[[Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a reaaaally long while–IRL stuff has kind of wiped me out as of late, and what art I have managed to get out has been for other things. A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I ever planned on doing anything for the Fallen Siblings again, which made me want to doodle something, since it’s been a hot minute!

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back into updating this blog again, but I do intend to do so–I’d like to get more of the Papyrus fight posted for you before the year’s out.

Until then, thank you so much to everyone who’s stuck around for the ride so far! It means a lot that you care about my take on the Undertale story this much, and I really appreciate it. ❤️]]


i was broken from a young age
takin’ my soul into the masses
writin’ my poems for the few
that looked at me
took to me
shook to me
feelin’ me
singin’ from heartache
from the pain
takin’ my message
from the veins
speakin’ my lesson
from the brain
seein’ the beauty
through the

i think roy and riza might be the first ones to figure out that farris is ishvalan, but the human transmutation…oh, there’s no way ed doesn’t pick up on that REAL quick

the image was strong enough that i needed to get it out regardless of the mess ;;


Sorry for being so quiet and inactive lately, the weather has been rainy and it’s quite dark when I get home from work still, which means not amazing photo conditions! Friday we had snow, so both yesterday and today was spent outside. So have some photographs from today where we went to this fenced-off field where my dogs can roam off leash! They love the snow, and ran around all over the place!

wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight
when it’s exactly twelve o'clock that night
welcoming in the new year
new year’s eve

maybe i’m crazy to suppose
i’d ever be the one you chose
out of a thousand invitations
you received

ah, but in case i stand one little chance
here comes the jackpot question in advance
what are you doin’ new year’s
new year’s eve?

i still have more than a half an hour to go so i’m totally still on time, lmao. happy new year everybody! here’s hoping it goes better for all.

stay determined!! i know you can do it. 💖🎉

The expression on Jack’s face wasn’t one Rupert had seen before. Rupert had been aware of the bouncy puppy dog of a guide for some time: the way Jack messily and consistently got into fights; his struggling grades in Equine studies, and perfect ones in classes like Foraging and Survival. Rupert knew that Jack had studied through every break since enrollment, rather than going home. he knew about the shifts he pulled in Nurse’s infirmary to help cover tuition. Rupert paid enough attention to everyone who walked over the Academy’s doorstep to know that, even bruised, Jack Farris smiled.

Beanstalk, E. Jade Lomax

And in that moment, I lowkey shipped it. 

  • investigation dream team! also i think farris probably has a habit of like…rearranging the uniform to suit their needs and whenever people give ‘em shit they just go “you let elric wear that fucking red coat” and it’s a constant back and forth with the brass probably
  • action sketches! battle and/or alchemy poses
  • welcome, i am now your conductor for the ot4 train, toot toot

LMAO I can’t even with these vines. lol