farn art

gravity falls demon OC appreciation drawings!!

went on the hunt for some cool/well done GF oc designs and did some lineless drawings of them!

the singles will be submitted to the blogs that allow me to do so ^^

if you did not receive your single and would still like it, msg me on my main blog and i will get it to you as soon as possible 


King and 7: Mine

Pal: belongs to: http://chronicsheepdeprivation.tumblr.com/

LunaSol: belongs to: http://quiixotical.tumblr.com/

Granny Cipher: belongs to: http://1funn.tumblr.com/

Unnamed: (the little triangle sona at the bottom is their’s as well): http://razormonk.tumblr.com/

Ivan: (yes i was the anon >> hope i did his colors just ;v; tried to keep it simple): http://palolabg.tumblr.com/

Farn: http://invaderzaff.tumblr.com/


all art is mine

all the characters belong to their rightful owners