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Heir to a Kingdom [3]


Um, NSFW/spoiler warning, you and Lotor frick at the end. If you are uncomfortable with smut, I will bold where it begins so you can easily skip over it, since this chapter has some important plot to it, as well. It’s just the Unnecessary Yet Obligatory Smut Chapter™.

There are so many loopholes in this story please forgive me

This is so drawn out I apologize, omg none of this makes sense but, I’m pretty damn proud

– Ryan

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You’d been nothing but an enigma since you’d regained your consciousness. Lotor couldn’t figure it out. It was apparent even before your presence on that ship: you were a puzzle. Countless times he’s tried to get a rise from you – information – anything, but each time you’d unwittingly beat him at his own game.

And that’s what infuriated him to no end.

Lotor grits his teeth – he’s getting nowhere with this direct approach. Torture was looking more and more appealing by the minute, though he knew he had no method of interrogation that a mere human could withstand. And as much as he hates to admit it, your intel was too important to him to throw away so easily.

He paces the command hall, his frustration evident in his frayed behavior. It didn’t help that he had Haggar so far up his ass for information since he’d executed his plan. He was running out of options, and he was running out of time. He throws his arm down on a control panel, splitting the metal frame beneath his fist. Severed wires throw up sparks, and the malfunction pulls up the data files he’d collected on you. One, in particular, had caught his attention, and a smile spread across his lips.

Perhaps he wasn’t as limited in options as he had thought.

Composing himself, he steps down from the podium and strides out of the hall, leaving behind a few rather stunned officers.

“Let’s talk about this project of yours.”

Your head snaps up at him, a mix of shock and confusion. “I’m sorry, my what now?”

“At this ‘Garrison’, you were commended for your study of deep space exploration, were you not?” Still unable to follow along, you watch the man before you, waiting for the punchline.

“You were a pivotal force in the Kerberos mission.” A smirk graces his face as he finally, finally, sees a reaction in you. You immediately jump up, staring him dead in the face.

“What do you know of the Kerberos Project?” Suspicion bubbles in your chest, almost chokingly, as anticipation joins it hand in hand. Lotor shrugs a shoulder, before he backs a step, and walks across the cell. “That was the farthest you humans had traveled in your galaxy,” he begins, recalling the document with ease, “when you had the misfortune of crossing my father.”

“Your… Father?” You begin connecting some dots, shock registering as you stare at Lotor again. Prince Lotor. It all made sense.

He was Zarkon’s son.

Lotor’s lip quivers as he can see your brain working on the information he feeds you, but makes no comment as he continues his conversation. “Your technology is primitive, nothing like how the millennia have shaped Galran science.”

“What are you trying to get at, Lotor?” You ask, tentatively. You don’t know how to test the waters with him, let alone where you stood. He held information about you that the Garrison had kept classified. What else did he know?

“Only an arrangement. Knowledge, for knowledge.”

Of course, none of this had turned out how you would have expected it. It had been days since that exchange, but you were freed from your chains. Though you were free to roam outside your cell, you were still heavily monitored. 

Lotor was sure to keep a close eye on you. You didn’t know how you felt, given the opportunity to study on the Galran ship. You felt as though you should be looking for a way, or a chance, to escape. But if Lotor’s attention was on you, that meant less time for him to plan another attack, and you liked to think you were buying the team time to think of a plan. You laid everything in their hands.

“Incredible..” You mutter, looking over the algorithm used to generate energy. Lotor’s brow raised at your mutter, a bit intrigued. “Who would have thought the remainder would be used to carry the power, instead of using an even calculation… it’s almost like it’s using the overflow of energy to jumpstart the reaction, then to follow it into a continuous stream..” You move to the monitor plugging the equation in, and watching the diagram as it portrays an example.

“When you generate excess energy, you kick-start a reaction.” Lotor walks up beside you, watching the math he’d been so familiar with since childhood. “If you can harness the extra energy, it acts as a backup generator, rather than a destructive force.” You look up at him from the corner of your eye. It was the first time he’d addressed you since ‘releasing’ you and allowing you to roam free through the Archive.

“How do you divert the excess energy from the core of the reactor? That much power could destroy this entire ship.” You ask him, and he’s a bit thrown off. He wasn’t expecting you to ask him a direct question, but that’s what he deserves if he’s going to butt in. Flustered, he answers every question you give to him

“It’s too time-consuming.” Haggar had warned him. “It would be much easier to dissect her brain.”

This threat had angered him, but not for the reason it should have. “Do not dare touch her.” He’d seethed, “I can handle this myself.”

He roars, the frustration in his cry resounding through the walls. He throws more clutter off from the table, but even the sound of breaking glass or the aggression could quell the emotions bubbling in him.

“What am I doing?!” He growls at himself as he looks at the turmoil he’d created. Books of Galran physics and chemistry are strewn about, papers he’d put together, and for what? Some human prisoner? What did she even mean to him?

“Lotor?” Your voice reaches his ears, and he goes rigid. You look around the room before you meet his eyes. “Is everything okay?” You’re almost not surprised you don’t get an answer, but you’d heard his scream before, and the mess around the room only confirmed your suspicions.

Lotor just looks you over, studying you. Under his scrutinizing gaze, you shift a bit uncomfortably. “I just.. I thought maybe.. I would check on you. To see what was wrong.” You say, unsure how to handle the awkward silence. But with Lotor, you knew more than to push your luck. You could tell when you were unwelcome.

“Just know you can always talk to me, alright?” You say, giving him a look – he could discern it worry – before you turn back, and leave him to his thoughts.

It was apparent even before your presence on that ship, that you were a puzzle. You haunted his mind then, but you cloud his judgment now. His thoughts are filled with the time you’ve shared together, and he doesn’t understand why. Why you are so open-minded. Why you are so bright, and cheery. Why you could look at him, and smile. Why you are so forgiving of him.

Later that night, you had returned the book you’d been trying to read to the Archive, and you’d made your way back to your room. Turning the corner to your room, you notice a figure standing in front of your door as if waiting for you.

“Lotor, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you get some rest?” He shakes his head, lifting his hand. “Come.” He says simply, opening your door and leading you inside. 

Lotor gives you no time to speak before he pushes you up against the door as he closes it. His eyes swim with a mix of emotions as they cast down on you, and you fall silent. Words form in your mouth, but your voice isn’t strong enough to deliver them. Not at this time.

“What are you doing to me,” he barks, “it’s not just now. Oh, no. Since I saw you, you’ve been this little weed in my brain, sticking your roots in and spreading.” You tense under his form, unsure of what to say or how to act.

