No I don’t give a shit that it’s one of our creators’ birthday.

SOMEONE’S got to be farmin’ all these goddamn fuckin’ wigglers, pain in the ass though truly it be.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Standing around here

farmin’ all these




nobody understands how much i love corellia okay like shit. Corellia is my favorite planet out of all the fucking planets in star wars. FRICK i remember doing all my research like a nerd and looking up the enclaves, the green jedi, the trades, farmin’ and the factories and how corellians were one of the first in mastering the jump to hyperspace oK NOBODY UNderstands my fucking undying love for the people, the tradition and the mother fucking food they have there

the people are prone to being hostile unless you’re close friend or family ok so just think about han?? bringing luke there?? like they would probably be like hell no to luke?? but bc they are TRADITIONAL people. his family probably still speaks the old corellian dialect and wow just wow

think about han bringing him to his 14 sisters or some shit on corellia and they warm up to him after a while after livin on the Solo estate w them. And they all oogle and coo over him and play w his hair and shit and they fucking accept him as one of the family and luke is nearly in tears because he never really had the feeling of being so welcome and he also doesnt really have family anymore other than leia and they pretty much DEMAND han and luke marry to marry and birth young so they can carry on the ‘solo’ name haha wow it wouldnt even matter if they did it via lab or surrogate its all tradition to them as long as they pass their name properly

can we talk about how corellians love cake too

they motherfucking love their cake

we all know they love their alcohol and are master brewers already but great food comes from there too like cORELLIAN FRIED ICE CREAM



whenever i go to sanctuary i always have to ring the bell or search all over the damn place for my companions…except maccready. i always know where to find that nerd. he’s always out back behind the house on his hands and knees diggin’ in the dirt and taking care of this one tato plant…it’s his favourite lil tato plant and he is always there taking such good care of it and i’m really proud of his commitment 

help… people are typing more in chat then actually playing the game

then when i say something important in chat they’re focused on farmin

I find it kind of ironic (and cool) that the company in charge of Harvest Moon follows CA…. like… yeah you better… you better learn some stuff… ya farmin sims