fart bubble

  • Alana: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me.
  • Jared: Okay, but in my defense, Zoe bet me 50 cents that I couldn't drink all that shampoo.
  • Alana: That's not what I wanted to- YOU DRANK SHAMPOO?!
  • Jared: What? No. You're the one farting bubbles.
Preference: Bath Time with the Boys

Bath time with the boys! || Requests are open! :)

Baths with Max would be so much fun because he would go out of his way to make it fun. He is a strong believer that bubbles are a must when it comes to bath times. He liked it when you’d face each other rather than having you back to back, cuddling. He would probably have bath toys like a boat or he’d blow the bubbles at you to bug you. Sometimes, he’d make comments such as, “You know what’d be better than a bubble bath? A hot tub.” But after awhile, he’d surprise you with some fart bubbles from him and he would just smirk at you, saying, “I guess my wishes were answered.”

Baths with Joji would be more relaxing than fun compared to Max. He doesn’t often take baths, the only time he’s ever really in a bath is when he’s wearing a pink suit rapping profanities. However, the very few times that he takes baths with you, he goes out of his way to make it relaxing for the two of you; especially on days that one or both of you were stressed out. He would put candles to get the mood going, have warm water, and put on some relaxing chill hop songs he found on Soundcloud. He’d have you sit in front of him so he could hold you from behind and sing to your ear.

Baths with Ian are very rare. He’s more of a shower person than a bath person, he thinks it’s weird to just sit in a body of water of your own filth. However, if you asked him to take a bath with you, he wouldn’t say no. If it meant seeing your naked body and having the opportunity to get a little farther with you, then he was all up for it. He doesn’t really do anything like Joji or Max would to make the time more fun or relaxing, he would mostly just wash your body. If you were stressed out or sad; he’d give you massages, kissing your neck, reminding you that you were his queen.

“’It’ll be fun’, she said. ‘It’ll be RELAXIN’’, she said. The hell is so relaxin’ ‘bout gettin’ boiled alive!!?”

I’m ridiculous :P

My parents love watching the Days of our Lives soap opera every day.

I like to go out there and randomly state the most logically absurd plot ideas because aren’t soap operas supposed to be absurd?

Some of my best ones:

-She’s pregnant and the father is a blue British police box.

-Everybody is a doppelganger and they eat drywall.

-The butler got married to her because he’s pregnant.

-They learned his plan because his wig transmitted everything in Morse code.

-She poisoned her own butt because she’s jealous of it.

-The baby is really a horse, of course.

-Then they all ate soap and farted bubbles, the end!

Let’s make a game of this. Add your own absurd soap opera plot ideas! Anyone can reblog whether you’re autistic or not. Have fun!