“It’s so hard.. My chest can’t take the pressure.” Lotor’s words strained as if he’s fighting to say this. Your hand risks the action and moves up to cup his face. His skin is warm beneath your palm, and you smooth it across his cheek until your fingers brush against his ear.

“Lotor, you deserve to be happy.” Your statement catches him off guard, and his eyes widen a bit. “You have made me happy these past few weeks. I’ve learned a lot, and you’ve helped me with that.” You can see he’s struggling with an inner conflict, a battle that you couldn’t ever understand.

“I wouldn’t have grown if it weren’t for your help. You know, you can always ask for mine.”

There’s a spark behind his eyes, and he’s fueled by a resolute decision.

Lotor immediately leans down, smashing his lips against yours in an effort to ease the fire lit inside him. It was by no means a firm kiss. It was awkward and passionate, and it delivered an electrifying sensation. It was rash but genuine, and your arms found their way around his neck in no time.

As he pulls back for air, Lotor’s hands fall to your waist, drawing you in. Though you were breathless, you were eager to kiss him once more. This time you lean up slowly, rocking onto your toes to reach his lips.

Now it’s Lotor’s turn to melt. Your kiss was slow and meaningful, and he could feel every part of your soul as if it’d touched his own. He’s overwhelmed with emotion, following your kiss until he’s leading it, and pulling you close to his body until it’s not close enough.

Your knees are wobbling, and you’re finding it harder and harder to stand on your own. When your lips break part, he takes you from the wall, and lifting you in his arms, he carries you over to the bed. Laying you down, he finds his way on top of you.

Lotor takes his time, looking over you. The way your hair splays out over the pillow, how your cheeks are flushed hot and your chest gently heaves to collect air for your lungs.

“Magnificent.” The praises fall from his lips, as he leans down, brushing his lips teasingly across your cheek. His breath fans over your ear and falls over your neck, and you shudder, bringing your shoulder up to protect your ear from the ticklish sensation.

“Truly.” He brushes your hair away, easing your shoulder so he can dip down, his lips capturing your ear. You give a small mewl, whining at the way it tickles slightly. He smirks against your skin, this time biting down on your ear. 

“Interesting.” He muses, experimenting here and there with your reactions. He couldn’t have ever imagined how heavenly these sounds would be, or how much he deeply wanted to hear them. But now that he has, he doesn’t want to stop. 

His hands return to your waist as his lips continue their assault to your neck. Reaching the hem of your shirt, his fingers curiously slip under, keen on exploring the vast expanse of skin that lies underneath. You wiggle under his touch, his nails scraping along your skin in a very intimate way. Your shirt bunches up as his hands trail higher and higher. His mouth latches to a section of your neck where you produce a melodious noise every time he bites down.

Your hands find his biceps, holding onto him for a lifeline as he sucks a mark into your neck. He continues to touch your abdomen, leaving no inch of your skin unexplored, until he’s met with the underwire of your bra. You bite back a noise, much to Lotor’s displeasure. He bites the mark he’s made, drawing a yelp from you, then licks at it before he pulls away to investigate the impediment at his hands.

“Lotor..” Your voice is a bit shaky thanks to his handiwork, and he looks a bit smug. Knowing he had this effect on you was doing wonders for his ego. His hands search your bra, trying to find out how to remove it. He finds the hooks, having you arch your back as he works it open.

His hands return to your shirt, but before he lifts it off, he looks at you. He looks you over. For any signs of regret, but mostly for permission. He wanted to know what he was doing was right. You nod, and place your hands over his, helping him remove your shirt and bra.

He lays you back down on the bed, this time admiring your bare torso. Once you’re settled, his hand splays across your stomach, pushing up slowly. It cups under your breast, and your breath catches in your throat. The feel of his hand against the sensitive skin brought a chill and some goosebumps, but his eyes remained on your face. He watched for every reaction and listened for every noise. As his finger brushed over your hardening nipple you gasped at the sensation, looking away from him.

His eyes then fell to your chest, looking over your perfect body. He leans down and experimentally flicks his tongue out over your nipple. You give a shaky moan, looking down at him for a brief moment. Intense eyes, blown with lust and burning with desire, meet yours as he repeats his action.

You close your eyes, and Lotor continues, pressing his lip to the curve of your breast, sucking in another mark. His hands explore more, one of them traveling to your free breast, the other to your hip. Though the soft, quiet noises were delicious, they weren’t satisfying. Lotor felt the need to hear you louder, more desperate. He couldn’t deny he was feeling a bit strained, his own desire flowing hotly through his veins, but he wanted to savor every moment.

His kisses trail down your body until his chin hits the button of your pants. Suddenly you’re aware of the situation and you yelp in surprise when he tugs harshly on the button. His lips curl into a smirk as he yanks your pants away, and you cry his name out in surprise. Amused, he lifts a brow and licks his lips, “is there something wrong?” He teases, and you pout.

“N-no, but–” a moan, a real moan, falls from your lips as you feel his fingers experimentally rub your core. He groans in response to the overwhelming sensations, mostly your moan being what set him off.

And now he’s driven. His eyes shoot up to you again, watching intently for your reaction. “But? What is it, my little ‘Nova?” He teases, and you shake your head. He rubs again, this time harder, through the fabric of your underwear, and you arch off the bed with a jolt of pleasure.

“L-Lotor!” You settle back on the bed, trying to recover. Lotor purrs, the sound of it reverberates through your chest, and you whimper. Your legs part just a little more, welcoming him between them. “Eager, aren’t we?” The smug victory could be heard in his voice and you simultaneously wanted to hide in your shame, and punch him.

“P-please..” The sound of your begging rings through his ears, and his cock throbs against the fabric of his pants. He groans in response and pushes your legs apart. The sudden action made you yelp and the way you wiggle as he finally takes hold of the waistband of your underwear has him growing impatient.

Lotor pulls them from your legs, immediately settling between them once they’re off. He drags his fingertips along the inside of your thighs, drawing out a weak whimper from you, before his finger circles your core. He leans down and parts your folds with his thumbs, “I think I’ll just help myself if you don’t mind..” His voice was laced thick with lust, his eyes trail up to your face as he lowers his lips to your center. His tongue takes a long, languid lick up, gathering your taste across his tongue.

You cry out once again, your hands digging into the bedding as your hips arch off the mattress. Lotor’s met with a struggle as you keep moving. He throws his arm over your hip, holding you down as he adds more pressure to his next lap, easily finding your clit.

