You know, it’s weird how Lapis Lazuli was once the mirror at the beginning of the episode. As the mirror, although she doesn’t talk much, she made fart jokes, called Steven her friend, and laughed a lot (or repeated a laughter). When she finally escaped, it’s sad that we never get to see her happily hanging out with Steven so we could see what kind of person she was instead of always seeing her being anxious, angry, sad, you know. 

I just really want her to be happy 

conversations with friends

friend: i’ll send you an audio of my burps

me: i’ll send you an audio of my farts

friend: well when i meet you in person i’ll fart on you


Okay so idk if it’s like this in other colleges or in just other schools in general, but the seats at my school are really fucking close to each other, like they’re back to back, it sure as hell wasn’t like that in my high school so needless to say i’m not used to it whatsoever. So anyway, I forgot what i was actually doing but in the beginning of class i like moved my elbow and accidentally knocked over the girl behind me’s water bottle thing and water spilled EVERYWHERE on the fucking floor and ughh why am i such a spazz ?????? AND IT WAS IN THE FRONT OF THE CLASS YOU KNOW CAUSE IT WASNT BAD ENOUGH AS IT IS

I didn’t feel that embarrassed and I didn’t get red or anything, but i felt really bad for spilling her water bottle and like getting her into that mess with me like if it were my water bottle i wouldn’t care that much cause it’s MY mess and IM the one that did it but the fact that i like dragged her into an (i guess) embarrassing situation is what really like irked me i suppose. So then we had to make like 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom to get paper towels and i said i was sorry like 5 times but she was suuuuper cool and nice about it, she was just like it’s alright don’t worry about it it’s fine, and she asked me if i was a freshman (of course cause you just assume anyone who does something embarrassing like that is a total dweeb of a newbie) and yeah she just introduced herself and it was all okay like IF THATS NOT THE BEST WAY TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS THEN IDK WHAT IS

so that was my day how was yours

Giving my friend brienne-of-fart a little shout out because good golly gosh she deserves one. She’s an extremely talented cosplayer with amazing make-up, sewing and construction skills (she even is patient with me trying to not sew my fingers together). She’s an amazingly talented hir stylist and the only person I trust with my hair. I can’t wait to see her again in a few days because she’s amazing and I love her to pieces.