدونی که دلتنگی چیه، سهم کیه این دوری
چشماتو رو خاطره ، میبندی و میخندی و مجبوری

وقتی میسوزم من تو آتیش و تب 
حالم و شب، میفهمه

هنوزم میترسم از صدای قطار
این روزگار بی رحمه

Five intervention strategies selected for 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale

Five intervention strategies selected for 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale

External image

External image

Cher by Caitlin Blanchfield, Glen Cummings, Jaffer Kolb, Farzin Lotfi-Jam and Leah Meisterlin (New York City)

The Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) invited architects and designers to create intervention strategies for five different sites in Scandinavia. Winners were announced January 28.

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Morning Run by Farzin
Via Flickr:
Sunrise after a snowy day in Boulder, CO.


#TEHRAN [Official Music Video] from Saba Moghadami on Vimeo.

Maziyar Khavajian
Mohammadreza Asghari

Saba Moghadami

Sahand Moshaver

Anooshirvan Akbari

Color Grading:
Majid Khademian

Kiana Tajammol
Siavash Sarlak
Iman Danesh
Farzin Kashefi
Hamid Ghodsi
Hamidreza Moghaddam
Mahsa Jalili
Yalda Mirzaloo
Maryam Saadatmandi

Farzin, who had been on a Jenny Craig program as a 14-year-old and had tried “like a hundred times” to lose weight, decided that he didn’t want … that challenge users to beat other users’ best times, not necessarily beat them head-to-head in real time. #topexercisestobuildstrength http://webogi.com/OZ01pn

Fiat of Dallas Customer Review

We came into Alfa Romero Fiat of Dallas to purchase a 500X. We received great friendly service from Farzin. He was very understanding of our needs and cared what we had to say. Mike was extremely helpful and understanding too. Both Farzin and Mike met our needs and were willing to go the extra mile. If you are in need of a Fiat and no pressure, look to Farzin and Mike to help you. They will do whatever they can to make you happy.

Tina, http://deliverymaxx.com/DealerReviews.aspx?DealerCode=F741&ReviewId=43286


The execution of Farzin.

When he still served as a Vizier, his lushly feathered ears and tail used to be what distinguished him from the commoner Salukis, whom usually are either smooth coated or have their ears cropped at young age. Only the elite are allowed to keep their ears intact. To emphasize the severity of his crimes, Chazaqiel ordered to have his ears and tail cut off when he was imprisoned.