Day 6: Quote

“It takes everything within Lance not to make some kind of snarky innuendo. It physically pains him.” – Don’t Break Connection Baby ch.7 by @princedeadend

This is fic is so well written and funny to read, it does contain NSFW content. I high recommend it because the character interactions are priceless!

I feel like a lot of people misunderstand why I made this blog

This blog wasn’t made solely for shaladin discourse. I literally don’t give enough of a shit about one specific show to spend so much time in discourse that’s unnecessary. 

The reason I made this blog is because media culture is something I’ve been interested in for years and is something I’m doing a degree in, and fan studies is a particular aspect that I find interesting. All of the discourse surrounding shipping, is strongly linked to media culture and fan studies, and therefore as someone who’s interested in that field, this blog is here for me to look deeper into it and to attempt to, if possible, shed light to these people who are so a/nti ship, as it is all related to media theory. Shaladin is simply an incredibly useful specific example I can use to make things relevant. 

This blog exists because I’ve seen tumblr discourse develop for years, and only recently whilst pursuing media culture at a higher level, have I began to realize how much it relates to what I study and I want to continue looking into that. It exists because I’m tired of tumblr warping the mindsets of kids into a false fallacy of the world, some sadly into adulthood, and as someone who wants to pursue this field of study, I cant sit around and watch people be affected by that. 

I can’t sit around and watch kids develop a false mindset of what causes pedophilia because that is putting them and future children at risk. I can’t sit around and excuse cyber bullying over fabricated issues. This blog existed as a place for me to post my views, and has developed into a platform for those who have not been warped into the tumblr fallacy, to not be attacked for things that aren’t real in the first place by those who cannot see past their own fabricated bubble of misjudgment and naivety, and that is something I enjoy seeing. I enjoy the stimulating discussion. I enjoy the kindness I see between other people based on things I post. It’s become an incredibly nice place to be and has become a place I can research and contribute to a field of study I find incredibly interesting in, what I find as, a significant way. 

Fanfic Requests are now OPEN!!

Ah finally! It’s been forever since I’ve allowed requests for fanfics, but now they’re finally open again! *throws confetti* 

I appreciate you all for being so patient. I know I had requests closed for a long time (over a year I think??? wow oops!) but now I’m back in fanfic writing business! 

Of course, before you request anything, I would like for you to read over my rules :) 

Regular Fanfics: 

  • I will NOT write for Hidashi. I’m sure you all know that by now, but I just want to make it clear. 
  • I will write for certain ships if you’d like, but I do NOT write smut! I’m still not sure if I could write that very well. So please, if you have a shipping request, nothing nsfw related. Feel free to send in all the fluff and angst you’d like!
  • Seriously, send all the fluff and angst you’d like. 

X Reader Fanfics:

  • I write for Tadashi, Hiro, Fred and Wasabi. As fun as it could be to write something for Honey Lemon and Gogo, I’d like to stick with the boys :)
  • Again, if you have a fluffy or angsty idea, send away! But NO SMUT! 
  • Make sure to send in a certain theme for either the reader or character of choice (like sad!reader or hurt!hiro for example) 

I’m really looking forward to getting requests again! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me!  

nino had a crush on marinette and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise