Poseidon Is:

in every parent who takes their kids to the lake and throws them up and into the water

in the cracks in the pavement and foundations after an earthquake

in the fish that follow and watch me as I walk through the aisles of tanks at the aquarium

in every tiny shell I find in the sandy mud around my grandparents’ pond

in the laughter of children as they splash in the water of garden hoses and summer sprinklers

in the cry of the gulls that fly over the river

in the shushing and crashing of waves from noisemakers that calm me

in the excited faces of first time high board divers as they pop up from the water at the pool

in every life guard at the water park who carefully watches over the patrons

in the people who haggle at the local fish market and walk away satisfied with their prize

in the trainers at the Zoo who do tricks with the seals and play with the penguins

in the hearts of bronco riders, barrel racers, and trick riders at the rodeo

in the crawdads that pop out of the mud unexpectedly after a hard rain at the farm

in summertime water gun wars in the front yard

in the memories of fishing trips with my father as a child—picking out baits and feeding the ducks and the thrill of the catch!

in the strings of teenie tiny shells at the craft store where I get my beads

in the joy of diving into the deep side of a pool and imagining the ocean

in the wind that whips across the lake and beats it into waves

in the millions of fractions of light glittering on the surface of lakes and ponds in the summertime

in childhood memories of jumping in puddles knee deep and squishing soil and sand under my toes

in the fear and amazement I feel when I watch a documentary about deep sea marvels

in the dreams I have of stepping on the beach one day and seeing the ocean in person

in every child who hears the ocean through a conch held to their ear

in the minds and hearts of all His landlocked followers who love Him

written for @ithalassa

Honeycrisp Tales: A Garden Grows, Pt. 5


“… Y’ever get the feeling something’s happening that the grown ups don’t wanna tell you about? … Good, okay ’m not alone… I wonder why that kid was so sad… an’ Daddy looked… I’unno… like he does after a long day of farmin’… all tired n’ stuff… I’d ask, but all the grown ups don’t look up to answering… I think I’ll just go back to drawing now…”

“Hey! I should ask the new kid to draw with me! Maybe if they’re happy, everyone’ll go back to being happy too! … I hope so.”


And that’ll about wrap up ‘A Garden Grows’! … the first part anyway. Doesn’t look like it’s over, just like no one knows what’ll happen next. Least of all Honey. Oh well, at least she’s gonna make a new friend! Introducing Th-Cortland!

Summoner/Donnel C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


Donnel: Gosh, I dunno if this is the right thing t'do…but I just don’t feel right if I ain’t tendin’ to some crops.

(y/n): Aha! I knew it was you!

Donnel: AHH! Ah…(y/n), you darn near gave me a heart attack, jumpin’ out like that. What’re you doin’ behind them bushes?

(y/n): Alfonse asked me to investigate who was digging up the courtyards, so I’ve been staking them out since last night. And wow, who knew there were mosquitos in Askr?

Donnel: Since last night?! Aw, (y/n), I’m awful sorry I caused so much trouble for ya. Is there anythin’ I can do t'make it up to ya?

(y/n): Nah, it’s fine. I understand your situation. It’s probably comforting to have a small piece of home, anyway.

Donnel: Ha! Ya hit the bullseye. It sure gives me a nice calm feelin’ when I’m workin’ the fields.

(y/n): Really? That sounds pretty nice. I confess I’ve never worked on a farm before, so, uh, I wouldn’t know.

Donnel: Never worked a farm before? Heck, it’s mighty hard at times, but the work is rewardin’, sure as the sun keeps shinin’.

(y/n): I guess growing and eating your own food would give you an advantage, especially in an army.

Donnel: Say, how ‘bout ya work this crop with me? That’ll give ya a taste of farm life! Me Ma used t'say there ain’t no one who couldn’t farm.

(y/n): Wait, seriously? That would be so cool! I mean…sure, I’ll help out.

Donnel: Yeehaw! Little ol’ Donny’s gonna show ya the good life yet, (y/n)!

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank C.]


(y/n): So you use a specific type of fertilizer depending on the crop you’re planting?

Donnel: Yup! Ya hafta know when it needs water, sun, and all them other stuffs, too. It’s all dependin’ on what the plant is feelin’!

(y/n): And since this one is all droopy, does that mean it needs more sun?

Donnel: Reckon so, (y/n)! Gosh, yer takin’ to farmin’ like a duck takes to water!

(y/n): It’s a lot more fun than I thought, to be honest. That’s probably thanks to you, Donny!

Donnel: Aw, shucks, (y/n)! I ain’t nothin’ special, just a little piggy from the country.

(y/n): Oh, Donny, don’t talk like that. Anyway, it’s really interesting to learn about this. Not everything in war is about fighting; ways of producing our own food is pretty useful as well. You’re doing the army a great service!

Donnel: Lordy, I ain’t never thought’ve it that way ‘fore… If ya say so!

(y/n): I know so!

Donnel: Also, I was itchin’ to ask ya somethin’ too, (y/n). Since I been teachin’ ya how to work the fields, do ya think ya could teach me somethin’ from yer world? Reckon it’d be mighty amazin’ to learn from someone like ya!

(y/n): Oh, well… There is something I can teach you that you’ve probably never heard of. But first we’re going to need to pick up a few stones…


(y/n): …And those are the basics of chess. Sorry, I know it’s not as amazing as teaching me how to farm, but I thought you’d have fun. You pick up on things quickly!

Donnel: Aw, (y/n), ya got me happier than a pig in slop! I’m flattered ya taught this ol’ lug some new tricks.

(y/n): I’m just returning the favour, Donny. Plus, spending time with you is starting to be the best part of my day. You’re really helping me relieve all this war stress.

Donnel: Helpin’ the Summoner is just ‘bout the proudest thing I ever done! ’M glad yer choosin’ to help me too!

(y/n): Haha, how could I not? You’re a ray of sunshine, Donny.

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank B.]


Donnel: Would ya look at that! Our crops turned out mighty fine, (y/n)!

(y/n): Yeah! And Alfonse was super happy to hear that, too. He said that we were low on food, and these saved us from a couple of days of rationing.

Donnel: That makes me real happy too, (y/n). Thank ya for tendin’ to 'em with me! Me ma sure would be proud of ya!

(y/n): No, thank you for the opportunity! I had a lot of fun with it. I’m so happy to hear that your mother would be proud. What kind of person was she?

Donnel: She was the greatest ma that ever did breathe! She was always lookin’ out fer the littl'uns in the village. She taught them all they needed t'know!

(y/n): I wish I could meet her…

Donnel: I wish ya could, too. Maybe we could organise some sorta trip to my world soon so ya can!

(y/n): That would be great!

Donnel: Yer darn right it would. Say, even though this crop’s all finished, d'ya think ya could plant another with me? Just thought it’d be fun to do it again with ya…

(y/n): Of course I will! Now that we know it’s a value to our team, I’m even more pumped.

Donnel: Yeehaw! I can’t wait, (y/n)! But what d'ya reckon should we do while we’re waitin’ fer it to grow and stuff?

(y/n): We could play some more chess, I guess. You’re really good at it, Donny. I bet you could even go up against people like Soren and win.

Donnel: Aw, shucks… D'ya really think so?

(y/n): Of course! Let’s set up the board for later and then go get the seeds.

Donnel: Alrighty! Ya sure are energetic, (y/n). I’m as lucky as Naga to have ya here with me.

(y/n): Thanks, Donny! C'mon, let’s go!

D: I’m comin’!

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank A.]


Donnel: (y/n), could ya come over here for a mo’?

(y/n): Sure, Donny! What is it?

Donnel: Ya know how we was talkin’ about visitin’ me ma? D'ya wanna do that now?

(y/n): Oh, sure! I don’t think we’re due for a battle until a couple of days from now. We can pop through the Awakening Gate and be back by morning.

Donnel: Really? You’d be alright with goin’ over there such short notice?

(y/n): Of course! I’ve wanted to meet your mother and see your village for a long time. Your stories make it sound amazing!

Donnel: I’m glad ya feel that way, (y/n)…

(y/n): Well, what are we waiting for? Time’s a wasting!

Donnel: Uh, 'fore we go, could ya take this?

(y/n): Hmm, what’s this? A box?

Donnel: *gulp*

(y/n): Donnel, is this a ring inside!?

Donnel: W-well, it ain’t much, and it ain’t that pretty either, but I had ta get somethin’ to express my love to ya!

(y/n): Your love?

Donnel: Urk… Y-yes. I love ya, (y/n)! I’ve loved ya fer so long, and I just had ta tell ya! Yer the best thing that’s ever happened to this little piggy, and I just gotta express my love somehow!

(y/n): Donny…

Donnel: It’s fine if ya don’t feel nothin’ back, (y/n). I just wanted ta level with ya. Yer smart, pretty, and fun, and…

(y/n): Oh, Donnel. Of course I love you back!

Donnel: W-wait, really?!

(y/n): How could I not? You’re the most cheerful, upbeat, positive person I’ve ever met. Spending time with you is the best part of my day. I’d love spending the rest of my life with you!

Donnel: Oh, (y/n), ya make me so happy! Just wait til we tell Ma!

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank S.]

Confession quote:

Donnel: I’m just a small boy from a humble farm, but yer willin’ to look past that, and we can teach each other new things! I love ya more than anything!

Preacher Fic: Blood Bites and Bourbon

Summary: Four Jesse/Cass moments taking place during S1E2 “See.” Or: Cass is lovesick and Jesse keeps giving him clothes. 

Fandom: Preacher (TV series) 

Words: 2,333

Warnings: Language

Pairings: Jesse/Cass 

A/N: I wrote this in one night because I love these two dorks, I think we need fic, and I am weak. 

Blood Bites and Bourbon 

One-hundred and nineteen years and Cass is still as damn tactile as he was a century ago, never mind the icy chill of his hands, or the grungy smell that’s got nothing to do with being a vamp. He’s learned that when he reaches out others tend to pull back—if they’re smart, anywhere near approaching sober—and that’s just another way life continually kicks him in the ass. He doesn’t mind much nowadays. Really and truly.

Makes it all the more of a shock though when the funny preacher reaches for him.

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The After Famine (Unused)
Drawn to Life Soundtrack
The After Famine (Unused)

The After Famine“ from the Drawn to Life Soundtrack. This is another unused track that didn’t make it into the final game. Though its exact purpose may be unknown, it is reasonable to assume that this song would have played after a village famine. 

In the final release of the game, no famine takes place in the storyline; however, judging by this song and other villager quotes, it becomes evident that one was originally intended to take place, presumably until the restoration of the Banya Crop page. 

Isaac mentions a food shortage twice in the beginning of the game: just after Farmer Brown is rescued and immediately after the Banya Farm is cleared of Darkness. Additionally, the purchasable in-game music track “Farmin’” is instead named “House of the Banya Famine” within the game files.

These quotes and tracks seem to indicate that a major famine is taking place, or is soon to take place. Luckily for the village, this arc was scrapped during development and no other villagers complain over a lack of food. 



The level auditions continued and everyone was finally divided into A (7 trainees) B (17 trainees) C (21 trainees) D (25 trainees) F (31 trainees). In their teams, they practiced the title song and choreography. The trainers then worked with separate levels to master the song. The trainees each recorded their own video for review. PLUS LOTS OF CRYING MIXED IN THERE.


Brand New Music totally killed it with a song MADE BY DAEHWI (which is why everyone was so impressed) and original choreo too. 

Starship did nicely and they asked Sewoon about becoming an idol after he was on Kpopstar as a singer-songwriter. He said that dancing could help him out in the future, so he is learning it too.

HOTSHOT and OFFROAD all did pretty well and surprised people!






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Farmin’ in The Hood 2 have built a now flourishing farm and community garden in the heart of the blighted inner city in Kansas City, Missouri. They’ve helped a lot of struggling people out and are now aiming even higher. Check out the video for details and a good dose of inspiration. They’re doing great works.

whenever i go to sanctuary i always have to ring the bell or search all over the damn place for my companions…except maccready. i always know where to find that nerd. he’s always out back behind the house on his hands and knees diggin’ in the dirt and taking care of this one tato plant…it’s his favourite lil tato plant and he is always there taking such good care of it and i’m really proud of his commitment