fart head

  • you: who's your favourite composer
  • me: mm i love me some clawed the boo sea
  • you: i've never heard of him!
  • me: or pole hinder mitt
  • you: who
  • me: or fee licks mend else on
  • you: ???
  • me: head fart greek
  • you:
  • me: heck tore barely owes
  • me: jewel mass a neigh
  • me: or to rain oh rest pee gay
  • me: hair rick wit tucker
  • me: are am catch at oar ian
  • me: salt and cow dye
  • me: john willy hams
  • me: bell a bar took
  • me: yo hand a may
  • me: hen rye purse hell
  • me: cammy san sons
  • me: leigh oh dell leaves
  • me: and tony oh viviality
  • me: pole duke has
  • me: france juice F. hiding
  • me: art oar oh markers
  • me: lend burns time
  • me: duh meet rye shots her cove itch
  • me: and tonne brick nor
  • me: bed riches met anna
  • me: me kyle gull inker
  • me: john sir bail he us
  • me: all hicks under glass urn off
  • me: rich hard S. trounce
  • me: yo hannah's bra mmmmmmmmmmmmms
  • me: ant on in vore jack
  • me: sir gay pro coffee elf
  • me: rich hard walk nor
  • me: free the rick shopping
  • me: fee licks mend L. son
  • me: sir gay rack man in off
  • me: lay uphold moats art
  • me: more E's rave L.
  • me: car L. kneel son
  • me: purse E. grange her
  • me: sea pee E. bark
  • me: loo E. spore
  • me: france shoe Bert
  • me: loo twig fan bait hoe Venn
  • me: all ban beg
  • me: goo staff holts
  • me: john add hams
  • me: robe hurt shoe man
  • me: aah! run cope land
  • me: do my neck oh scar latte
  • me: yo hand the bass tea and bark
  • me: hill the guard fan bing in
  • me: head ward L. gore
  • me: goo staff marlboro
  • me: peter ill itch chai cough ski
  • me: wolf gang am a day us moats art
  • me: E. gore strap fins key
  • you:
  • me:
  • you:
  • me:
  • you:
  • me: hbu

“I can’t read the Christmas cards that are written in curses.” Said by Emma, age 4. Of course, she meant “in cursive.”

When I got stuck on this quote, there was one person on this planet that I knew I could turn to for help. Spaghetti Mom!!! She actually helped a little too much and had way too much fun here. These are actually the cleanest ones I could even use. And just so you know, the family received a 100% cleaned-up version with words like “Poo-Poo head” and “Farts” and other kid-friendly curses… and they loved it!

Thanks to Kristen Berthiaume and Emma from Homewood, AL.

it’s so weird when you go thru a random blog that like, posts no hs, has a normal pic as their icon, never mentions hs and has a p normal url and would in no way lead you to believe they are a sinner and boom. tiny little Dave in one of their text post out of nowhere. what the fuck. subtle homestucking. JUST BECAUSE YOU SIN IN PRIVATE DOESNT MEAN THE LORD CANT SEE YOU YOU SICK FUCK

“You two are such nerds!”

IMAGINE: Wade teasing Peter when he farts in front of you.

You were walking around SHIELD headquarters, before you say two of your favorite masked superheroes. They were in a training room, and you noticed that they had their backs tuned too you A smile grew on your face, and you glided silently over to Wade and Peter. You got right next to their ears, your movements silent. “Hey guys!” you said suddenly, and there was a farting noise.

Wade’s head whipped over to look at Peter, and burst out laughing. You snorted, and even though Spidey had his mask on, you could tell he was blushing. “Oh my god, Parker! Did you seriously just do that? In front of a lady? In front of (Y/N)?” Wade teased, and you let out another snort.

“Shut up, Wilson!” Peter retorted, and the two of you laughed at his pathetic retort. “She just surprised me!” he complained, which made you laugh harder.

“Peter, you could have screamed, but you farted,” you giggled, and you flicked his shoulder. “And of course you were surprised, they don’t call me the Shadow for nothing!”

Wade laughed again, and Peter crossed his arms defensively. “What about your so called ‘spidey senses’?” Wade made air quotes, and you giggled.

“You two are horrible friends,” Peter huffed, and started to walk out of the room. “And you two are such nerds!”