Your moans tumble out carelessly from there, only egging Lotor on to continue his actions. You climb higher and higher to your climax as Lotor nips and sucks at your clit. Your hands fly to his hair, burrowing into his locks as he picks up his pace. Unable to control yourself, you’re shaking and writhing, so close to your finish, as Lotor moves from licking and sucking to sliding his tongue inside you.

The sensation of his tongue inside you and his teeth scraping against your clit sent your into oblivion, and you scream his name. Lotor helps you through your orgasm, his hand coming up to find yours, his tongue gently licking up the mess he’s created.

He fixes himself, straightening up and wiping his mouth on the back of his sleeve.

“But we’re not done yet, little ‘Nova.” He says, his voice hoarse and heavy with desire. You shudder at the raw sound of it and help him remove his clothes though you’re still in a haze from your high. Lotor chuckles, and eases you back down, ridding himself of the rest of his clothes.

Easing himself between your legs this time, you see him from a different perspective. He kneels before you, bare and naked as you are, but infinitely more beautiful. Your hand comes up on its own, resting against his chest, and you use it to lure him closer. He lifts your hips, aligning himself with your core, and leans down to press his forehead to yours.

“You can turn back now.” He says softly, “if we continue, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. I need to know now; do you want this?” You take his words into consideration, but you already know your answer. Your arm folds behind him, pulling him closer to you as you angle your head to meet his lips. Knowing your answer, Lotor kisses you back, passionately, before he pushes into you.

You accept him well, though still sensitive from your first orgasm. You whimper into the kiss, muttering his name against his lips. He pushes into your velvet heat, and he’s holding onto only his last few strands of self-control. He growls low in his chest. He’s got half a mind to just pull back and ram back into you, but your comfort comes before his needs. As you try and steady your breath, you break the kiss to look him in the eyes. 

“P-please, Lotor, m..move..”

Something inside him snaps, hearing your weak beg for him. He growls, trying to hold himself under control. He pulls his hips back slowly, moving them forward once again. The friction of your walls around him drove him to sweet bliss, and he can feel his mind corroding from the pleasure. His head drops between you, his hair falling over his shoulders and tickling your chest as he moves at a slow pace.

It wasn’t satisfying enough, you needed more. You needed to feel him. You needed to hold him, you needed to be connected. You needed more. Your legs wind around his waist and your hands dive into his hair.

“Lotor, m-more, please, more..” He decided in that moment, that he could get used to your begging. He lifts his head enough to capture your jaw, and he peppers you with kisses. “More what, [y/n]?” He smirks against your skin. You can’t see it clearly, but you know it’s there.

“Please..” You start, but before you could finish, he bucks his hips rather harsh, delivering a jolt of pleasure deep within you. You moan in reaction and tug on his hair. He groans against your skin, distracted, but continues to tease you like such.

“Use your words, my little ‘Nova. What do you need?” He moves his kisses to your shoulders, and you whine in retaliation.

“F-faster, Lotor, please..” He thrusts into you, rolling his hips. He was driving you insane.

“What was that?”

“Faster! Please!” You beg, and he chuckles, pulling his hips back and snapping them forward faster than before. He’d picked up the tempo, lifting your hips to gain a new angle, and it wasn’t until he had you screaming that he was satisfied.

He watches you come undone for him, underneath him, and it was the most powerful feeling in the world. You were beautiful, writhing beneath him, a moaning mess, panting and screaming his name. He growls low as he feels himself nearing his end. He leans forward, and bites your shoulder, suppressing his moans as his hand comes between you both.

The way his body worked against yours has your mind reeling, feeling him thrust into you every time brought you closer and closer to your end. His fingers find their way to your clit, and he rubs mercilessly, sucking a new mark into your shoulder. The pleasure swallowed you and brought you down to another orgasm, and you clenched around Lotor, squeezing him until he, too, gave into bliss.

You scream his name one last time, and he moans yours, both of you falling into bliss together. Lotor collapses on his side, pulling you close. He doesn’t bother to pull out, not yet. He smooths the hair from your face and watches you as you come back from your fog. A smile passes his lips, and he kisses your forehead. The words remained unspoken in his mind, but in his heart, he’d already said them to you.

“Rest, [y/n], I’m going to take care of you.” He says, pulling you against him. You wanted to protest, to stay awake for just a while longer, but you had to admit you were exhausted. Your arm comes around his torso, and you nuzzle closer to him, pressing a kiss to his chest before you drift out of consciousness.

His smile fades as he watches you submit to sleep. He looks over your face for a while before he dragged out a sigh. Somehow you seemed even purer in your sleep. Something he could cherish.

“How can I be worthy of someone like you?”

anonymous asked:

hey i was wondering why you ship sheith. i've wanted to get into voltron because i love your fic but i've heard there isn't a lot out.

To be as concise as possible? There’s something about people who are in love but put the universe before their interpersonal problems that really gets me.

Emotionally martyring yourself in the name of protecting and being there for other people? Give me. Consciously doing it with another person? Mmm. 

As soon as Voltron starts, we learn that Shiro has been confirmed dead for a year. He was a talented pilot and selected for a prestigious piloting mission at a ridiculously young age (going the farthest humans have from earth). During this mission, he was abducted by aliens and the government covered it up, calling it a ‘pilot error’ and thrusting the blame on Shiro. It’s promptly alluded to that Keith (the most talented pilot of his generation) was close to him and dropped out of school as soon as Shiro was confirmed dead. We literally meet the kid as someone who lives in the middle of nowhere like a desert cryptid and has a coffee table made of cinderblocks and a piece of wood.

This is in the literal first thirty minutes of the pilot episode. 

Shiro returns after escaping said aliens, and as soon as he changes into clothes that were mysteriously at Keith’s house, Keith grabs his arm and says, ‘It’s good to have you back.’

Having been through months upon months of traumatic fighting, experimentation and exposure to violence (the man’s arm was ripped off for fuck’s sake), Shiro doesn’t even flinch and says, ‘It’s good to be back.’

They are close. Confirmed in the most subtle fucking way, we immediately understand these two have a serious trust platform. 

The depth of their relationship is interesting because it’s so nuanced throughout. This is probably why people have taken to klance more, which is loud and easy to digest since it’s mainly just teenage boys and inferiority complexes, to be frank. It makes sense. It does.

