farmers are cool

Haley you can’t ignore me forever 

I can mine my way to hell and back

also now I have a kitchen so I can make you cake

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besties!ned & besties!peter ↬ headcanons

• you guys are all huge nerds, god 

• ned makes sure you know who the alpha best friend is 

 • watch yourself y/n, you’re pretty but peter loves the ned-master more 

• the three of you choking on popcorn when aunt may catches you fifteen year olds watching a rated R horror movie with graphic scenes 

 • your parents getting to know aunt may and ned’s parents 

 • may finally having other adults/parents to confide in when it comes to her nephew and teenager problems ever since she lost ben

 • you constantly text them because you love them so much 

 • the group chat name is always changing 

 • one week it was peter sucks because he forgot to let you copy his physics homework so your grade dropped 

 • y/n you need to learn responsibility

 • and peter, you need to learn to suck my— 

• ned always breaks you two up, he’s the glue 

 • you and peter love each other but both of you are so dramatic and always have banter 

 • when one of you gives the other sass, one of you would leave the groupchat to make a dramatic exit 

ne®d: hey are you okay?! 

 • you: yeah i just want peter to realize he consequences of his actions  

ne®d: what?? what happened with him? 

you:…he called me selfish 

 • ned always being more loyal to peter even though all of you are really close (let’s be honest here) 

 • always inviting you over whenever one of them got a new lego set even though you’re not very good at it 


count me in you dorks 

• in reality you sit and eat some chips on their bed as they work on it by themselves 

• sitting with each other in lunch 

ned, i’ll trade you three fucks given if you give me your chocolate milk 

 • no, fuck you 

 • peter gives you your own handshake because ned doesn’t want you stealing his 

no y/n, ugh you messed up––it’s supposed to be slap, slap, snap, elbow touch, fist bump, and THEN you wrap your arm around mine 

• peter this is more complicated than the theory of quantum physics 

• you could just kiss me on the cheek— 


 • you guys have some classes together but not a lot and yet y'all never shut up around each other 

 • ned and you hanging out when peter is “busy” and having just as a fun time since you give peter updates 

 • you and ned making inside jokes about how stupid peter looks in front of the girls he likes 

• while ned is more brutally honest, you’re a little more nurturing 

• y/n told me that i should just be myself, ned, she says that i’m adorable on my own 

• peter, y/n’s a liar. you’re adorable but you can’t flirt for your life. 

• having two brothers who you trust with your entire life 

 • okay maybe not your entire life because once you asked them to hold your pizza and they dropped it on the sidewalk 

• them not being like usual teenage boys your age which is so refreshing™ 

• you don’t have to worry about things like them making moves on you or making you feel like a piece of meat 

• because they love and cherish you and are so much more intellectually and emotionally mature than just fifteen years old 

• they’re boys that your family can trust and you always talk about them and have plans 

• you would go shopping at the farmers market 

• ned bought some cool but weird shit he found and peter bought you a rubber duck bc you’re a little baby 

• you didn’t talk to him for half an hour 

• he bought you a churro and you forgave him 

• eventually finding out that he’s spider-man 

• you figure it out because you’re a Not A Fucking Moron 

• peter disappears and spider-man shows up, hmmm interesting isn’t it 

y/n it’s not what you think— 

ned, in the words of aunt may, cut the bullshit. 

 • you freak out because your one of your best friends is in danger like all the time 

• he’s so freaking stubborn you could punch him in the face 

mr stark said 

• i could give less than a flying shit what tony stark said, peter, i love you like a brother and i’m not losing you at F I F T E E N years old buddy 

• your families becoming like one big family over the amount of time you three spend together 

• ned and peter are actually really good at getting holiday gifts for you 

• except that one time on your birthday when ned panicked at last minute and gave you the first thing he could think of 

• it was a goldfish 

• it died after a week because you were in no way shape or form prepared for responsibility 

• once peter let you put on the spidey mask and you used it for hours to talk to karen 

karen, would you say peter is a nerd? 

well, though his awkward and dorky remarks are quite of the nerdy type, i’d say no. 

did he program you to say that?




