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I read that the writers of The Big Bang Theory want to keep the show’s “original DNA”…

“For now, for me, Leonard-Sheldon-Penny floating around in those two apartments is a pretty important basic building block of what ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is. At this point in time, we’re not rushing to people moving out,” Steve Molaro said.  

My reaction…

Come on, writers!!!!! The shows DNA has already changed. Embrace the chaos!


More cute Shamy… Today: reading 📚

You loved this style so I decided to do a few more. And I love to draw them like this. So cute! 😍

Today a very nice and big account on weibo showed my drawings to his/her followers and lots of people started to following me there. Thank you so much to all the people for the love they sent to me! And thanks to all my followers everywhere, you are always so nice. 😊

Have a nice day!! 😘 

*drawing more cuteness to save my soul LoL*