It’s @Farrish and I just came out of my meeting a little south of Times Square and this is what I saw walking to the subway. I usually take portraits but how can you not shoot a landscape, or more specifically cityscape, when you live in a city like this?

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Hi all! It’s @Farrish one more time and I’m posting my last picture of the day.

I have had four finalists for my last picture and this one I actually just took on my way home.
This was taken on the downtown one train headed to 14th St. I looked across from me and saw this lady with a very somber look on her face and a rose that she was desperately trying to keep intact. I hope you can see why I thought it was a beautiful shot.
I really appreciate all the questions and all the likes and all of the followers that I have gotten from doing the Baton today. Please follow me and if you have any questions about my pictures please be sure to ask and I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks and have a wonderful evening! XXOO Farrish #manhattan,#farrish,#farrishcarter,#newyork,#newyorkcity,#NYC,#StreetPhotography,#subway,#portrait,#Chelsea,#woman,#rose,#pink,#Flower,#faded - posted in NYCbaton’s instagram account. http://instagr.am/p/Uz-Rbfu2XO/

Its @Farrish again. It’s becoming rush-hour in the city and even though it is cold it seems everybody is going somewhere. Some home, some to another job, some to school. I am in the process of going to a meeting and I saw this man standing in a very well lit spot on the subway platform at Times Square– typically a great place to take pictures. #manhattan,#farrish,#farrishcarter,#newyork,#newyorkcity,#NYC,#StreetPhotography,#StreetPhotography,#portrait,#TimesSquare,#man,#blur,#flag,#USA,#subway,#StarsAndBars - posted in NYCbaton’s instagram account. http://instagr.am/p/UzZ8WIO2fY/

Raymond Farrish: Hot Stove Leagues, sports and politics
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This is @Farrish again. One of the things that I love about New York City is the diversity of people in all sorts of ways, including class. This lady clearly is a woman of some means–she has really nice fur coat– but she rides the same subway with me and school kids and homeless people.
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