• you had plenty other friends but you had only two Best Friends

• they knew you really well so they could tell when you were upset 

• cue to them trying to cheer you up and even though it only half worked you were thankful for caring friends like them 

• peter would joke about being spider-man all the time and you don’t know how ned deals with it 

• being spontaneous and buying these two boys thoughtful gifts 

• nice warm groups hugs and pep talks 

• the group chat is always alive jfc 

• you sending them long paragraphs of how much you love and appreciate them and you apologizing for being a shitty friend sometimes and telling them how much you really love them because you’re scared they don’t realize how much they mean to you 

• these two dorks are blushing so HARD 

• they love you so much and don’t know what they’d do without you 

• you feel the exact same way 

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Do you know of any cool farmers markets with interesting architectural design?

Most farmers markets (in the US) are made up pop-up structures that occupy a public open space for a defined period of time, typically no more than a day. Very few are permanent year round structures. 

Here are some that could fit your description or provide some inspiration:

Mercat Encants b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

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My farmer is so cool, I love this game and my lil farmsona

She’s all over the place. She’s raising cows, goats, ducks, and chickens, and she’s got 2 beehouses and taps all the maple trees on her property for ENDLESS MAPLE SYRUP, she’s bad at fishing but she tries her best, she’s making jams and jellies and pickling her crops to share with the town year round, fuckin earning that money and fighting MONSTERS, she’s friends with everybody. I love the idea of viewing my farmsona from the outside because to the rest of the town she must seem like, a Fucking rockstar/probably a fair folk

I bet Shane goes to work and wonders what cool adventures his gf is getting into

(livebloggin disclaimer: don’t tell me anything. no tips, no tricks, no hints, no coy corrections, no answering rhetorical questions, no spoilers)

Hi! I hope this isn’t too much to ask, but can you write the bachelors and Shane reacting to their s/o actually being a transboy? Being a transboy myself I find it sort of hard to find representation now, and it would mean a lot to me if you could!!!

What about something with a transgender farmer? Maybe a coming out scenario?

Harvey: Honestly had no clue and when he found out, he questioned the farmer to see where he was at in his transition and if he was using his binder safely. The truth was, he wasn’t very far, only gotten some new clothes and a binder and his hair cut, but that was okay for now.

Shane: He’d been stupid. He’d gotten too close. Really all he’d done was tease a little about how the farmer wasn’t drinking as much one day, but he had turned to Shane and just growled “It’s because I have cramps you dumbass.” and then left. It took Shane till the next morning to realize what that meant, and he showed up at the farmer’s door with some (stolen) chocolate and a heat pad (also stolen). The farmer took them gratefully, and Shane followed him in to talk.

Alex: He didn’t find out until he saw the farmer sitting in the spa, his eyes immediately dropping down to the scars on the farmer’s chest. He quickly gets in, sitting by the farmer.

“Hey, what’s with your chest?”

“Rude, Alex.”

“What is with it?”

“Top surgery.”

“You’re trans?”

The farmer nods. Alex smiles.

“That’s cool. Good job.”

The farmer smiles and nods.


“Hey, can you be a backup singer? I want to see how it sounds.”

The farmer stares at him.

“I… can’t.”

“Come on. Just us, in my room.”

The farmer finally nods. As the door is locked and he’s handed music, he takes a deep breath. His speaking voice was deep enough, but his singing voice was still pretty high. As Sam begins to sing, the farmer shakes his head, dropping the music. Sam looks at him.


“I can’t.”


“I’m not what you want.”

“Baby, you’re everything I want.”

“My range… is not what you want.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I was… am… a soprano. Please, let me leave.”

Sam hugs the farmer.

“Hey, no, that’s okay. It’s okay.”

“It’s not.”

“It is. You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to.”

The farmer nods a bit. “I want to cuddle.”

