NEWFARM/NEWYORK: Mixed-Use Manhattan Vertical Farm

Recently, a few friends and colleagues of partnered on this vertical farm design for an empty lot next to the highline in Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC. 

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Its time for a NEWFARM in New York. In the midst of the complexity of the concrete jungle, this urban food hub and vertical farm in Chelsea, Manhattan represents an evolution of both agriculture and architecture. One purpose of NEWFARM is to produce fresh vegetables for its inhabitants and visitors all year long. NEWFARM is also a place where buyers and sellers of food can interact with makers, artists, and growers. The vertical farming components of NEWFARM are composed of water-saving and highly productive hydroponic agriculture systems. The productivity of the farming systems compliment the artist and “maker” spaces of the building that come with the residences. Above all, NEWFARM is a bridge between nature and architecture.

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Diner Waitress.

Educational aspects of our game

I may or may not have talked about this already, but our game is going to be subtle and unintentionally educational. I mention this because we put a lot of research into the items in our game. We’re not doing generic, gems, crops, and even trees. 

Matt and I spent almost an hour researching and writing the different types of trees that grow in the tropical region. For example the average game would just make a generic coconut tree for the environment. However, did you know there are over 12 different types of palm trees? That’s pretty cool. 

That is part of the reason why we’re late on building Spoony Island. We could have dove right in and started making random tropicalesque trees. Instead we are taking our time to populate our world with specific types of bushes, shrubs, flowers etc. to make it feel believable. 

We want players to learn as they play our game. You’ll learn different types of, bugs, gems, trees, plants, flowers. I personally believe that games should aim to leave an impression on its players.  

Pumpkin Online is a farming dating sim mmorpg, currently being developed by a small indie company, Pumpkin Interactive. Feel free to check out our website for more information about our game.

Accidental ||Jill+Phillip

> Letting out a slow breath, Phillip started the last trek to Forget-Me-Not Valley. Jill was apparently one of the only farmers, so it wouldn’t be that hard to find her, right?

> After about a half hour of searching, he ended up in front of her door. Here goes nothing.

> Phillip knocked on the door, suddenly amused by his own two feet. He knew this was going to be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable…for both of them.