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300 followers! Woo! :D

Ahh! I’ve now got 300 followers! Thanks so much, Tumblr folk, for checking out my work. I’m feelin’ the love. I’m feeling it so much, in fact, that the first five people who send me a message with their mailing address will be sent a free mini-comic I’ve made. 


EDIT: 3 people have claimed their mini-comic, just two more to go! :D

EDIT AGAIN: 4 down, 1 to go! Who wants it? :)

FINAL EDIT: That’s it! All five have been claimed. Thanks again, folks! I’ll get those books out to ya as soon as I can :) 

FINAL FINAL EDIT: So yeah, you five are gonna get a mini comic soon! 






Thanks for looking :) Take care!