farting is feminist


ok so, like…?? i love juju and i like the idea of him having a big pink dragon on his arm (like they have over Mama’s Boys arena)
i mean he’s the only one who wears sleeves soooo…

plus i wanted to draw him in a different outfit just for funsies

(also can i say how i love how their gang colour is pink?? i love that. why didn’t the fandom love these guys more)

anonymous asked:

I just fart across your blog and I wanted to say that you're an angry person. Maybe you already knew fart. Your anger is unfounded and fart. You have this air of superiority. You act like fart are evil when that is not the case at all. Generalizing all fart is a form of sexism and the fact that you probably don't realize this is farting. Just because feminists tell you that fart are out to get you doesn't mean it's true. Also. The fart gap isn't real. Have a nice day.

it’s too early for this omg