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Sasha Velour’s drag race look book

The Signs as Quotes from Season 9 of Drag Race
  • Capricorn : "I was whispering that I wanted Blac Chyna and I'm VERY upset"
  • Aries : The whole "Valentina, your smile is beautiful!" speech
  • Taurus : "Can I take a smoke break?"
  • Gemini : "This year's Miss Congeniality is.... Valentina!"
  • Cancer : "You don't love me"
  • Pisces : "*Farrah Moan crying noise*"
  • Leo : "Farrah Moan, shut up"
  • Virgo : "*Sasha Velour screaming*"
  • Libra : "I'm sorry I insinuated that you were a prostitute"
  • Scorpio : "WHY ARE Y'ALL ACTING NEW"
  • Sagittarius : "Pillsbury called, they want their rolls back"
  • Aquarius : "*Any time Nina Bonina Brown says the other queens were plotting against her*"

Okay I wanna confess something…
So Sheldon and Amy began hanging out in S4 and in S5 Amy became his girlfriend. However, in S7 Sheldon claims that they’ve been dating for 3 years which means that he considered their friendship a relationship( cos 3 years before S7, it was S4) .
My point is that sheldon was into Amy since moment one..
But he was suppressing his feelings.
He was always saying that Amy’s was his friend but he got jealous when she was into Zack and something about a fiancé and stuff. He claimed that pretending to having coitus with her was a great satisfaction. He even enjoyed it when Amy kissed him .he responded with a bloody “fascinating”. In season 5, he told Leonard that Amy’s not for him. He got cats when he and Amy got into a fight.
Amy wasn’t into him tho. She revealed that in the episode when she asked sheldon to meet her mother… she became interested in him after a while.
Anyway, my point is that Sheldon acted like Amy’s just a friend when he knew deep inside that things weren’t like that. He knew amys the one. And then he fell more and more in love with her. He even proposed .
End of convo😂

my favorite moments of rpdr9 this far

-Jaymes Mansfield’s fucking flip on the cheer challenge

-Aja going off on Valentina

-Any acting Trinity has done (minus the roast)

-Shea trying to look out for Nina

-Shea and Sasha’s pure chemistry

-Farrah Moan’s ugly cry when Eureka goes home

-Princess Banana Girl

Zodiac signs as RPDR season 9 quotes

Aries: Don’t joke about that

Taurus: No, you’re done, because I’m gonna tell you why you’re done

Gemini: I can’t wait to get out of here and be a hoe!

Cancer: I’m a good girl, I am

Leo: I can’t wait to knock you out of your winner place

Virgo: You didn’t say JK!

Libra: I call shade!

Scorpio: You are perfect, you are beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model

Sagittarius: Could you shut up a second?

Capricorn: Do I look upset to you?

Aquarius: Sue me!

Pisces: *Farrah crying*