i just want john and aeryn to sit on a couch

and watch a movie together

and he’d have to explain like a thousand pop culture references

and she’d complain how humans react weirdly to stuff

and he’d be like: ‘we’re not that different you know’

and she’d give him a look like: 'please crichton you’re embarrassing yourself’ but then he’d look away and she’d smile

True story.  When they began filming Doctor Who, the reboot, with Russell T Davies, the one with Chris Eccleston, he [Russell T Davies] sat down the writers, he handed them a boxset of Farscape, and he said, watch this.  This is where we wanna go.
—  Ben Browder (x)

i was thinking about d’argo sun crichton and i realized that in one way or another he shares really close bonds to all the original moya crewmates

  • obviously john and aeryn are his parents
  • rygel was his surrogate mother
  • he would have inherited pilot’s dna through aeryn (who was injected with it in dna mad scientist)
  • chiana acted as midwife
  • d’argo gave him his name
  • and as for zhaan, both john and aeryn have a part of her soul within them from sharing unity (rhapsody in blue, season of death) and when they come together that would mean the parts of her soul reunite and i think it’s extremely probable that would have rubbed off on the baby too

so it’s kind of like through his birth, he brought them all together and they became linked as a family in an inextricable way and isn’t that just a beautiful way to end a tv series?

the other day i was trying to make an argument that moyajohn and talynjohn, post icarus abides, can’t be considered as two other entities as in fact talynjohn’s soul/personality/whatever you like to call it was subsumed into moyajohn’s after his death, and today i thought of three reasons why i believe this is correct: 

  1. so other than the icarus abides/dog with two bones parallel i mentioned earlier, there are two other times when moyajohn had memories that he shouldn’t have.  the most important is at the end of peacekeeper wars, where john and aeryn are introducing their son to the stars, and aeryn says the stars all belong to him, and john chimes in, “except that one, that’s yours”, referring to a conversation aeryn had with talynjohn at the end of green eyed monster, where he said he always named a certain star after her.
  2. additionally, in a prefect murder someone (the prefect?) makes a comment about aeryn being ‘moody’ and john responds ‘you should have met her mother’; but moyajohn never met xhalax
  3. finally it just makes john ‘figuring out wormholes’ in between seasons 3 and 4 way more logical, if he was gradually picking up the information given to talynjohn through this link that i’m talking about, as everything prior to crichton kicks implies that john had to have the knowledge unlocked, and couldn’t just work it out.

ergo, season 4 john is not moyajohn, season 4 john is the whole of john, including both parts of his season 3 experiences

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Aeryn's hairstyle through the seasons?:)

Well firstly thanks for the question anon, I LOVE talking about Aeryn’s hair!!

On the whole I really like all of them except the half-wig in season 4.  I think that one was a mistake; it was too long considering she’d only been gone a few months, and it didn’t look healthy or natural at all.  I find season 4 very disappointing in terms of hair.  (Apparently the reasoning behind it was that Claudia Black’s hair was completely fried from the amount of straightening they put it through in season 3; and Claudia offered to chop it all off but they wanted to keep it because they thought it was one of John’s favourite things about here which I think is stupid and mildly offensive)

I looooove the curly high ponytail with a scrunchy she does in mid season one, because it’s so 90s and I remember wearing my hair just like that as a little seven year old.  And that little curly whisp that hangs down by her ears with it!!! Too adorable.  See look what a cutie.

I also really love when they go with her natural curls, the only episode I can remember them doing that for was Won’t Get Fooled Again when she’s technically not Aeryn at all but Bettina Fairchild but I think it’s hella attractive.  I love the way they use it to bring out a more fun-loving version of the character.

And then there’s when she wears her hair down and straightened; I think it’s fair to say everyone loves her hair like that, I think it’s particularly beautiful in Peacekeeper Wars.

And finally I should mention the slicked back ponytail/braid that she wears a lot.  It’s quite a harsh style, I don’t think I could say that it’s my favourite because I prefer more traditionally feminine looks to be honest but I think it was the right decision for the character, because she is a soldier, and that’s a practical hairstyle you can wear into battle.  I think it also works well the way they do the ponytail for the action scenes and then have her wear her hair loose for the more intimate scenes with John.

Those are the main ones, although I do also like the loose braid she wore for the first three or four episodes which was quickly abandoned, it’s a shame they got rid of that.  I’m gonna leave you with the best hair shot in the series for good luck though :D

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i just watched won’t get fooled again for the first time and man this ep is batshit crazy???

anon!!! i’m so jealous i wish i could watch that episode for the first time again.  it’s probably my favourite or at least top two.  and seriously the crackiest episode of television you will ever watch in your whole entire life.  

so what was your favourite bit?  was it:

  • crais in the red heels? ‘you have the rights to a silent attorney.  if you cannot afford one TOUGH NOOGIES! you can make one phone call.  i recommend trixie, 976-555-LOVE. do you understand these rights as i have explained them to you?  well DO YOU PUNK’
  • zhaan in the psychiatrist’s office? ‘do you have a problem with people of colour?’
  • d’argo/ gary raegle in the disco? ‘BOOOOGIE OR DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE’
  • aeryn and chiana getting just a little bit gay?
  • the girls ‘operating on’ crichton?

thanks for letting me know anon, i’m so excited for you.  you got some great stuff coming up too so let me know how you’re finding it!!

