I was a hideous witch and you were a virtuous king
When midnight fell, we’re an act that’s treasonous
Casting a spell, ruling the people, hiding this fling
You lighted me up so they wouldn’t know about us

I was a wandering dragon and you were a lost rider
You tamed me in a moment, a warrior at its prime
But the enemies were close, I unleashed more fire
You escaped as I burned with the ashes of our crime

I was a fallen angel and you were a struggling farmer
I rained on your soil, you planted seeds of abundance
Unveiling your truth, broken wings, not going further
Your heaven is unreachable, so is my acceptance

Thousands of universes where we fell into destruction
You and I both know that this world isn’t an exception



                                                                      I believe in Karma  

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anonymous asked:

Could I be a pain and ask for Bachelorettes realising they're in love with the farmer? If not all of them, just Haley would be ok.

Anon asked: Hayley’s reaction to finding out she might be head over heels for a female farmer

I combined these two, hope that’s alright!

Abigail: More than anything, it’s you taking her seriously that makes Abigail fall for you. Not once did you laugh at her love of video games, or think that her swordsmanship training is weird. Out of almost everyone in town, you were one of the few who never looked at her strangely because of her interests. It was a welcome change, and soon your frequent visits and constant support began to plant the seeds of affection in her heart.

Haley: She tried denying her feelings for you for quite some time. But no matter what she tried, you always found some way to creep back into her thoughts. Your kindness, your generosity, your unbridled optimism, everything about you was just brilliant. Eventually, she realizes that you meant too much to her to simply give up on, and that’s about where her tactic switches to not-so-subtle flirting.

(Specifically for Female Farmer)- She almost didn’t realize she liked you at first. She had been chasing Alex for so long that the thought of dating another girl hadn’t crossed her mind. It took you showing up at her home, dusted with sand and presenting her precious lost bracelet, to realize just how special you were to her, female or not.

Leah: The one thing that destroyed Leah’s relationship with Kel was that Kel was unable to let her follow her dreams. That was never a problem with you. You had encouraged her art, constantly driving her forward in pursuit of her passion. She wanted to do the same for you, make you feel as amazing and inspired as you did to her. It was more sort of a well, shit moment when she realized just how lovey-dovey that sounded.

Maru: Maru started off being impressed by your ambition. Dropping everything you know and setting off for the difficult farmer’s life sounded unbelievably challenging to her, and she was inspired by your dedication. As you continued to show more interest in her work, she finds herself beginning to fall for you. At first she was a bit embarrassed, feeling like she was acting like a little kid with a crush. But more than anything, she was happy to find someone that she found herself this comfortable with.

Penny: It hits Penny the moment she realizes nothing would make her happier than to spend the rest of her life with you. She panics pretty badly at first, worried that she would somehow mess up the friendly relations you had built up with her feelings. It takes a while for her to reassure herself that you would never hate her, no matter how she felt. Even then, she decides to herself that even if you didn’t feel the same way, just staying friends with you would be fine.

victoryfroststarlight  asked:

Omg rich farmer XD how did you come up with that? I actually q like it. :D

It was sort of on-the-spot sort of thing haha :”^D

Basically, Whitley is our dear rich boi while we have his Farmer boi to complete him. I put two and two together, then BOOM… Rich Farmer

I really like @qrowbranwin‘s name Prophetic Riches a lot bc it sounds wayyyy more professional than Rich Farmer, but oh well ;w;

(I’ll just tag the ship as both until we get farmer boi’s name ;3c)

For the mean time, have some more Rich Farmer/Prophetic Riches!


Shot and edited this one for @vh1savethemusic during their latest installment of their Musically Mastered Menu series. These videos are a great way to highlight your events and brand. .
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Looking for a delicious appetizer to serve at #Thanksgiving tomorrow? Try this butternut squash salad from chef Brad Farmerie of @saxonandparole. It was a hit at #MMMNYC! #eeeeeats (at Brooklyn Navy Yard)

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Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre  ·
Corps de ballet in PBT’s 1992 performance of the iconic “Kingdom of the Shades” scene from “La Bayadère.”

Photo by: David Farmerie


“The Farmery”

“The idea is relatively simple: bring vegetable production, harvest and distribution together in a single location, right in the middle of town. A modified farmer’s market, The Farmery eliminates the middle man and brings fresh-picked produce almost directly to the consumer’s doorstep.”