A traveling farmer’s market in Burlington, VT by Meghan Oretsky

It took a lot of maneuvering to get myself up to BTV this time around. The place was exploding with smiling parents and freshman trying to act cool. I like to sit in City Market so that I can oogle ladies with glowy skin and long hair and thrift store dresses. Sometimes there are cute guys, too. The first conversation I had was initiated by a stranger, who told me he was doing “AWESOME.”

I love Burlington. 

Archaeologists uncover a Neolithic massacre in early Europe

A mass grave in Germany underscores what some archaeologists have long suspected: The first farmers were far from peaceful tillers of the soil. In a newly discovered form of Neolithic violence, attackers 7000 years ago systematically broke the shinbones of their 26 victims, many of them children, before dumping their bodies in a pit.

The first farmers, who spread west from Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) to arrive in central Europe 7500 years ago, lived more settled lives than the nomadic fishing and foraging peoples they displaced. They built houses, cultivated plants, and decorated pottery. But researchers have long debated whether these Neolithic farming communities also engaged in warfare and other types of systemized violence. Read more.

10 Tips for Shopping the Minneapolis Farmers Market

1. Don’t be shy. Talk to growers. They love to talk about what they’ve grown and how to use it. Talk to other shoppers,too. It’s easy when you’re bonding over food. You can learn a lot and meet people at the same time.

2. Find out why it’s not certified organic. Many small farmers rent land or can’t afford organic certification, so when you see something that looks good, ask the farmer how it was grown. 

3. Bring your own bags; a cooler, too, if you’re getting eggs or meat.

4. Shop early for selection. Shop late (or in bad weather) for deals.

5. Bring small bills.

6. Walk the whole market before you buy.

7. If it looks good, buy it. It may be gone next week.

8. Don’t haggle. Farmers work hard and price their products thoughtfully. But if you buy in bulk or become a regular, friendly customer, you may find your farmer giving you a discount. 

9. Shop weekdays. No crowds, no parking hassles. Just drive right up to the sheds.

10. Enjoy! Our market is the most diverse public space in Minneapolis, our farmers friendly, and our food, delicious.  

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“I’ve also seen that same farmer using an iPhone and eating food with garlic in it, so I reckon they can all go to hell. There ought to be a law.”