Keith and Shiro are the only ones who’re implied to have a deep relationship. Shiro has literally no fear in touching Keith, and they’re always standing beside one another throughout the show. Not to mention–and I don’t want to spoil it too much if you do decide to watch–Keith consistently sticks his neck out to save Shiro in ways that are damn near insane. 

That finale? Holy shit. You wanna talk about devotion to someone’s safety, then get to that final episode. The loyalty between them is immense.

And I guess I like that now. I’m getting older. I like the idea of people who’re in love being thrust into hard situations and finding ways to make it work. People who believe in one another from the start is so important to me now that I’m progressing into an area of life that’s so fucking grey and confusing. Shiro really values Keith’s potential just as much as Keith values Shiro’s strengths and weaknesses (he protects them, my god). You need that as an adult going through some shit. I’d be lost without it, I swear. 

It’s good.

They’re good.

I know there is tons of discourse around it, but if you critically examine these two and stop infantilizing Keith (he had a fucking house, okay?), then it’s heart wrenching in all the right ways. I cannot stress how good they are, especially if we look at the context we have and not fanon assumptions.

There are twelve different types of monster, as follows…

FLORAFORM. Biological monsters that hail from outside the Animal Kingdom. They appear most frequently as plants, but can also manifest as fungi, protists, and bacteria. In many ways they are simpler than their more animalistic brethren, a trait which can be as much a strength as it is a weakness. They are associated with growth, balance, and rebirth, often embodying some of nature’s most positive aspects, even when their physical appearance might suggest the opposite. Floraforms are masters of rejuvenation and have a natural +4 bonus to Regeneration.

EARTHBORN. Elemental creatures that embody the raw essence of the Earth. Their bodies are made purely of matter that is both natural and inorganic, like stone, water, and magma. This can make them among the most difficult of monsters to harm conventionally, but also some of the most inflexible, as they typically devote themselves to a single element or substance. As such they have come to represent purity, focus, and fortitude. Earthborns have a natural +2 bonus to both Armor and Magic, reflecting their unorthodox physiology and the energies needed to sustain it.

HELLSPAWN. Infernal beings with a strong, inborn desire to sew chaos. Impulsive and erratic, they can be very troublesome, but should never be assumed to be evil. Gifted in the mystic arts, they can wield massive amounts of energy with ease, and more often than not are exceptionally clever to boot. Their better qualities are known to be intellect, eloquence, and charm, which can make them valuable allies. Hellspawn have a natural +3 bonus to Magic, but are also the only type of monster with an unpredictable +1 bonus to Chaos.

TROLLKIN. Imposing giants with features that can be equal parts monstrous and familiar. Of all the monster types, they are by far the most obvious reflection of ourselves. Many are inclined to build weapons and safe havens for themselves, and a few even speak clearly enough to communicate with people. Still, they are monsters, and without proper control they can become brutish and exceptionally cruel. For better or for worse, they’re known to be diligent, protective, and pragmatic. Trollkin never give up without a fight, and so have a natural +4 bonus to Vitality.

THUNDERLIZARD. Primordial titans with an indomitable will. They come in a wide variety of forms, all of them fearsome and heavily cloaked in scale. Their kind are shaped by man’s fearful and outmoded view on reptiles, giving them the appearance of beasts seen only in antiquity and the imagination. Their spirits are marked by pride, determination, and bravery, though they are probably better known for their cold demeanor and insatiable appetite. Thunderlizards are mountains of strength and readily endure hardship, giving them a natural +2 bonus to both Power and Regeneration.

SWARMFIEND. Armored invertebrates that move on a multitude of legs. Their group includes any monster with an arthropod basis, be it insect, arachnid, or crustacean. As far as biological creatures go, they are some of the farthest removed from humanity, having little in the way of expression and wearing their skeletons proudly on the outside. This gives them an almost universally bad reputation, in spite of them being neighborly, efficient, and industrious. Swarmfiends get a natural +1 bonus to both Armor and Regeneration, as well as a +2 bonus to Vitality.

WRAITHWING. Flying monsters that come straight from the myths of yore. United by their strong command of the air, all creatures of their kind can take to the sky through some means or another. They are biological entities the same as animals, but ones outside the normal order, allowing them to draw deep into arcane forces and master the elements. While their best known representatives are surely the dragons, they can take the shape of any aerial creature from the minds of men. Noble, adventurous, and renowned, Wraithwings have a natural +2 bonus to Speed, as well as +1 bonuses to Evasion and Magic.

LEVIATHAN. Deep-dwelling monsters that lurk in the dark. They specialize in moving through water and soil, utilizing stealth to even the odds against their more terrestrial competitors. When out in the open they are plainly awkward, sometimes even feeble, but in their element they are anything but. Brutal and adept, they can make short work of anyone who underestimates them. Their ilk are paragons of patience, cunning, and ambition. Leviathans have a natural +2 bonus to Speed, as well as +1 bonuses to both Evasion and Power.

BEHEMOTH. Hulking beasts that long for wide, open spaces. They can be some of the most clever and compassionate of the monster classes, but animal urges still dictate their actions. Adrenaline and instinct rule the day, and when given good enough reason can change their whole demeanor in an instant. Their hearts can be far warmer than their actions. Behemoths are free spirits, passionate and impulsive, and have a natural +2 bonus to Vitality, as well as +1 bonuses to Speed and Power.

VOIDWALKER. Unearthly beings from the farthest reaches of the multiverse. They emerge from parallel worlds and alien planets, foreign in every way possible. They are the other, fear of the unknown made whole, and of all monster types theirs are the hardest by far to relate to. Reading them is no easy feat, but those who can see past their differences will see that they are ingenious, bold, and creative. Voidwalkers love to blur the lines between organic, mystical, and mechanical, giving them a natural +1 bonus to Armor, and a +3 bonus to Magic.

AUTOMATON. Sentient machines that subsist without the need for outside maintenance. Each one is a sovereign being the same as any animal, but in place of flesh and bones they have circuits and gears. Most are made from high-tech metal, but technically they can be made of anything so long as it’s constructed into a functioning machine. Being technological in nature, they have a tendency to be innovative, introspective, and sometimes even idealistic. Automatons have a natural +3 bonus to Armor, as well as +1 bonuses to Speed and Power.

UNDEAD. Shambling corpses that flee desperately from mortality. Unlike the other monster types, they are defined not by what they are, but rather by how they are. They are a state of being, trapped somewhere between life and death, and can thus take the shape of any of the other groups. This makes them inherently familiar, but deeply unsettling. Eerie though they are, their kind can be surprisingly empathetic and welcoming, if somewhat hard to understand. Undead have a natural +2 bonus to both Regeneration and Vitality.

