farming in gaza


This is my family’s farm in Gaza (marked around)

The picture on the left was taken in 2007 and one to the right was taken after the Gaza war.

Israel bulldozed 1500-2000 orange and olive trees from our farm, some of these trees were 80-180 years old.

anonymous asked:

why don't Palestinians want peace with Israel?

   Umm Palestinians want peace, but “Israel” doesn’t, do you really expect a terrorist entity like “Israel” wants “peace”?
Take me and my family for example, in 1948 “Israel” kicked out my Mum’s family from their ancestral homeland (Jaffa, Palestine) and then they took over their home and their farm that was planted by my ancestors, and made them become refugees and live in a refugee camp till this day.
Then they murdered my uncle and my cousin for no reason. Arrested many of my family members, physically and sexually harassing them. And falsely accused my uncle with fabricated charges, imprisoning him for 15 years until he was found not guilty.
And then they bombed my home to the ground and they uprooted my family’s farm in Gaza, uprooting over 1,800 orange and olive trees and some of them were ~150 years old.
And I’m barred from just VISITING Jerusalem and other Palestinian cities in the West Bank just for the simple fact I was born in Gaza, can you imagine how ridiculous it is that you’re Palestinian and you can’t visit Palestinian cities, while some tourist from Europe or “La La land” can? And even if I tried to enter the West Bank as a Canadian citizen, they won’t recognize me as a Canadian citizen and still deny my entry.
Now, think about the other 11,000,000 Palestinians every single one of them have their own story with “Israel”.