farting is feminist


ok so, like…?? i love juju and i like the idea of him having a big pink dragon on his arm (like they have over Mama’s Boys arena)
i mean he’s the only one who wears sleeves soooo…

plus i wanted to draw him in a different outfit just for funsies

(also can i say how i love how their gang colour is pink?? i love that. why didn’t the fandom love these guys more)

Feminist Complaints vs Feminist Accomplishments Within The Last Few Years

Feminist Complaints (105): 

Domino’s pizza boxes. Science. Voting for Donald Trump. Fireworks. Lab Rats. Craft beer. Calling a “pantsuit” a “pantsuit". Bras. Architecture. Complimenting a woman on her cooking. Air conditioning. The word “too”. Tickling. Ski slopes. The alphabet. Disliking pumpkin-spice lattes. Preferring a woman shaves her legs. Emojis. Wearing camouflage. The phrase “hit on”. Saying “I love women”. The Declaration of Independence. Calling your daughter a “princess”. The nuclear family. Asking a woman about her tattoos. Fracking. Ads for salad. “Ladies’ night”. Glaciers. Long lines outside public women’s restrooms. Men grilling food. The animated film “Minions”. String cheese. “House of Cards”. Words with “man” in them. Speech improvement apps. The term “office mom”. Shoe compliments. Harvard University. “Boyfriend” jeans. The color pink. Hating the feminist “Ghostbusters” reboot. Spooning. Tampons. Asking a woman to marry you. The classic song “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”. Harry Potter. Indiana Jones. Asking a woman to smile. Calling a woman “sweetheart”. Telling a woman, “you look tired”. Comic books and graphic novels. Putting your arm around your girlfriend. Advertising for female consumers. “Mine shaft”. Slow motion. Complaining about political correctness. Not being a feminist. Farting. Interrupting a woman. A man saying he’s a “nice guy”. The derogatory phrase “go f*ck yourself”. Mentioning a woman’s role as a loving mother or wife before her career accomplishments in her obituary. The song “Blurred Lines”. The word “cupcake”. Witchcraft. Hollywood. The phrase “I will force myself”. The sitcom “Family Matters”. Professionalism. The word “ladies”. Complimenting a woman’s handwriting. Father’s Day. Men sitting with their knees apart. Running against Hillary Clinton. The word “cheer”. Clapping. Western Civilization course. Having to pay for a tampon. Finding purpose in motherhood. Not supporting Hillary Clinton for president. Man caves. The iconic TV show Seinfeld. Reports that a celebrity might be pregnant. A Target t-shirt. A prom photo. School dances. Telling young boys, “you need a haircut”. The word “bossy”. Opening doors for women. School and workplace dress codes. Amazon. Gender-specific bathrooms. A statue. Viewing Friday the thirteenth as unlucky. The phrase “too much information”. Calling Hillary Clinton “shrill”. Calling a woman “pretty”. The SATs. The “kiss cam”. The Olympics. Denying the mythical gender pay gap. Denying the mythical “rape culture”. Being pro-life. Being a Republican.

Feminist Accomplishments (1) (5) : 

Turning women into infantile, paranoid, narcissistic, deluded crybabies.