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Imagine #11 Carl [Requested]

Daryl’s gruff pledge of refuge was lost amongst the sweltering breeze; mind and heart consumed by the antagonistic realism of this world. In the midst of the zombie apocalypse there were no sanctuaries or safe zones; everyone was fated to die, cursed to revival as a monster. Gravel crunched beneath your combat boot clad feet, Daryl’s delighted words inarticulate as your attention flittered to the scene hidden behind the prison fence. The prison yard had been recreated as farmland; a resourceful wooden fence surrounding a handful of swine, a succulent medley of vegetation, and a proficient water source constructed of scavenged items. A teenager crouched beside a sow; tousled chestnut hair hindering a lucid view of his glacial blue irises, his slender frame astounding you at his height as he straightened his casual posture. Carl Grimes; Daryl’s tone held a sense of fondness and playfulness as he greet the young man, nudging you in the teenager’s direction as he approached with a handsome smile illuminating his features in a manner that felt foreign in this apocalyptic world. Carl Grimes was gorgeous; crystalline sapphire irises that held a hint of mystery and sorrow that made him appear mature, a button nose sprinkled with an adorable handful of freckles, softened facial features that were evolving into those of a man, and a devious smirk on his plush peach lips that lured you in hook line and sinker. The treble in his voice was rich and elicit a hummingbird flutter from the muscle in your chest.

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Behind the Barb. June 2016.

“None among us would sit on the fence if they were all made of barb wire.”  Patti Dawn Swansson/Sierra