vosnian-air-commander asked:

I was about to go to bed yesterday and one of my Corgis was in the room with me then all of a sudden he gets up, looks around then leaves, and I wonder why. But OH GOD...a second later I'm hit with a smell. My dang dog ripped one and then left me to suffer (that little stinker lol)


AhhhhhAhhAHah I see what you did there, nice pun xD

Lol dogs are sneaky that way, but it’s the look - THEY PLAY ALL INNOCENT AFTERWARDS, and just stare at you with those big ol eyes as if that’s gonna redeem them.

But, I take comfort knowing I am not alone in the betrayal xD


He can fart on command😂😂😂😂


I know noone who can Farting on command lol #fart #nasty #funny #First0neVideo #likethis #watch #amazing #talent

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