Paranormal Picks: PELLH (Pale Emaciated Long-Limbed Humanoids)

Phenomena Type: Apparition/Supernatural creature

Description: While certain details of these creatures may change, including facial features and the position of limbs, they are commonly described as human-like creatures with long, slender limbs, pale to white skin, little if any body hair, and a seemingly emaciated body shape. In virtually all stories these creatures are actively malevolent, utilizing their long limbs, thin body shape, and often supernatural strength to prey upon or simply torment humans.

Origin: Modern horror stories, including “creepypastas” and the SCP Foundation

This one… I’ll fully admit, this one is born of a bit of a frustration I’ve been having with modern horror tales lately. I’ve been on something of a horror kick lately, listening to the likes of Madame Macabre on Youtube to personally elongate my Halloween experience a bit more. One thing I’ve noticed, however, especially with this latest listening series, is just how often this particular monster is used, possibly without awareness of the frequency on the part of the writer. It actually tends to decrease any amount of tension in the story cause immediately you know you’ve heard this monster described before.

So, I’ve decided to group them properly together in their own little pseudo-taxa.

The Pellhs are a horrific group of creatures, seemingly existing on the farthest fringes of human existence, occupying often secluded spaces in woodlands or the nooks and crannies one can find in urban spaces. They are solitary creatures, seldom observed hunting in any kind of group despite their obvious intelligence. They are largely anthropophagic, preying on humans, often ones that are isolated, young, or otherwise ones that make easier prey. They often capitalize on their usually frightening appearance when hunting humans, paralyzing them with fear before pouncing. This of course can be highly variable behavior, as creatures such as the SCP Shy Guy or the legendary Man in the Fields only begin their hunt once they’ve been seen, in the former’s case specifically their face.

While certain members of this species seem to employ supernatural power, many seem to rely solely on their physical prowess, utilizing a strength that is belied by their slender appearance.

It is perhaps interesting to reflect on the creature’s emaciated nature. Do they look like they’re starving in order to elicit a fear response in humans, a natural evolutionary reaction to something linked with illness, or are they genuinely unable to consume much in the way of prey since humans by in large are fairly difficult prey items?


“The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced space-faring civilizations in interstellar space. But the launching of this ‘bottle’ into the cosmic 'ocean’ says something very hopeful about life on this planet.” -Carl Sagan

The Golden Record, Voyager I (The furthest human made object from Earth), 1977.

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The farthest humanity has travelled in show is Kerberos (and even that took months), so for a Garrison agent to be there the explosion/ fight/ whatever must take place somewhere in the solar system. I think Earth is going to be noticed before the season is over.

I guess what I was insinuating with my earlier post is that the Garrison now has access to some galra technology- the pod and the drone. (half a drone…) and something the paladins have shown us is that while galra technology may be leaps and bounds above human technology… it’s not exactly beyond our mortal ken. 

Pidge as early as the first episode was able to make it work for her with such dedication that Rover later sacrificed itself to protect her.

The Garrison already has its hands on galra technology, and it’s also an organization full of scientists and researchers who have a lot more time and tools to pour over this stuff.

So I’d say… I wouldn’t rule the garrison’s tech limitations at the beginning of the show as there to stay.

Especially because- that specific drone that’s now in Garrison custody identified Shiro as a prisoner and attacked him. So at bare minimum- the Garrison knows who’s responsible for the missing Kerberos mission and has at least some idea of what happened to them.

That’s not something I’d imagine Iverson- someone who seems to have taken Kerberos very personally- sitting on patiently.

So, not only do Garrison have galra technology to poke at (the pod and the drone) and plenty of time and resources to do that poking… hell, if I’m right in my theory that Dad Kogane is an ex-druid hiding on Earth… even if he’s not a fighter by nature, the fact that Keith is now missing and the galra are making even cursory sniffs around Earth- I could see either of those things driving him toward the Garrison if he’s not there already in some magnitude. Which… let’s, uh, consider that the druids are not only space wizards but appear to form a substantial component of the empire’s R&D department since they’re the ones tinkering with the prosthetics.

This is a show that has placed immense effort on trust, solidarity, and family. Out of that, I don’t think there’s nothing to the fact that most of the paladins have family waiting for them back on Earth. I doubt the writers would just repeatedly hammer that influence in, time and time again, raise mysteries and plot points specifically on Earth, and then use worldbuilding to set up a plot wall of “oh, sorry people, I’m sure everybody wants to know what happened to those kids but you’ll just have to sit here and twiddle your thumbs forever waiting for them.”

In particular, candidates I think we should watch for:

Colleen Holt, repeatedly and firmly established but not seen yet, and… she’s a goddang Holt. Tenacity and refusing to let go of finding the truth are Pidge’s thing, and her father’s favorite quote would suggest he’s also a tenacious opportunist and then we have the insinuation Matt has hooked up with freedom fighters and turned right around and started fighting the empire. I have a sneaking suspicion Pidge didn’t get that streak of intensity from her dad.

Ryou Shirogane, not someone we know for sure exists in this continuity but in GoLion he arrives and starts helping the paladins out after his brother’s death. Right now Shiro’s MIA and this would fit, if they did bring him in.

Dad Kogane, who, as mentioned, whatever connection he has with the empire- our current impression of him seems more than a little passive but also very concerned with his son’s welfare and certain implications seem to stand that he’s lost a lot to the empire. And you know what they say about the fury of a patient man- this is the same studio that brought us A:TLA, the show where one of the most powerful and dangerous people to be on the wrong side of was a pretty staunch pacifist (Aang).


The Voyager Golden Records are phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977.  The records contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them.

Photos: NASA


It was 40 years ago, on Aug. 20 and Sept. 5, 1977, that a pair of robots named Voyager were dispatched to explore the outer solar system and the vast darkness beyond.

The Voyager 1 probe is currently the farthest human made object from Earth. Voyager 1 has reached interstellar space, the region between stars where the galactic plasma is present.

Voyager 2 is currently in the “Heliosheath” – the outermost layer of the heliosphere where the solar wind is slowed by the pressure of interstellar gas.

deus vult [an instrumental fanmix for The Sparrow]

The Jesuit scientists went to learn, not to proselytize. They went so that they might come to know and love God’s other children. They went for the reason Jesuits have always gone to the farthest frontiers of human exploration. They went ad majorem Dei gloriam; for the greater glory of God. 

They meant no harm. 


