let the moon look in on us while we sleep.

she will be a voyeur while my lips press to your skin as though i am a notebook and you are a flower which i long to preserve. she will watch and be silent, my love. she will see the rhythm of my adoration for you on these dark, thrumming nights, and the bedclothes will twist themselves into knots the way my stomach does when we see the wideness of her white eyes. oh, my love, how she will watch us.

the moon will witness the soft rituals of our hands, praying in ways no deity has ever seen before – prayers of tongue and mouth and wetness and friction. we are complex and unholy. sin with me, and the moon will cleanse us where we lay so that we might dirty ourselves again, because she loves to see us like that. we come together in the most heavenly chaos, and for a moment, the world is willing to admit that we are beautiful.

thank god for the moon who looks in on us as we collapse, an old house falling comfortably in on itself to be rebuilt with the sun’s handsome gaze. this bed is at peace with you in it, and this soul sits comfortably in the crack between your darling lips. speak low into my ear, let me close my eyes and let your voice roll through me. allow me to delight in the pure joy which rises as a dog does at the call of its master, trembling all throughout my body.

let the moon look in on us, and let her be content with our everlasting divinity.

—  hh

this took an embarrassingly long amount of time to finish but here ya go i loved watching korra grow and mature throughout 4 kickass seasons

edit // after receiving comments that korra’s skin was too pale, i went and re-colored! please reblog this new version instead, and if you see the old one being reblogged it would be nice to direct the person to this version. thank you!!!!