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Preference: Bath Time with the Boys

Bath time with the boys! || Requests are open! :)

Baths with Max would be so much fun because he would go out of his way to make it fun. He is a strong believer that bubbles are a must when it comes to bath times. He liked it when you’d face each other rather than having you back to back, cuddling. He would probably have bath toys like a boat or he’d blow the bubbles at you to bug you. Sometimes, he’d make comments such as, “You know what’d be better than a bubble bath? A hot tub.” But after awhile, he’d surprise you with some fart bubbles from him and he would just smirk at you, saying, “I guess my wishes were answered.”

Baths with Joji would be more relaxing than fun compared to Max. He doesn’t often take baths, the only time he’s ever really in a bath is when he’s wearing a pink suit rapping profanities. However, the very few times that he takes baths with you, he goes out of his way to make it relaxing for the two of you; especially on days that one or both of you were stressed out. He would put candles to get the mood going, have warm water, and put on some relaxing chill hop songs he found on Soundcloud. He’d have you sit in front of him so he could hold you from behind and sing to your ear.

Baths with Ian are very rare. He’s more of a shower person than a bath person, he thinks it’s weird to just sit in a body of water of your own filth. However, if you asked him to take a bath with you, he wouldn’t say no. If it meant seeing your naked body and having the opportunity to get a little farther with you, then he was all up for it. He doesn’t really do anything like Joji or Max would to make the time more fun or relaxing, he would mostly just wash your body. If you were stressed out or sad; he’d give you massages, kissing your neck, reminding you that you were his queen.

“’It’ll be fun’, she said. ‘It’ll be RELAXIN’’, she said. The hell is so relaxin’ ‘bout gettin’ boiled alive!!?”

Soft load in tight jeans

Decided to have some fun, now that I’m back at college and my roommate was away for the weekend.

Yesterday I ate a bunch of Halloween candy while playing some GTA with my two mates.

I went to bed feeling bloated and woke up feeling gassy. I then put on my tight, light grey boxer briefs and my tight dark washed denim jeans.

I had to run some errands and visit the library. I soon started to feel my stomach acting up and the urge to poop hit me. Held it in for about two hours before I had to go quite badly. I was ready to go to the library, but I was hesitant to go, because I’m still trying to get more confident about these planned accidents, especially in public.

I decided to go anyway, because I only had to pick up a few books and do some paperwork. While doing my things at the library, I had to clench my butt cheeks together. Farts started to escape from my body. By that time, I only had to find one book, and while I looked through the shelves, I started turtle heading and discretely put my hand over my butt, even though the area was almost empty.

A cramp hit, and it felt sticky between my butt cheeks. I finally found the book I was looking for, and I headed to the computer to sign out. While standing there, I leaned forward, slightly bending my knees. I then gave a push, and a semi firm load slowly but steadily made its way out into my briefs. I felt it curl up into a warm ball when meeting the pressure of my tight jeans. I finished signing out, and then felt the urge to fart. I pushed again, and a long bubbly, not very loud fart came out. I then started to walk towards the door, while another cramp hit me as well as a sudden urge to poop again. I rushed past a couple of other students, out of the door, down the stairs when I had to stop.

I was in the hallway with about 10 other students minding their own business, talking or studying. I pretended to be looking at one of the books, while another load - this time soft and big - filled the rest of my pants with a squelching sound.

I don’t know if anyone heard it, I just rushed out of the building and walked back to my room about 5 minutes away. The poop had completely filled my pants, and was even squishing between my thighs. When I reached my room, I squatted down and pushed again, and quite a bit of more soft poop came out, accompanied by a wet, bubbly fart.

Had to soak my briefs and jeans in boiling water two times before washing them. Hope they survive. And don’t eat too much candy, kids.

Powerpuff Girl Reboot

As a Powerpuff girl fan, a crazy Powerpuff girl fan, I’d like to just–lightly talk about the new reboot.

