MetroCon 2015

So I recently got back from MetroCon! It was by far the best experience that I have ever had. I met so many new people and made friends for life.I met petravenator and it was such an honor. You are so amazing dude. 

I debuted two new cosplays and literally everyone was in love.I debuted Nicki (Fem!Nick from L4D2) and Poison Ivy (Batman). So many people wanted pictures and it really boosted my self confidence. Everyone at Metro was so sweet and caring and I only had one “dude-bro” encounter but he wasn’t even relevant. 

 But what really topped off my weekend was finally meeting the people that helped me through my father’s passing and my own personal struggles, Parlé Productions. I was 100% terrified when I first met Jack and Kelly. It’s not like they were intimidating or terrifying to talk to, I was just one hot mess. But Trevor aka 0trevskies, was super sweet and ushered me over to Jack. It was so amazing to tell Jack how much their videos mean to me. I was in shock. I ended up giving them letters because of my lack of word ability, and they seemed to love them. To sum up my Parlé experience, Jack, flamboyantwreck, and Kelly, @okellyjaneo, were by far the nicest people that I have ever met. Jeffery aka farukucostumes was hilarious. And Sasha, roguearcanis, was by far the easiest one to talk to. Parlé, as a whole, are just amazing. 

I give MetroCon 2015 a 10/10, everyone would recommend. I loved every moment of it. Fingers crossed for next year!  


Snowleopard fullsuit for Cosmo ~ https://twitter.com/CosmoSnowmew

A few shots from today :D Will hopefully be getting a video soon too! My team from Coventry University worked on sewing together the bodysuit, paws and tail while I directed and worked on the head, feet, airbrushing and little details.

Model is the right weight for this suit but slightly too short (2") so forgive the bagginess on the legs~

Handsome lil fox mask for Zeldrick! Sorry for the indoor-photos haven’t been able to take photos in daylight (rain wont stop!) Going to add whiskers to this fella when I get back and sort the bottom lip out (and will add the tongue when it arrives!)

 But im so pleased with this so far and am still excited to see this as a fullsuit!