farthing bicycle

ok i know this will probably be played off as ‘buddy had no idea how to describe a warp pad and steven and connie probably didn’t pick up on that fact and just imagined it like this’ but i rEALLY WANT TO BELIEVE GARNET AND PEARL ACTUALLY SPED OFF ON THIS AWFUL DR.SUESS-ESQUE PENNY-FARTHING BICYCLE THE IDEA THAT GARNET ACTUALLY DROVE THIS IS EVERYTHING TO ME


WIP: Chestershire Commons

Been spending the last two days working on finishing Chestershire Commons, my Steampunk Shopping Mall. I actually started this build before Get Together came out, and then it kind of went on the back-burner save a few updates at the time.

I had no idea when I started this project how much time would be involved with filling all the various shops.  On the ground floor I have a Cafe, a Penny Farthing Bicycle Shop,  Butcher Shop, J.C. Pennyworth’s Furniture and Sundries Shop,  A Gentleman’s Tailor Shop, A Barber Shop, and in the center plaza P.T.Barkum’s Steampunk Rocket Tours.  The Second Floor has  Miss Adventure’s Curiosity Shop,  Madame Duvall’s Fashion Fineries for Women, and a Book Shop.  The Third floor has a Billiards Hall,  Dr. Strangeglove’s Science Emporium, The Slaughtered Llama Pub,  and Lemony Spigot’s Toy Shop,  The Fourth Floor holds the business offices and private residence of the Mall owner, the illustrious P.T. Barkum, Barkum will also allow you to view the stars from his private observatory for only a paltry five simoleons.

What goes on in the basement, will have to remain a secret for now. :)

Have fun :)!


Evolution of the Bicycle as 300 years are compressed into a 1 minute animation.