farscape: the way we weren't


randomnessosityism requested: farscape + favourite season

I finally got my blu ray program to work properly and I’m watching The Way We Weren’t with commentary by Ben and Claudia…

Yeah… I love listening to these two talk. Claudia talks about her sex scene… and her boobs… and bleach washing flash backs and everything.

And it’s just so fantastic.

Seriously. I’m just sitting here grinning like the proper fangirl that I am over this show.

Oh look, another thing Bramble's obsessed with.

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So I’ve been watching Farscape lately. I’m just a little into season two - because I am the slowest TV binger ever seriously guys - and I just got done with The Way We Weren’t.

Oh man. I was already to the point of squealing a little and hugging myself every time Aeryn and the Pilot were on screen at the same time (and in further proof that Homestuck has ruined my brain, I think Aeryn<>Pilot is kind of my OTP). And I’m pretty sure now that not getting at least a little choked up over TWWW is a sure sign of soullessness.