Rally ongoing in #EDSA now…. Ano kaya ang bet sabihin ng mga kabayan natin. Some of their banners say that they’re Farmers Against Corruption. Some banners say TFM, Task Force Mapalad. Or maybe TFM means Tuparin FeeNoy Mangako (Charriing, mema-chururu lang sa acronym). Sa pag-unlad nating lahat sana di nalilimutan ang mga taong integral sa ating pag-unlad (even in our own circle). Sana madinig sila. #Rally #IndiDay #Farners #Magsasaka #PNoy #Pinoy #Filipino



Thousands of Possibilities

The answers to the following questions all share something in common.
1. Created in 1880, what orange-flavored liqueur was named by hotelier César Ritz?
2. What folk artist was born Anna Mary Robertson?
3. What 2014 Oscar-nominated film’s website includes a link to a site for The Zubrowka Film Commission?
4. When it opened in 1993, what Las Vegas casino had a Wizard of Oz theme, including a yellow brick road on the floor?
5. What long-running radio show was originally broadcast as the WSM Barn-dance?
6. Of what landmark did Teddy Roosevelt say “The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it.”?
7. What rock band’s founders include Mark Farner and Don Brewer?
8. What video game follows the adventures of mafia hitman Tommy Vercetti?
9. What performer played Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon series Victorious?
10. What Michigan city is home to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum?

Thousands of Possibilties Answers

Ayer por fin tuve en mis manos el fruto (y última parte) de un proyecto que empezó hace muchos meses y que ha sido uno de los más bonitos en los que he colaborado: “Vull Inventar Jesus Vilallonga” un libro infantil ilustrado por #JesusVilallonga y los niños de Santa Coloma de Farners y diseñado (& art directed) por #yourstruly. El resultado es espectacular y estará pronto a la venta! #staytuned #childrensbook #bookdesign #Vilallonga #design #proud by minigaribay http://ift.tt/1J7Jcjb


Un clásico Citroën 2CV en la pista de tierra en Santa Coloma de Farners.

Eso no lo volcaban ni a tiros!