I’m usually a more quiet member of the HTTYD fandom, often times just perusing the #httyd and #hiccstrid tags on my own time, liking a few things, reblogging here and there, and I don’t always give my opinion. Since the release of the RTTE (part 1), though, I keep reading so many things from so many people on what they’re doing wrong re:Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship development, how OOC it is or how it doesn’t leave room for them to get to the point of comfort they’re in in HTTYD2 if they’re “just friends” a year (give or take) before the second film. I guess with so much discourse surrounding it, I sort of feel compelled to give my own two cents, just for my own peace of mind because I’m like that.

As an old fart who married his best friend, I find the way they’ve handled it perfectly believable. This also comes from the opinion of someone who said previously in my headcanons that I think that they were going to get engaged right before HTTYD2, before everything went down and made things sort of cray for them and delayed things for a bit. I still stand by that, even in the RTTE developments, whether people want to accept them as canon or not. (Given that the people who developed the show communicated with the creators of the movie to make sure that they didn’t go directly against anything, I think arguing it’s “ignoring the movie” or is a “direct AU of the movies” is a bit of a stretch, even if you don’t like the way they’re developing it for their own story.)


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