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If someone, hypothetically, were looking for an awesome new tv show to watch, and was thinking of watching either Farscape or Fringe, which would you recommend more? The hypothetical someone likes complex characters & plots, prefers shows with lots of material to analyze, and adores exceptional worldbuilding, but found the first 4-ish episodes of Farscape somewhat underwhelming compared to the beginning of Fringe. Thoughts?

Oh my god anon, this is like asking me to choose between my children.  Both of these shows are so so dear to my heart, and I honestly think both of them fit you requirements?  Both of them have interesting characters with amazing growth arcs, both start off with mostly standalone episodes but develop complex arcs as you go along, and both worlds are wonderfully built.  I don’t think I can give you an answer as to which I think is better, but hopefully I can at least guide you towards which one might be better suited to you :)


Be assured, Farscape does get better after the first four episodes.  While I wouldn’t advise skipping anything, the general consensus is that it starts showing what a wonderful show it can be from episode 16 - 20, which is a run of five really good ones in a row.  

Farscape is, predictably, a lot more 90s than Fringe.  It has that mix of comedic and dramatic tone that you find in other shows of the era such as Buffy or Xena.  In terms of plots and structure, it is a descendant of Star Trek, but it has this irreverent tone, this way of subverting and deconstructing some of the hoary old tropes of the genre, which allows it to transcend the space operas that come before it.  It’s not so much a satire of classic scifi as a witty but loving homage.  It can be silly and weird as hell but it is also surprisingly mature in the way it handles romance, gender and sexuality, and its central theme of war.  

If you’ve found my blog through a love of any of the shows I mentioned above I’d go with Farscape.  In addition, if you’re a fan of Firefly, I think you NEED to watch Farscape.  It’s slower to get into than Firefly but I think if Firefly had had the opportunity of lasting 88 episodes, Farscape would have shown itself to be the more enduring and rewarding show.  It has all the adventure, beautiful team bonding, diverse characters and amazing worldbuilding of Firefly plus aliens, which make everything better.  


Fringe also, I think, changes a lot after the early episodes, I’m pretty sure like the entire creative team is swapped out by mid season two.  The early episodes are great, but the mystery arc they hint at in the first half of season one doesn’t really match up with the one they end up pursuing, and for me, Olivia Dunham as a protagonist doesn’t really gain depth until episodes 14 to 17 of season one.  

Early Fringe follows a procedural format, which is gradually shed to give a more or less completely serialized show by season five.  It’s more interesting than a cop show, definitely, but the structure is reminiscent so if you like that sort of show I think you’ll have a really good appreciation of Fringe.  It also received a lot of X-Files comparisons.  The central theme of Fringe is scientific ethics, and you’ve probably already realized that it’s set across parallel universes, and has actors portraying multiple characters, so if you’re into Orphan Black at all I think you’d love Fringe.  

I’d also go for Fringe if you’re into things like Battlestar Galactica or The 100, because it has a little bit of that grittiness and smoothness, but Fringe also has this really strong optimism and heart to it, it doesn’t have the cynicism the other shows have.  And it has more of a sense of humour to it, and it can go completely weird for an episode, it has this tradition of going very strange in the 19th episode of each season.  


I’ve basically tried to guess how you might have found my blog and what kind of other shows you’re into and guide you from there.  Hopefully this is helpful to you!  I really really think that if you get the chance you should watch both of them, but I suppose neither are for everyone.  They both have small but very warm and passionate fanbases, who love introducing new people to their show and will make you feel very welcome.  Those are the main things I want you to know, anon, from here the choice is all yours, but I hope you really enjoy whatever you choose <3

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i recently started watching farscape and am now at "out of their minds" and man this episode is funny (at least so far)

hi anon! i love hearing from new ‘scapers, i’m so glad you’re enjoying the show!  and yeah, out of their minds is like my most rewatched episode ever.  i’ve seen it over ten times and it never stops being hilarious!!  i especially especially love john-in-aeryn’s-body, i think claudia black does a great job with it and seems like she’s really enjoying herself.

i hope you love the rest of the show, from this point on there are very very few bad episodes, and feel free to come back to let me know how you’re finding it!

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I've just finished watching Farscape and The Peacekeeper Wars and I've tried reading the comics, but I find the art style kind of... uncanny valley-ish and off-putting. Are they worth reading in spite of that?

Hi anon, thanks for the ask!

Personally, I do find the comics to be an essential part of the canon; the main reason for this is Aeryn Sun.  I just don’t find her arc to be satisfyingly concluded in season 4 and Peacekeeper Wars, where her role is really as part of a family and based on her relationships with John and with the baby.  For me it was never enough for Aeryn to reject Peacekeeper culture and sort of subsume Earth culture vicariously through John, I wanted her to have something of her own.

