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Where did you get that horse?

Go west of Highland Stable. The stable is located in the Faron province, which is southwest of the Necluda providence (the providence where Kakariko Village and the Dueling Peaks stable is). Go west from that stable until you reach this desert like area that has some thinly spread out trees with thick trunks. The Big Horse will be in the middle of a circle of regular sized horses. Also, it will be more difficult that usual to tame, so pack up some stealthy gear and elixirs to keep coming at it. The area you find it in is surrounded by some strong monsters, so be careful riding the horse back to the stable to register it.

Hiking through Hyrule: Day 52

It’s been more than seven weeks since I awoke in the Shrine of Resurrection and began my adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch. Calamity Ganon still swirls above Hyrule Castle; terrifying, spider-like Guardians still roam the countryside; at least one massive Divine Beast is still out of control; and the land is, apparently, continually on the brink of ruin. But I’m in no rush. Those things can wait. Even after all this time, I’m just having too much fun exploring the world and everything in it, and every time I set out, I discover something that I’ve never seen before.

Having already explored most of southern and eastern Hyrule, including Zora’s domain in Lanayru, the tropical forests and towering plateaus of the Faron province, as well as the scorching sands of Gerudo Desert, I’ve presently set my sights on the Hebra area to the northwest, where you’ll find snow, snow, snow, and more snow, some of which cuts visibility to no more than a few dozen yards in front of you. There’s also plentiful moose. Tragically, my attempts to ride these magnificent antlered creatures have all met in failure, but I’m not ready to give up yet. Perhaps I’d have better luck if I wore stealth-boosting equipment, but the frigid temperatures of Hebra require me to wear cold-weather gear or risk depleting my health.

The Hebra region is surprisingly empty compared to most of Hyrule - there’s little more than trees, mountains, and wild animals - but that makes it all the more relaxing to explore. Though I’m mainly searching for shrines, I’m always on the lookout for anything unusual. After placing stones to complete three circular patterns I find a Korok, and after racing down from a mountain peak I find another; the latter was accomplished by shield surfing, which is, strangely enough, the first time I’ve attempted it in the entire game.

Though I continue to find hidden Koroks and pull treasure chests out of the snow using the magnesis rune, I’m having less luck with the shrines. Most of the ones in Hebra seem to be in caverns not visible from the surface, requiring me to discover small cave openings and go spelunking to achieve my goals. There is, at least, one easily visible shrine in the northwestern-most part of the map - the Hia Miu Shrine. Unfortunately, it’s a “Major Test of Strength” combat trial inside - my least favorite type of trial. Luckily, I’m experienced enough that I destroy the Guardian inside with little trouble.

The bigger puzzle is that my Sheikah Slate keeps beeping to indicate that I’m near another shrine as I come down the east side of Hebra North Summit. After traversing the area, I pinpoint the spot where the shrine should be - as indicated by the most intense beeping - but there’s nothing there, which means it must be in a cavern below. I descend the cliffs to the north looking for an entrance, and though I find a powerful Royal Sword in a chest encased in ice, and slay an icy Lizalfos for its loot, I’m no closer to locating the shrine.

Eventually I go southeast of the mountain, and to my surprise, I find a massive set of doors set into the mountainside. Neither runes nor weapons have any effect on the door. Do I need to open it elsewhere? Come back later? No; it’s an environmental puzzle, and a tricky one at that. It takes me a while to figure it out, and even longer to effectively implement the solution, but eventually the doors smash from their hinges in satisfying fashion. My reward is a Spirit Orb from a trial-free shrine, as well as the solution to a giant sidequest that I’d been unable to complete for weeks.

Sweet success! Exuberant from the sense of accomplishment, I could happily call it a day, but I figure it’s high time to put another long-postponed sidequest to rest, so I teleport to Gerudo Town, trading in my cold-weather gear for women’s clothing. Since I’m not going into the town itself (where men aren’t permitted), I don’t know if I need to cross-dress, but the outfit helps me beat the heat, and Link’s cool with it (pun intended), so why not?

The task at hand is to earn the best time in the Gerudo sand seal races, thus giving me access to a new shrine. I’m usually not too fond of racing challenges in Zelda games since they tend to be pretty tough and take a lot of practice, so I’ve been putting this one off, but I’ve gotta do it sometime. I begin the contest; using my shield as my ride, the sand seal pulls me across the desert dunes, where I must pass under every arch on the course and reach the goal in under 90 seconds. To my surprise, it’s a cinch; I easily beat the time on my first attempt, claiming the title of champion as well as access to the shrine (which coughs up another Spirit Orb without any further requirements). Huh. That was anticlimactic. Oh well. They don’t all have to be nerve-wracking challenges.

With all my immediate goals accomplished, I decide to end my adventure and rest up for now. But this Hyrule fantasy is far from over. Tomorrow there will be new locations to discover, new shrines to complete, and new sidequests to conquer. And after that, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back to dealing with those Divine Beasts and Calamity Ganon….

FMN: Unfortunately Missed

That child was walking by all alone…perhaps he should have stopped at that point and taken him to the castle before continuing with the mission.
…He looked so uncannily like a slightly older Link, however…was…he perhaps…?

…Maybe he was the ghost. Maybe Zode had seen the dead, because now…now, as he knew he was dying here in the temple, having failed the mission…that he was to reunite with his family that day.

“I’m sorry…I’ll be there, soon…”

Link was sent out to collect the Master Sword at ten years of age.
Zelda sent the six guards out when SHE was ten.
They’re the same age.

…Link had to pass by Lake Hylia to get to the Faron Province. Zode was headed to Lake Hylia.

They walked right past each other without much more than a second glance.