Gotta start off by saying, it rubbed a lot of fans (including myself) the wrong way when I found out that the reboot didn’t even call the original voice actresses to let them know they weren’t going to be considered for the reboot. I think it caused unnecessary drama, and was just flat out rude toward our original girls. That being said, I actually like the new voice actresses, and I’m glad that they get to step into the big shoes that the original girls made for them. What a great way to improve one’s voice-acting skills! It’s a tall and probably really daunting role to take, and I think they’re doing a bang-up job! The voice actress for Blossom is spot-on! Buttercup’s voice actress is adding this new but totally welcome sassiness to Elementary-school Buttercup, I love it! Bubbles’ voice actress sure has a cute voice, but definitely has room to grow into a goofier squeakier role–which you can already hear! 

I’ve been hearing of this reboot since five years ago. So I prepared myself, since five years ago, that when and if the PPG reboot ever happened, that it very well might not be the same…and to accept that. Which made it easy for me to really enjoy the first few episodes I saw of the reboot.

The sister-interactions are my absolute favorite so far. There is no doubt they’re working hard to get each of the girl’s personalities right. I was surprise they even kept the personalities that the girls themselves need to work on. Blossom’s jealousy, Buttercup’s anger-flashes, Bubble’s inability to think straight when it comes to fluffy animals. I like Buttercup and Blossom fist-bumping, I like Bubbles snapping at Buttercup, I like it when Buttercup rolls her eyes at her sisters. Their bond, and each of their individual pros and cons makes them the endearing, wonderful characters that they are. And despite the negative backlash on Bubbles saying ‘Yaaaaas’ and “I can’t even!”, I saw it as the show was testing it’s limits/boundaries on their new audience…and I honestly laughed at it. I mean, she was pretending to be a raver in the scene, I felt like it was called for. Bubbles used to say embarrassing things in the past, why not now too?

I think us original Powerpuff girl fans feel like we’re getting totally cut out of freely enjoying the new reboot, starting with the recasting of our favorite girls, and even adding dialogue that the new crew deemed as something the ‘kids these days’ would enjoy. A lot of criticism I hear is centered around these points. It’s not made for us! They cut out the main female roles! The nerve! And I totally understand those feelings completely…BUT I’m also thinking of a lot of good that the new show is doing.

One criticism I must say is–the repeating storylines. A lot of the lessons they’re dishing out–the girls have already learned. And I know that they’re doing this for the new generation of Powerpuff girl fans. But having Buttercup get distracted by friends and having those same friends backstab her was like watching ‘Buttercrush’ with a slightly different twist. The new-Power storyline is just like when Buttercup was having a crisis because her sisters had a lot of interesting powers, and it was also similar to the episode where Buttercup and Bubbles were grumbling after Blossom found out she had ice-breath. Also what’s up with the girls believing one tiny explosion could kill their sister? They used to know how invincible they are to fire and even a crushing machine. They could learn the same lessons but in different ways–or they could even switch up the sister who is learning the lesson. But! They are starting a new reboot–and reboots are never easy. 

I found myself enjoying a lot of the new episodes, and even geeked out over things that might have been eastereggs. I loved Buttercup playing with Octi and hiding him in a spot where the collects things she wants to keep away from her sisters. I love how Blossom has a problem with sleeping in on weekends. I love how Bubbles wants to start a beauty vlog, but keeps getting interrupted to the point where the Professor has to help her. And I like the work-a-holic but sweet Professor. I missed these characters, and it’s interesting how they are being treated. I won’t like everything, and I’m totally fine with that! Because I can cling to the original show and be totally content.

I do hope Ms. Bellum comes back though…what’s up with that? Seems totally out of Ms. Bellum’s character. (Though the ‘I’m already forgetting her face’ joke was spot on…). 

La Mer

The crowd cleared out but this human stayed. Oddly Archer felt put on the spot. Not that his tank gave him much room to hide. There used to be a giant rock pillar in the middle but when he would sleep behind it and avoid leaving, it got taken away.

