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Zhaan: Hear me! I could rip you apart. Kahalaan help me, I’d enjoy it. But you know why I don’t? Because we’re not enemies.


TV Show Meme

5 Female Characters (1/5)

Zotoh Zhaan (Virginia Hey) - Farscape


Zhaan is a priest, a beacon of peace and control in a chaotic environment. She is also guilty of the crime for which she was imprisoned - she is a murderer, and formerly, an anarchist. Her religious reformation is a means of personal redemption, that she might honour the gift of life by ministering the souls of others. She is gentle and patient and ineffably good, and yet just beyond the veil lies an immense, terrifying capacity for cold, dark violence, executed with body and mind. Zhaan is painfully aware of how easily she might slip back into old ways, and how difficult it is to climb back out of that place, and she is determined to stay her right path. She claims a responsibility for Moya and her crew, as their mother, healer, confidante and conscience, and finds her own fulfillment in the selfless service of her Goddess.

And just LOOK. AT. HER. She’s so incredibly beautiful it makes my heart ache. That is an amazing make up achievement, right there. Whoever decided that what this show needed was a sensual, statuesque, hairless blue woman deserves a hug (or perhaps some unity…)


aeryn sun meme ♔ one character

farscape as cinnamon rolls
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: john crichton
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: d'argo
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: zhaan, chiana
  • Looks like they could kill you and actually can kill you: aeryn
  • sinnamon roll: scorpius
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a sinnamon roll: sikozu
  • eats the cinnamon roll: rygel

Awesome Lady Meme

5 Supporting Characters - 1/5 Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis (Tammy MacIntosh)


high school yearbook meme   farscape + most likely to succeed;
└ requested by @potterjames
stephen hawking is a genius alright, but john is… more toward that end of the spectrum than the rest of us.


Zhaan: For me, you must remain here and minister these souls. I am relying on it.

Stark: But I love you.

Zhaan: If I did not feel the same and more, could I ask this sacrifice of you?


TV Show Meme

5 OTPs (2/5)

Stark and Zhaan - Farscape


I did impose a ‘one entry per show for each category’ rule when putting together this meme, but I couldn’t possibly write about Braca and Braca/Scorpy without ever talking Stark or Stark/Zhaan. That’s like blasphemy or something, that is. 

What I really, really love about Stark/Zhaan is that there’s no pretense, no set up, no slow lead-in. They just kinda know. They just click. In the first episode in which they interact onscreen, Zhaan is ecstatic over Stark’s presence, he trusts her judgment above all others, and the two share unity so powerful they can sense the space-time continuum. Clearly, they get along like a house on fire (or a ship deliberately set alight…ahem). They are both spiritual beings, after all - Zhaan, more directly religious, while Stark is a semi-incorporeal conveyor of souls bridging planes of existence. Both possess immense mental abilities, and a great capacity for darkness. Zhaan is the only character on the entire show who understands Stark’s suffering and actively helps him to find equilibrium and control, while Stark dotes on her in turn and helps carry her emotional burdens, the balm for her tired soul that she has been for everyone else. They are also both very touchy-feely characters, independently, and consequently, together, they can hardly keep their hands off each other. Which is lovely and deeply gratifying for the adoring audience. The two never share a single kiss on the lips, but the image of Zhaan reclining in Stark’s arms, he caressing her scalp, she stroking his neck, free hands clasped together…it’s worth a thousand lip-locks. Excuse me while I cry. 