“Of course.” Sam picks the farmer up, carrying him to the bed and laying by him.

“Do you need to… do anything?”

“I’m not sleeping, I don’t have to take the binder off.”

“Alright.” Sam kisses the farmer’s forehead. “I love you.”


“This is a stupid truth or dare game,” the farmer mutters, but walks back to their room, holding the dress in his hands. Sam looks over at Sebastian.

“Why did you ask him to wear a dress?”

“Thought it’d be funny.”

After a few minutes, the farmer walks out. The dress looks good on the farmer, as he’s taken his binder off and put on heels and makeup. He leans over, face in Sebastian’s face.

“Is this what you wanted?”

Sebastian shakes his head.

“No. I want you to be you.”

“I dare you to give me a kiss, then.”

Sebastian pulls his head slightly closer, kissing him. The farmer pulls away after a moment, going back to change. Sebastian looks at Sam.

“I had no idea.”

Sam laughs.

“You have some lipstick on your lips.”

“Did you know?”

“Yes. I thought you were being mean.”

“No, I just had no clue.”

“Oh. Well, he took it well.”

“Yeah, I guess.”


“Hello?” Elliott knocks, then just opens the door, walking in. He walks into the bedroom, startling the farmer, who was just standing in some boxers. He quickly covers his chest. Elliott averts his eyes.

“Forgive me, I…”

“Get me a sports bra. Or my binder. Please.”

Elliott locates the binder, turning away as the farmer puts it on.

“What do you want.”

“I was worried about you. We were supposed to meet on the beach this morning, but you didn’t show up.”

“Oh. Oops.”

“Are you… okay?”

“Yeah. Was just making sure everything was okay.”

“Alright. You’re very handsome.”

The farmer laughs.

“Thanks, Elliott.”

Prompts for the week of 7/2/17:

Doomsday prompts:

  • Canon quotes
    • “Mind you, I quite like hope. Hope’s a good emotion.”
    • “He does it alone, Mum. But not anymore, because now he’s got me.”
  • Original quotes
    • He’d known he would lose her one day, but he hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.
    • “This isn’t the end. I’m not staying here, I’m not!”
  • Fixit prompts
    • Jack, as a member of Torchwood Three, finds out what’s going on at Canary Wharf and warns the Doctor, who fixes it earlier
    • Rose ties herself to her clamp
  • Reunion prompt
    • Bad Wolf shenanigans
      • Rose takes the dimension hopper with her to Bad Wolf Bay and when the Doctor says they can’t see each other again, she uses it to go home.
      • The connection between Rose and the TARDIS means the TARDIS can get through to Bad Wolf Bay to rescue her

Summer prompts:

  • Summer aesthetics: Farmers’ market, stepping into a cool building on a hot day, funfairs/county fairs, hot pavement, the way it cools off after sunset, the smell of bonfires and people grilling
  • Unexpected encounters with native wildlife (Alien bears! Or annoying alien squirrels who steal your picnic. Or alien sharks/rays for beach fic.)
  • We both went to the cinema because neither of us have air conditioning and it’s bloody hot outside. We’re the only ones here and we start talking and end up getting chips after.
  • I know nothing about flowers but here I am in the garden centre… Do you work here??
  • High school or college au, meeting on their first day of their summer jobs. Cue summer romance
  • Lifeguard(s) AU
  • Camping
    • Human AU or canon–the Doctor is determined to give Rose the Ultimate Camping Experience
    • Human AU with two city dwellers going camping for the first time
    • Camping mishaps: difficulties setting the tent up, getting the campfire going, the aforementioned unexpected alien wildlife…
    • Sleeping under the stars

Remember! We will accept anything Doomsday or summer related, whether it fits one of our specific prompts or not. Have fun!

