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Signs as Drag Race S9 Reunion Quotes
  • Aries: "Do I look upset to you?"
  • Taurus: "Shut up, Farrah Moan."
  • Gemini: "I love your costumes, that's why I call you the Joan of Arc of drag; great ideas, badly executed."
  • Cancer: "But you didn't say jk though."
  • Leo: "You don't love me."
  • Virgo: "I thought I was a big girl until your nose walked in."
  • Libra: "You are secretly one little bitch."
  • Scorpio: "I just don't feel like you should be miss congeniality."
  • Sagittarius: "You have a lot of opinions of me tonight, Shea."
  • Capricorn: "I don't wanna say i read her, I just aggressively complimented her."
  • Aquarius: "If you were masturbating, we were not getting off girl."
  • Pisces: "I had a really good read for Valentina, but i can't remember the words."

Y’all the whole season: Omg shut the fuck up Farrah, why won’t she ever stop whining, literally mute Farrah Moan, if I hear Farrah Moan whine one more time I swear–

Valentina: Farrah Moan, shut up already

Y’all hypocrites: Snake, bitch, your true colors are showing, I always knew she was two-faced, I regret voting for her,remove her Congeniality crown, Valentina is canceled, she was always the bitch of the season, finally someone called her ou–

Proud brag tv really can make you better lol

Just needed to have a little brag cause im pretty happy with life at the moment. So after discovering big bang theory quite a few years ago (when i was alot less happy with life) and getting way too emotionally attached to Sheldon, Amy and the whole Shamy relationship, i decided i really wanted to see a live taping. Seems like something easily achievable except i live in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia and dont have a high paying job (flights and accommodation to here are expensive) But i worked super hard to improve in my job (even got a promotion) and saved hard and finally managed to get to one last year, loved it so much that as soon as i got over the almost 30hrs of travel home, started saving again. So so so proud to say im back in the USA to go see this awesome show again. People think im crazy but its actually improved my life getting involved in these quirky characters because the show pushed me to save and travel. Long post and no one probably cares anyway but im happy :)

Say what you want, but Villaintina singlehandedly resurrected the reunion of Ru Paul’s Best Friend Race. Ya’ll kept talking about how you wanted some drama on this damn show and here it is, children. Shea’s iconic Naomi Campbell-esque read, Farrah Moan’s sarcastic clapping, Aja’s “Imma let you finish” moment, Trinity’s gagged facial expressions. My jush is jushed out just thinking about it

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“Thanks for coming out with me, guys,” Taissa spoke to Farrah and her older brother as they all sat in the booth of a Starbucks. She had met him through Tyson, and adored his little sister since she reminded her so much of her rebellious, sassy self when she was younger, “It’s always worth a frap, right?” She grinned over to the little girl who was drinking away through her straw, while she typed an essay for class and drank a random coffee she had picked on the menu since she liked to try as much as she could. “I hate sitting here on my laptop by myself – I feel like people just stare at you.” 

Sheldon would never admit that he was nervous talking to this girl.  Oh goodness.  What was her name again?  He never forgot a name, but he couldn’t remember hers suddenly for the life of him.  There was that and this funny feeling in his stomach.  Maybe he was ill.  That was it.  He was ill, and he should go home immediately.

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More cute Shamy… Today: reading 📚

You loved this style so I decided to do a few more. And I love to draw them like this. So cute! 😍

Today a very nice and big account on weibo showed my drawings to his/her followers and lots of people started to following me there. Thank you so much to all the people for the love they sent to me! And thanks to all my followers everywhere, you are always so nice. 😊

Have a nice day!! 😘 

*drawing more cuteness to save my soul LoL*