  • one. Rome, December 2059 (Allegri Miserere - The Sistine Chapel Choir)
  • two. those hands were like the mark of Cain, he thought. (Afterimage 3 - Max Richter)
  • three. for Emilio. (Gabriel’s Oboe - Yo-Yo Ma)
  • four. at least for the moment, they all fell in love with God. (Remember Me - Thomas Bergensen)
  • five. night on Rakhat: they named everything they saw. (Water Night - Eric Whitacre)
  • six. “challalla khaeri” (Ibelin - Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • seven. “God! God, I was born for this.” (The Falls - Yo-Yo Ma)
  • eight. Supaari VaGayjur profited from the presence of the Jesuit party on Rakhat before he knew of its existence. (Ney Improvisation in Makam Huseyni - Sufi Music Ensemble)
  • nine. “Madre de mi corazón.” “Hijo de mi alma.” (Closure - Michael Giacchino)
  • ten. Hlavin Kitheri was a poet. (Overture - Jay Chou)
  • eleven. the city of Gayjur (The Dance of the Soma - Jordi Savall)
  • twelve. ils sont les innocents (Sacrificial Procession - James Horner)
  • thirteen. he would tell the Reshtar: I am here to learn your poetry and perhaps to teach you ours. (Sybilla - Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • fourteen. “You see, Meelo? Your family came for you. I found you for them.” (And He Remembered Noah - Clint Mansell)
  • fifteen. “But it was my body. It was my blood. And it was my love.” (Vide Cor Meum - Patrick Cassidy)

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please share with me just how much you hate the garrison.... like just mcfuckin go off

I’ve had this ask drafted for like a month as I craft an answer that will, hopefully, convince everyone that the Garrison can suck my pinky toe. Before we begin, I’d like to recommend some easy breezy music to accompany you as you read this post :)

Anyway, under the cut contains a comprehensive list of why I firmly believe that the Garrison can go fuck themselves :) Complete with screenshots!

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Tell the Truth and Run (SouthCT)

Chapter 20: Search

[AO3] [Fic Tag] [Story Tag | Masterpost]

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Canon-typical violence, Minor Character Death, Mild Sexual Content, Implied/Referenced Child Trafficking, Implied/Referenced Character Death [other tags on AO3]

Project Freelancer fell. Agents scattered. News spread to even the farthest reaches of human civilisation. Connie and South find themselves two of the UNSC’s most wanted, trying to outrun the reverberations of Project Freelancer’s collapse in a stolen ship, with stolen armour and nothing but their skills to their name.

Well, at least mercenary work pays well.

But the project never seems far behind them. Sometimes it feels like it’s only a matter of time before it catches up with them. And they can only run so fast.

Chapter Word Count: 4935

Notes: Otherwise known as, the chapter that taught Blue why the show itself doesn’t include any hard numbers/dates (seriously I adjusted the numbers in this like 10 times never again)

“Carolina’s— wait, what? Okay, okay, back up a little,” South said, making a vague rewind motion and then folding her arms. “How the fuck do you know Lina’s alive, or fucking— she know you’re alive? What the fuck am I missing here?”

Connie pulled her knees up to her chest, feet curled over the very edge of the mattress. “I— I started— after we met Alex and Darian, Alex told me about some… rumours, going around the network about one of Alpha Squad being active again. So I— I reactivated my program and started looking at the database again.” Feeling herself start to pick at her scar she grasped for the beads where she’d set them down. “The other night, when I said I’d— I’d had a nightmare, there was an alert from the database. Carolina used an old access point from a nearby simulation base, she checked out a whole bunch of files about the Project’s facilities, the Director, the Alpha— and the Alpha Squad register.”

“So— Carolina’s fucking alive? You’re sure? She’s actually fucking alive?” South was pacing, now, back and forth in a tight circle. Hands in her hair, head slightly bowed. “Like— you’re sure it’s her?”

“I’m positive. Well— ninety-nine percent positive. Only she had the access codes that could get her into the system like that and— there was this exchange we had by— by changing some of the information and—” Breathe deep, think the words through. Stop babbling. Breathe deep. “—yeah, yeah I’m positive.” Then, brow furrowed, “You— you don’t seem— upset? I went against my promise, I started looking again.”

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Wait, isn't Reiner the body? I mean, since Bertholdt is one thin ass motherfucker (seriously, look up pictures of dudes with his height and weight and not even the super fit ones look it because yeah) while Reiner, while he says he's going to complete his mission, also is suffering pretty severely from becoming the mask.

Reiner has a physically fit figure, but Reiner takes on the role of the heart or spirit, because Reiner is more driven/conflicted by his emotions, his passions, duties, etc. and serves as a better moral center than Annie, Bertolt, and likely Marcel.

Reiner’s major conflict is one of the spirit. In fact in Chapter 42 before he confesses to Eren, he literally tells him this. His heart will go out before his body and it does.

Reiner feels so guilty and horrendous about what he’s done that he compartmentalizes himself into two roles: soldier and warrior and this guilt is what drives him to confess. Of the trio, his emotions have been more of a driving force into his downfall. They isolate him. They make his convictions and duties weak. 

As to Bertolt as the body, well Bertolt is the most physically competent of his trio, being the one who has been the most successful in his mission, and he is also the strongest titan shifter as the Colossal Titan. In fact the serum for the Rod’s Colossal Titan is marked the strongest. If that’s not a clear indication of body, I don’t know what is. 

Something also to keep in mind is that Bertolt is the one who compartmentalizes the farthest away from the humans if that makes any sense. He pities them, but he moves on and he deals with his guilt in a much more detached way than either Annie or Reiner. 

In Chapter 42, it’s actually sort of ironic that Reiner says that his heart will give out before his body when the “body” of his group is standing right next to him. We know that Bertolt had been able to deal with the guilt…better than Reiner. And Bertolt does not break until the very last minute and not until he’s all alone, when both the mind and heart are broken. 

The body can go on without the heart and mind, but can it survive for very long? Not really. 

Anyway that’s my mindset on it.

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my favorite thing about shiro wearing eyeliner is the first time we see him clearly wearing winged eyeliner… he's on kerberos… like he woke up that morning at the edge of the solar system… literally the farthest humanity has ever gone… and was like… matt hand me my liquid brush

Shiro has his goddamn #priorities straight!

Night Court-Human Alliance Theory

More theories, hooray!