These humans just wanted to gawk at him. Like a turtle farting bubbles. He was fun to point and laugh at.

Suddenly sullen with the thought he growled in exasperation and crossed his arms over his chest with a heavy huff. Blowing bubbles to the surface. His long fluttery tail curled to wrap more around himself, hiding from the human’s view. It was the most he could do to stay out of sight.

His annoyance didn’t get a chance to set in. Rumbling of his tank and the hiss of released valves. The water began to sink and Archer cursed. They always did this when they wanted him to change tanks, to move.

And sure enough that tiny little door opened on the opposite wall, urging him out.

“You ready for your research?” A caretaker asked Oliver, waving onward the rest of his crew. “You only  have about two hours before he goes back on for dinner rush.”

The water was dropping fast, falling to just as high as the door frame allowed. Archer growled and laid on his belly in the sand. His fingers digging into the soft sediment and refusing to leave. There wasn’t nearly enough water now for all of his tail and most of it ended up flopping in the air. 

He was going to be stubborn.

“JUST GIVE HIM A FEW POKES! He’ll get the hint!” The caretaker barked to his crew behind the scenes. Turning to Oliver now with a thoughtful nod of his head. “We can just scoop him out but we find he’s less… cooperative that way.”


A bunch of drinks later…

“Oh my god Hailey, I can’t believe you downed 5 Blind Russians… aren’t you lactose in tolerant?” Linda asked, astonished at my ability to hold down booze.

“Yeah.” I responded, feeling tipsy as I leaned to the side and ripped a long wet fart that smelled like chocolate liquor and Irish cream.


“Oh jeez!” Linda reacted by fanning her nose, “dairy and booze is never a good combination for you! Plus it makes your farts sound wetter than usual, to the point where I’m always worried if you sharted.”

“Oh don’t worry, I don’t lose complete control over my ass when I’m-”


A long, warm, bubbly fart pushed it’s way out, admittedly without my consent.

“W-was that me?” I asked being 80% sure it was me.

“Oh my- Fuck Hailey!” Linda got a good whiff of that one. “I’m just glad my nose isn’t as sensitive as Madison’s… speaking of which, she’s been in her catatonic state for longer than usual.”

“Oh don’t worry, her brain should turn back on in a few sec-” And just then, Madison inhaled loudly.

“OH GOD!” Madison said as she woke up. “Why do you always do that to me Hailey!? You know my nose is delicate. I can’t handle when you fart right next to me, let alone right in my face!”

“Then why do you keep hanging out with us?” I asked.

“Yeah. I mean, Hailey, Autumn, and I always fart when we hang out.” Linda said as lifted her right leg, ripping a deep smelly one.


“See?” Linda then smelled her own fart “Phew! Good one.”

“Dammit Linda! This part of the bar already stinks enough with Hailey’s butt here, we don’t need your rancid rear gassing it up too!” Madison ranted as she held her nose tightly.

“Honestly Maddie, you can always say no to our hang out sessions.” I told her.

“Well if I wasn’t here to keep you guys in check, no one would be. Honestly, do you guys just go around farting wherever you go? That is the most crude thing! I can’t think of anything more disguating in the whole world! And I don’t see how anyone could possibly find joy in that! God, it’s like I’m the only normal one in this entire-”




Me, Linda, and Autumn pointed out butts towards Madison, and managed to shut her up by overloading her mind again with too much smelly sensory data.

“Seriously, I think she only hangs out with me because I’m kinda sorta famous.” I said, not sure if that’s true or not.

“Whatever reason she’s your friend, she has been a friend.” Linda replied. “Remember when you and I went skiing and she called us to warn us about the blizard we didn’t know about?”


“And when your car broke down in the middle of the Nevada desert, and she drove out to get you?”


“And when she let you use her washing machine since your washing machine was making that weird noise… I don’t remember how it sounded… Hey Autumn, do you remember how that noise sounded?”

Autumn thought about it, and repsonded.


“Yeah! It did sound a bit like that… Thank god it didn’t smell like that.”

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