Watermelon Stevens (live in a video game world)

Is it just me, or does the entire way of life of the Watermelon Stevens, look like they live in a city builder app/video game?

The first thing they teach you in the game tutorial, is how to grow your own crops for resources.

And then they tell you to build buildings in which your followers can live. (And as a paid feature, you can buy the mystic statue that doubles the speed of  all your crops’ growing.)

You have to get really strong and accumulate people and resources. Because at one point, you’ll have to fight some other village/city.

Upgrade your weapons–

And go compete to have the best city/village/farm/town/kingdom!

Oon säälistä klikkaillu yhen vanhan opettajan farmville pyyntöjä sen fb-seinällä, koska en todellakaan usko että sillä ihmeellisemmin muita facekavereja on jotka niitä suostus klikkaan.

Nyt se on alkanu lähettää mulle suoraan pyyntöjä millon mihkäkin farmaukseensa.

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