And the comics offer that!  Without (hopefully) getting too spoilery, the comics offer a huge Aeryn arc; in fact her role is really more important than Crichton’s.  It allows us and her to explore elements of Sebacean culture outside the Peacekeeper military system and also she gets a chance to reconnect with the Peacekeepers on her own terms - and it is awesome.  It finally resolves all the angsting she does in season one about not ever having a home to go back to and missing the sense of culture and community she grew up with.  She’s my number one favourite character in the world so for me the comics are necessary in that they complete her growth arc and without them I’d feel like her journey was cut off partway.  

That’s not to say Aeryn is the only thing I like about the comics; I also find that they get John’s voice spot-on (he has such a unique dialogue style) and there were quite a few lines that made me laugh a lot.  There were also plotlines that I didn’t like - Chiana’s arc and Noranti’s arc stand out to me. 

But as like a disclaimer to this post, I am not a seasoned comic reader at all, the Farscape comics were the first ones I’d read since Tintin and Asterix as a kid.  I wasn’t fussy about the art because I had no real frame of reference, kind of like how the Star Trek: TOS special effects probably seemed impressive in 1966.  And I do know other people who haven’t liked the comics.  So I totally leave the decision up to you, I just wanted you to know what I see in them!

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i saw your headcanon is that crichton is queer; what dudes do you think he had chemistry with in the show?

oh i think the show definitely hints at both crichton/d’argo and crichton/scorpius at times.  the scenes that come to mind first for crichton/d’argo would be, of course, when d’argo proposes the “luxan bonding ritual” in won’t get fooled again, which i think is hinting at something in crichton’s subconscious.  but there’s also the scene in look at the princess where john asks d’argo to be his best man, and d’argo like lets him down gently by reminding him that “i’m with chiana now, john”.  i don’t know what a “best man” is in luxan culture but i’m willing to bet it’s something sexual.  and finally the scene early on in scratch ‘n’ sniff where they wake up together and john’s in fishnet stockings and they both express fervent hopes that there had been girls there at some point (but do they really hope there had been girls there?  do they?)

and then with scorpius there’s that scene in prayer where scorpius cuts john’s hand and then sucks some of his blood, and then john drinks a drop of scorpius’ blood in return.  and it’s even worse because when you see scorpius’ blood it is white and semi-opaque and, sorry to be crude, distinctly reminiscent of semen. (how the frell is this show even real i ask you?) that scene is pretty heavy on the homoerotic subtext if you ask me.

of course i should clarify that when i say queer i do mean in the sense that encompasses bisexuality and pansexuality, i know not everyone is happy with that definition, but by no means would i ever suggest that john’s not attracted to aeryn; that simply does not factor into the question.  and i think romantically, john’s mostly just interested in women but there are distinctly sexual aspects to some of his relationships with men.

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Wouldn't John have left Earth just before The Phantom Menace came out? And then again in Terra Firma before Revenge of the Sith?

Yup, that sounds right!  I guess you’re bringing it up because I said that thing about John taking his kids to The Force Awakens, in which case I have a few possible explanations:

  • We have no idea what has been happening in the Farscape ‘verse for the last ten years and I do think it’s possible that John might have found another way back to earth that doesn’t involve wormholes (and the plot summary for the Farscape movie script that Justin Monjo has written does in fact imply that the Sun Crichtons make it back to earth at some stage)
  • The episode ‘A Constellation of Doubt’ seems to show that Moya is picking up Earth television signals from the Uncharted Territories.  While this is probably not scientifically sound, pretty much nothing on Farscape is :P.  So they might have had to wait until it airs on television but it’s still gonna be possible for them to watch it.
  • Also even if it’s not canon compliant it’s a nice thing to imagine, you know?

Also fun fact that some people might not have known: the Farscape cast and crew actually got kicked out of the studio they were using for season one before season two started so that Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith could film there!

tifipants asked:

top 5 farscape eps? (if you haven't done it already)

i haven’t, thanks!

  1. dog with two bones
  2. won’t get fooled again
  3. out of their minds
  4. crackers don’t matter
  5. terra firma

(and about 80 others including a human reaction, john quixote, …different destinations, look at the princess, the choice, die me dichotomy, the flax, through the looking glass, nerve/the hidden memory, kansas, honestly it is very very difficult for me to choose. 90% of farscape episodes are perfect to me)

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hehe i thought i would get this one!!

  • 5 favorite characters: the radiant aeryn sun always and forever amen, john chrichton, pilot, joolushko tunai fenta hovalis, chiana
  • 3 OTPs: *restrains self from saying john/aeryn three times* john x aeryn, jool x chiana, scorpius x braca
  • Funniest character: john crichton
  • Prettiest character: aeryn sun
  • Most bad-ass character: aeryn sun
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: john crichton!!! but also pilot
  • Character that’s ruined my life: AERYN SUN you have no idea how much like i’m sure i scream at you all about aeryn on a daily basis but that really doesn’t cover it