farmworld finn


UK-based 3D artist Chris Malec created an awesome series of 3D renderings of Adventure Time characters as LEGO minifig series. From Finn and Jake (including Farmworld Finn) to Lemongrab, Magic Man, a Banana Guard and Grob Gob Glob Grod, words cannot express how much we wish these little figures were real. Malec is currently working on renderings of more of our favorite characters from the Land of Ooo, including Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Ice King, BMO, The Lich, and Hunson Abadeer.

Malec has also created some fantastic Adventure Time/Batman crossover figures such as Finn as Batman (featuring Jake as a bomb), Princess Bubblegum as Batgirl, the Ice King as Mr. Freeze, Gunter as The Penguin, and BMO as Alfred.

Head over to Chris Malec’s Behance portfolio to check out more of marvelous creations.

[via Wired]