Alright, so we know that Tamlin was only a child during the great war with Hybern over the humans’ slavery and the territory dispute. While Tam was too young to do anything, I don’t think Rhys was. When Rhys says to Lucien that he has “been fighting on battlefields since before you were born,” this leads made me to think that he might have taken part in the big war (which he could have if he is a bit older than Tamlin. The reason why I think he’s a bit older than Tamlin is because he took on a friend/mentor relationship with him, teaching him the “ways of swords and females,” which seems to point to a bit of an age difference between them).

Now, here’s the thing: I think the Night Court was on the opposite side of the war from Hybern and the Spring Court - namely, on the humans’ side. If you think about it, it makes sense. The Spring Court under Tamlin’s father was a big proponent of human slavery and was allied with Hybern (remember, Amarantha was friends with Tamlin’s father). If the Spring Court was actually allied with Hybern, and Rhys’s father killed most of Tamlin’s family, there’s a strong possibility he did this because he considered Tam’s family to be too dangerous and too opposing to the Night Court’s views, even after the war ended. (It doesn’t sound like Rhys’s father killed them DURING the war, since Tamlin goes on to fight in his father’s war bands; I think the murder happened a bit later. In fact, I think the only reason why Tamlin was spared in the first place was because Rhys stepped in for him on his behalf. I think he asked for Tamlin to be spared because he was his friend, and he saw that he might not end up as bad as his father.)

The Night Court, taking the opposing side to Hybern and the Spring Court, may have been the humans’ allies. We KNOW there were some fae who allied with the humans; it’s what made the big difference in the war’s outcome. 

Tamlin says as much: “How do you think the human armies survived as long as they did, and did such damage that my kind even came to agree to a treaty? There were faeries who fought and died at the humans’ sides for their freedom, and who mourned when the only solution was to separate our peoples.” 

If the Night Court took the humans’ side, it would make sense why there is still some animosity between the Night Court and some of the other courts (besides Rhys’s later actions). Plus, it sounds like the Night Court is very powerful; I could see them tipping the scale in a war like that. Imagine Rhys and his father fighting on the battlefield? It would be a massacre. (Also, that would totally tie in with SJM’s pinterest pictures showing them in battle armor/battles.)

I think the resulting political lines would make sense with this theory as well. We know that the Spring Court, as the loser, took the largest “sacrifice” in lands, giving them up to the humans in the south (Feyre says as much when she’s looking at the painting/tapestry in Tam’s library). But notice who has the largest amount of land? The Night Court, which has a “sprawling, massive territory.” Which would make sense if they were on the winning side, but it seems that the Night Court’s location on the map could also speak to another result of the treaty and their potential alliance. Although the largest and most powerful court, the Night Court is also the farthest away from the human realm. Remember what Tamlin just said? While some fae fought for the humans, they “mourned when the only solution was to separate our peoples.” The Night Court, the humans’ biggest ally, must in turn suffer by no longer being able to maintain contact with them. Their victory was a double-edged sword.

If that is the case, then I could see why Rhys is willing to ally with Feyre Under the Mountain. Besides the fact that she is their biggest chance, Feyre might remind Rhys of the humans he used to fight alongside. Although he pokes fun at her at times, he alone bets on her in the First Task. He also understands the rate of human healing (remember when he tells her that he KNOWS that a human’s nose couldn’t have healed that fast without fae magic, after Lucien heals her when the Attor beats her? I think this hints at his past with humans.) I think Rhys understands humans very well, especially their tenacity and drive for survival. It doesn’t surprise me that he bet on Feyre.

Overall, I think the Night Court’s old alliance with the humans, as well as their tension with both Spring and Hybern, would make sense in the context we’ve been given. Amarantha, Hybern’s general, takes revenge on Rhysand because his father killed her “friend,” the old High Lord of the Spring Court. The once powerful Night Court pays for the personal slight, but also for their alliance with humans, which Amarantha would especially hate. She must have taken a lot of joy in making Rhys bow to her in so many ways.

Rhys’s dislike and comments toward Tamlin and Lucien in the Spring Court scene would also make more sense. Not only would Rhys be angry with Tamlin over not trying to break the curse for so long, but he would find it especially ironic that Tamlin, a member of “these people” who so disliked humans, must fall in love with a human who hates them in turn. (The “these people” line refers to when he remarks to Feyre that he is surprised she hasn’t run away screaming from “these people.” He then laughs when he realizes that she “doesn’t know.”) Rhys might be pointing to the fact that Tamlin hasn’t told Feyre about his true backstory or the extent of the Spring Court’s distaste for humans. (While Tamlin doesn’t seem to have hated humans to the same extent as his father, it is obvious that he doesn’t think much of them. That’s why Amarantha put the curse on him in the first place, and he and Lucien both make disparaging remarks about humans in Feyre’s presence while she’s at the Spring Court. I’m guessing the Autumn Court may have also been a Hybern ally at the beginning, too, come to think of it.)

Anyway, those are my thoughts. What do you guys think?

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random thought, but what if lexa's parents were alive but it was never mentioned? and so one day she takes clarke to this small village to meet them and everybody is freaking out cuz hey, heda's here! and she gets to act more like her age and stuff around her parents, idk

I think we all just wanted her to be an orphan because its more heart wrenching that way

But ok, I got another idea: what if they were alive but Lexa didn’t know? Because she was so young when she was sent away?

Imagine Lexa, after miraculously surviving the bullet and settling the war and leading the grounders and the remaining (and peaceful) Skaikru into a time of peace, going on a tour of sorts of her people.

Clarke comes along, naturally - Lexa wants to show her the ground, the people, the cultures. Its a long trip, months of travel, during which Clarke sees more places and people than she could ever imagine. From the mysteriously reclusive Boat clan to the friendly Desert People, from waterfalls and mountains to rivers and caves full of shining mosses and radioactive flowers - Lexa shows her them all, and with time, Clarke grows more adept with the grounder language and more comfortable taking her own little tours of wherever they are while Lexa’s tied up with her duties as Heda.

Of course Lexa demands Clarke take along a guard, her best one, but Clarke doesn’t mind. Sometimes the guard, Misah, is useful when she gets lost and needs to get back.

About three months into their journey, they come to a newer clan. Lexa simply calls them the “people of the mountain forests”. Their main city is clustered around a sparkling turquoise mountain lake, houses essentially piled atop one another like boxes made from wood, teetering in ways that shouldn’t be possible and yet are as sturdy as the stone mountain halls of the Blue Skin clan. This clan, though very far away, is technically under Trikru jurisdiction, and lies at the farthest outstretches of the human population which Lexa leads. There are tales of people even further north, as well as further south, but mountain ranges and huge wastelands of desert cut the grounders’ access off on either ends of the coalition.