Salad Facts

               Alex waited nervously under the tree by his house and tried to snap himself out of it. He shouldn’t be nervous, he saw the farmer every day, but today was different he reminded himself. It had already been weeks since his encounter with the farmer about his books. The farmer was so supportive, and even though Alex was so down on himself, the farmer made him feel better, and want to do better. Right then, Alex decided to go to the library to ask Penny and Elliott for some help with his situation. He asked Elliott for help, not only because he was smart, but also because he remembered how often the farmer would spend time with him and how the farmer even had a copy of his latest book. Alex wanted to ask Elliott what the farmer found interesting, or what they enjoyed talking about. On the same day, he remembered the two giving him even more books to read when he got home. Yay.

               Finally, the day came when he was finally confident enough with what they taught him and everything he read on Wikipedia to show off what he learned to the farmer, so he asked them  to meet him there the next day after they finished their chores so they could hang out, of course the farmer was happy for the invitation.

               You can do this, Alex told himself as he checked the notes he scribbled on his hands. Hey, I can’t remember everything, he told himself when he wrote them down. Finally, the farmer arrived and Alex suddenly mumbled something about watering crops properly.

               The farmer raised an eyebrow, “What was that?” Alex wanted to kick himself, he cleared his throat, “I-I said what’s up,” no he didn’t. The farmer just smiled and said they were fine and really happy that Alex invited them to hang out. “I’m just glad you weren’t too busy” Alex mumbled, too shy to say it out loud. “Are you hungry?” He suddenly burst out before the farmer could respond, “Let’s go get you something to eat. You’ve been working all week, let’s go!” Alex was practically shoving the farmer towards the Saloon.

               At the Saloon, Alex ordered some Spaghetti for himself. He remembered Emily mentioning that the farmer bought Salad all the time so he ordered that for them. As the farmer dug in, Alex forgot everything he learned and all he could remember were Salad facts he looked up. “So uh, did you know that Salad comes from the Latin word “herba salta” or “salted herbs,” because the greens were usually seasoned with dressings containing lots of salt?”

               “Oh really?” the farmer started, “That’s cool.” Alex could tell that the farmer thought he was being weird, but he couldn’t stop.

               “And-and uh Lettuce was first eaten by the ancient kings of Persia,” the farmer hummed and Alex just kept going. “The ancient Greeks and Romans thought that eating lettuce helped you to have a good night’s sleep.” Somebody stop me. He glanced at his hands but they sweat so much that the words were all smudged. Oh no. “And in ancient Egypt, lettuce was considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac and was thus sacred to the fertility god.” The farmer raised their eyebrow “I mean- uh I” Alex was beet red. Of all the things you could have remembered!

               “Alex, are you alright?” the farmer finally asked, “You’ve been acting weird all day.”

               Alex sighed, “Since that time we talked in my room, I started taking lessons with Penny and Elliott so we could talk like I said, but all I can remember are facts about Salad.” Alex couldn’t even look at the farmer now, “Sorry, you must think I’m an idiot.”

               The farmer suddenly burst out laughing, much like how they did back in his room, “That’s so sweet!” they said between laughs, Alex couldn’t help but smile a little, “You’re adorable!” They suddenly stopped, “I-I uh”

               Alex was surprised by that, “I mean,” The farmer cleared their throat, “I just, I think you’re great, and I think it’s awesome how you did this,”

               “Well I told you that I wanted to get smarter, I actually already read most of the books on my shelf.” Alex said proudly, “And, I wanted to impress you,” he said, too quiet for the farmer to hear,

               “So tell me something else you learned!” The farmer said, hoping Ales was more relaxed.

               “Um, many salads, with a prepared dressing, have more calories than a double cheeseburger or pizza.” Damn it.

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Hey, I was wondering can we still send in asks and headcanons about some lesser known egos, because I have some headcanons about them and I don't have anyone to share them with. (By lesser known egos I mean egos like Farmer Bill, Cool Patrol iplier, Survivalist Mark, and FNAF Mark/the Guard)

! Oh course! You sending in your head canons could give me a slight idea of the character! That way when ever you guys ask for my imput it will be easier to respond! Go on ahead! I will be excited to hear them!

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