the signs as types of farts
  • aries:forced fart
  • taurus:whispering soft farts
  • gemini:farts that are actually poop
  • cancer:sneeze and fart at the same time
  • leo:too many beans fart
  • virgo:public farts that everyone heard
  • libra:loud fart that lasts forever
  • scorpio:silent but deadly fart
  • sagittarius:wet fart
  • capricorn:farts that sound like a motorcycle
  • aquarius:covered up with coughing fart
  • pisces:fart u been holding in all day

violetta-doughnut asked:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for your hard work with animating Sasuke's and Naruto's kiss!! ~~~ <3 <3 <3 I don't know, even though our fandome is the biggest of all in Naruto (as per google), I've noticed that SS had animated their couple more than anyone from our fandome. -_- And we have so many great artists too, yet so far, unfortunately, we don't have SasuNaruSasu animated as much. T^T So thank you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! *bows* and *spreads tears of joy* =^w^=

It’s kind of surprising that there isn’t much! I especially remember back in the day this ship was so huge!
I’m glad everyone likes it so much!!!
Thank you for your support!