While visiting, they are treated to gifts from the craftsmen and women of the clan - fine clothes of silk-like wool, a pale blue shirt for Clarke and a forest green one for Lexa. They receive garlands of mountain flowers and a feast full of meat and fruits and ale - Lexa drinks a tiny bit too much, not enough for anyone else to notice, but enough that Clarke spends her evening slightly tipsy and entirely enchanted by Lexas pink cheeks and tipsy giggles.

In the morning, Lexa is drawn at dawn to observe the clan’s matters. Clarke kisses her a lazy morning kiss before Lexa heads out, tells her she’ll meet her for dinner.

That day, Clarke explores the city on foot, following the footpaths built on the roofs on the houses as well as on the ground. She visits a temple, simply out of curiosity, and, already familiar with the religious beliefs of this corner of the coalition, pays her respects to the gods of the Sky and Tree in the proper manner.

A kindly priest offers to show her the higher mountain temple, and Clarke, curious as one can be, accepts. She sends word to Lexa of where she is going to go, and then follows the priest out into the back to the stables.

They ride on donkeys, Misah right beside Clarke, for about an hour along a narrow path in the woodland slope of the mountain. Its high summer, and though down in the valleys it is hot and humid, the air up here is only warm and dry. A cool breeze rustles through the mountain ashes and birches, shorter than they are down on level ground, and a whole explosion of color is shown through the short-lived mountain flowers that bloom everywhere they go.

They climb up to a hill, and come to a more leveled ground, where Clarke can see a small village and a staircase, climbing up the steeper slope, all the way to a cliff where she can see a temple, its metallic pillars shining in the sunlight.

The climb up the stairs is exhausting, but the view from the ledge us breathtaking and beautiful. Clarke sits with the priest for a long while and listens to him tell about his people.

Just when they’re leaving, a woman passes them to the temple, and Clarke freezes. She only saw her for a glimpse, but her memory is clear as day. A quick detour back, pretending shed forgotten something, confirms what she thought - the woman she saw looks exactly like Lexa, only older. The same eyes, the same nose, even the same jaw - though Lexas face is a little bit rounder and softer, Clarke has no doubt the two still look like twins.

That night, when she’s laying in bed with Lexa, she tells her about her day, but leaves out the mysterious woman. She only observes: “You’ve never talked about your parents.”

Lexa sighs. “I didn’t know them. I was sent away when I was young, perhaps a year or two.”

What Clarke learns from the conversation is that Lexa has tried finding her parents, and failed, and thus given up.

The next day, she takes Misah and returns to the village. She wanders around for a while, gathering curious looks, but then catches sight of the woman again - she’s walking away, carrying some fruits in a basket, and Clarke decides to follow her.

She follows the woman to a house at the edge of the village, a two-story wooden building with beautiful carvings and a man sitting out front, doing some woodwork. As Clarke watches them from afar, she confirms her suspicions - they have to be her parents, they look so much like her its impossible them not to be.

She takes a deep breath and goes up to them. Upon seeing the Heda’s symbol fastened to Clarke’s shirt, they bow and mutter formalities, with which Clarke is always uncomfortable.

She asks Misah to go a little ways off, and then smiles at the couple. In her still stumbling speech of trigedasleng, she presents her question, and waits for its answer.

“Do you have a daughter?”

The woman shakes her head first, but then man takes her hand. “Yes.”
“Was she natblida?”
The couple is now watching Clarke intently, and Clarke asks her final question.
“What did you name her?”
There’s a pause, and then, quietly, the woman speaks her daughters name.
“Lexa…after my mother.”
The man catches on, and asks if Clarke knows anything of Lexa.
When they learn that their daughter is now Heda, they look as though someone had struck them over the head with a bat.
After their initial surprise, however, they invite Clarke in for tea, and they spend the afternoon talking about Lexa. Clarke doesn’t share anything she’s not sure Lexa would want them to know, but her parents are dying to know anything.
When she’s leaving, her mother pauses, looks at Clarke, and asks: “Are you hers?”
Clarke nods slowly. “Yes.”
“I don’t know her, but…you seem kind.”
Clarke thanks her, and asks if she could bring Lexa to visit them the next day. They agree.

The next day, Clarke drags Lexa out of bed practically at dawn, much to Lexas annoyance.
“I’m sleepy, Clarke,” she whines as Clarke tells her to get dressed.
“I have a surprise for you. Please.”
After some coaxing, they’re out and about, with Lexa completely oblivious as to what’s about to happen.

When they arrive at the village, Lexa is confused that Clarke doesn’t lead her to the temple but instead through the village to a house.
“Knock on the door,” Clarke tells her.
“Just do it.”
When the door is opened, Lexa freezes in shock. For an agonizingly long time, the couple and their daughter start at each other, dumbfounded.
“Mom?” Lexa asks, her voice frail and confused. “Dad?”
Her mother laughs and hugs her, as does her father, and Clarke sees Lexas shoulders tremble. When she withdraws from the hug, she wipes away some tears.

She is invited inside for a meal, and Clarke starts heading off, thinking Lexa would want to be alone with he r parents. Lexa, however, wont have any of that - she grabs Clarkes wrist, and after a brief kiss and a “thank you so much, this is the greatest gift” she pulls Clarke inside.

From that day on, Lexa visits her parents whenever she can. She brings Clarke, too, and after some time, her mother, Teya, begins to joke about Lexa bringing Clarke to be inspected whether she’s wife material. Her father, Malcolm, only smiles and says Clarke reminds him of the feisty warrior-women of the northern desert, and that Lexa would have her hands full with a wife like that.

Lexa never publicly declares them as her parents from safety reasons. Her visits to the village are explained by the near proximity of army outposts and rebel groups, and her parents remain a well-kept secret.

“Cheer Boys!” anime is based on a novel, but having read the novel, I was severely disappointed by how the anime handled it so far (they made it very generic in comparison to the novel, in my opinion), and I wrote AN EXTREMELY LONG SUMMARY with some translated bits here and there to help my friends understand why I am severely disappointed in the anime. (I know it’s only been 3 episodes but still.)

Since I don’t think the anime will change the main gist of the story, there are lots of spoilers under the cut. 

This post is incomplete and I’m going to add to it over the next couple of days as I have time (hopefully before episode 4)… so I hope you have the time to enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed reading, translating, and writing about it. I really love the novel. 

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