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  • “ You know those rattlers in the stomach we talked about? Well, I’ve got them now. ”
  • “ I don’t need to talk to you. ”
  • “ I can’t help being who I am. Who I was. ”
  • “ I love who you are. ”
  • “ Look, I… can’t be your kind of hero. ”
  • “ That’s big. That’s really big. ”
  • “ Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. I look after you now, you look after me later. ”
  • It’s a perfectly natural bodily function. ”
  • “ I will personally enjoy pulling you apart to see what you’re made of. ”
  • “ It’s my duty, it’s my breeding since birth. It’s what I am. ”
  • “ You can be more. ”
  • “ We can stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye. ”
  • “ The sound is doing something to my eye. Feels like it’s melting my brain. ”
  • “ You can’t breathe in it, you can’t move in it. It holds you, it grabs you, it sucks you down. ”
  • “ Look, I understand what a phenomenal moment this is for you. ”
  • “ Mother always said I was the best looking. ”
  • “ Next time you hit me, make sure I don’t wake up. ”
  • “ If you must address me, do so as Your Supreme Eminence. Which you should be doing anyway. ”
  • “ Soft, yes. Weak, no. ”
  • “ It’s only people who know you that want to kill you. ”
  • “ I try to save a life a day. Usually it’s my own. ”
  • “ I’m a trusting soul at best, but not to a fault. ”
  •  “ You honestly believe I could find you appealing? ”
  • “ Get that weapon out of my face before I feed it to you. ”
  • “ I am no one’s female! ”
  • “ We all visit the precipice. Each one of us must find our own way down. ”
  • “ I am unimpressed by your masculine memories. ”
  • “ Since I left home, I’ve been hunted, beaten, locked up, shanghaied, shot at. ”
  • “ Typical male. Satisfy yourself first. ”
  • “ Should I disrobe so it’s memorable? ”
  • “ My dear, I’ve kicked more ass than you’ve sat on. ”
  • “ I’m coming with you. If you can be an idiot, I can be an idiot. ”
  • “ Oh, just to be in the warm glow of all this testosterone. ”
  • “ She was vague to the point that I suspect she doesn’t have a clue. ”
  • “ I love hanging with you, man. ”
  • “ I’m nobody’s puppet. ”
  • “ Why do our plans never work? ”
  • “ How do you say ‘we’re screwed’ in your native tongue? ”
  • “ I love waiting to see how things go South. ”
  • “ I’m not your pawn. ”
  • “ Sarcasm, the hallmark of the subeducated. ”

Braca: Sir…permission to speak freely?

Scorpius: Of course Lieutenant, if you were not free to, I would not have you here.

Braca: …If you suspected the Captain might not return of his own volition, why did you let him go?

Scorpius: We all have windows of usefulness. If we don’t take advantage of them, our careers may fade. For example, my instincts tell me that your career may well be on the rise.


TV Show Meme

5 Male Characters (2/5)

Miklo Braca (David Franklin) - Farscape


“We used to call him sometimes ‘The Reaction Machine’. You could play the whole scene on David’s face and understand perfectly what was going on.”

“David had complete control over the muscles and could convey emotion with the twitch of an eyebrow.”

- Andrew Prowse and David Kemper, audio commentary for Mind the Baby (2.01)

Prowse and Kemper’s praise for David Franklin’s performance should not be considered hyperbolic - it was by virtue of that magnificent face that he parlayed his way from a three episode arc into a recurring role, after all. Braca is in many ways the 'consummate Peacekeeper’ he is accused of being: a perfect soldier, filled with single-minded hostility and ruthless ambition, rigid and judgmental and coldly emotionless. But as hard as Peacekeepers try to repress their feelings and violently shame one another for expressing them, the emotions are there just the same, and Braca is full-to-bursting with them, even if he resolutely denies showing it and absolutely refuses to speak it aloud. He maintains outward composure even as minute changes in expression, bearing, and tone betray an immense range of feeling down to the last detail, and it is fascinating to watch (I’ve giffed some of the more expressive examples, and one should never doubt the ability of an aforementioned eyebrow twitch to speak volumes in context, volumes God it hurts my soul!). 

Braca as he first appears is, yes, that consummate Peacekeeper, serving, advancing, parroting the same vicious bigotry as those around him and shunning the evils of personal thought. But then, Scorpius occurs: someone whose very existence is considered abhorrent to Peacekeepers even as his position within the hierarchy demands their respect, a representation of everything Braca’s heavily ingrained Peacekeeper indoctrination has taught him to hate. Braca is both horrified and enchanted by the enigma of Scorpius, and over time, his sycophantic praise is traded for genuine admiration, his dutiful service becomes loyal devotion, and his discomfort and disgust melts away as Scorpius encourages him to betray his Peacekeeper teachings in the most insidious of ways: by asking questions, making critical judgments, and self-actualising. While all the other regular Peacekeeper characters who go through the process of individualisation had to do so by leaving Peacekeeper service behind, Braca is able to remain, successfully integrating self-discovery with the positive idealism of Peacekeepers and letting go of the narrow-minded hatefulness so prevalent among his peers. He is still a proud Peacekeeper, but he is also self-aware and capable of choosing his allegiances beyond what service dictates. Concurrently he is able to navigate and thrive in the political quagmire around him, to press his ambition and play his cards in a manner that an unquestioning Peacekeeper grunt could not. His journey is suitably understated and largely unspoken - but it’s all there beneath the stoically controlled surface, if you care to look. Volumes, I say.