Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko the dweebs, being all BFF and hanging out together, probably discussing stuff about Republic City and how awesome and cool it’s gonna be (well, before sh*t got real of course ;XD )


Your secret is out, General

This is based on this post by kablob17, who was really awesome for keeping us updated on all of Celebration 2015′s SW goods during this amazing weekend.

WOW, and what a weekend it was! So much is happening: TFA teaser 2, Battlefront, Rogue One, Rebels season 2 and all the extra Clone Wars content and I’m just SO OVERWHELMED *hyperventilates* 

And I just KNOW I have to make it to next year’s Celebration in London (haven’t been abroad for so long OTL).

Also - I’m still bitter about the fact that TCW got cancelled and there are, like, SO MANY UNSOLVED THINGS ;A; 

anonymous asked:

since we've established that ringo has done exactly one bad thing, has john ever done a good thing?

one time john said he liked ringo

it was the episode where the frog jumps on their bed and wakes them and ringo says “he likes me!” and johns like “i like you, too, ringo but i dont croak” to which ringo responds with some hateful comment towards johns voice that i dont even blame him for

he had only just woken up so hes prone to revealing his inner emotions

simon’s room’s floor is probably covered entirely in books and research documents that they become the floor instead
arthur’s just casually dropping by to complain but can’t do anything about it

Getting your free Plastic Surgery Ticket

Since the Atreian Altas is gone and economy farted so hard we count everything in millions, the Surgery Tickets aren’t cheap. But here’s a method of getting a free one!

1. If you have a few toons level 10+, you can skip right to  step 3. You will need a total of 5 toons, so if you don’t, make a Mage or any new character of your class choice that you can level really fast.

2. I choose Mage, because I believe it is the fastest basic class to level up to 10. From level 1 to 5 you can spam Firebolt standing in one spot with no cooldown just Tab’ing from mob to mob. As you hit level 5, you should head to the main village to get the free scrolls and potions from the winged ladies as it speeds up the progress. Then you can run around spamming Erosion once on every mob you see, gaining you xp as you do nothing but run like a retard. You can always use your own method of levelling, but this is just what I do.

3. As you hit level 10, head to this shugo in your main town.

He will give you a quest [Prestige] Hungry Shugorobo. It “teaches” you to use the vending machine, by giving you 20 coins and asking to buy some soup for him.

Since the reward is 1 Greater Running Scroll, we’re going to say fuck you and take these coins to our account warehouse.

4. Repeat this on another 4 toons. You will need a total of 100 Prestige Coins.

5. When you collect all of them, talk to this fatso:

His quest [Prestige] New Face gives us an [Event] Plastic Surgery Ticket in exchange for 100 coins!

Be sure to claim it on the toon you want to change the appearance of!!! //don’t be dumb like me

Bonus for masochists: Feel free to use this method to get anything else from the Vendor. The outfits will only require you to make 500 toons and barely 2500 toons if you want the unicorn mount :^)


- The Coins can be taken from the quest by any toon level 10+, but the ticket may only be claimed by a lv30+ character.

- This ticket is untradeable. You can’t give it to anyone or put it in a warehouse.

- The quest  “[Prestige] New Face“ can only be completed once. Meaning you can only use this method once per toon //so make urself super pretty so u dont regret it

- This has to be done on the same account, as Prestige Coins are not tradeable.

I was recently made aware that some people don’t know that in the UK the word “trump” means fart.

So here Donald Trump’s name has the same connotations as Donald Fart. He has basically plastered everything he has ever owned with the word fart in fucking massive letters.

And I do think it’s very appropriate that “trump” means “fart” here, because Donald does just spend his life blowing hot air.