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Return of the native : parallels to Sherlock

Listen, I found a breathtaking analogy between the story in this book that sits in Sherlocks shelf and his own story. For real! The book describes exactly what happened after Sherlock came back and it’s heartbreaking!!!

Here’s what amazon writes about the book:

The narrative begins on the evening of Guy Fawkes Night as Diggory Venn is slowly crossing the heath with his van, which is being drawn by ponies. In his van is a passenger. When darkness falls, the country folk light bonfires on the surrounding hills, emphasising—not for the last time—the pagan spirit of the heath and its denizens. (Empty Hearse Analogy!)

  Venn is a reddleman; he travels the country supplying farmers with a red mineral called reddle (dialect term for red ochre) that farmers use to mark their sheep. Although his trade has stained him red from head to foot, underneath his devilish colouring he is a handsome, shrewd, well-meaning young man. (Sherlocks “trade” as in his work has stained him, he seems unhuman etc. to others. But underneath he’s a warm cinnamon bun who just wants to be with the man he loves).

His passenger is a young woman named Thomasin Yeobright, whom Venn is taking home. (John)

Earlier that day, Thomasin had planned to marry Damon Wildeve, a local innkeeper known for his fickleness; however, an inconsistency in the marriage licence delayed the marriage. (The proposal that did! not! happen!)

Thomasin, in distress, ran after the reddleman’s van and asked him to take her home. Venn himself is in love with Thomasin, and unsuccessfully wooed her two years before. (Hmmm..what was two years before TEH and Johns proposal? Right, Sherlock lost John because he had to jump from that stupid roof).

Now, although he believes Wildeve is unworthy of her love, he is so devoted to her that he is willing to help her secure the man of her choice. (Yeah, thats basically what happened in TSoT)

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androgyne-enjolras replied to your post “I have some uplifting personal news! I came out at work, officially!…”

Hey, can I ask where you work? Like what your workplace is, but also what part of the world/country? I work at a Lowe’s in Ohio and I wouldn’t fucking dream of coming out but like idk, maybe if you work somewhere that’s like, not a tattoo shop in seattle, it’ll be encouraging for me :/

I’m not comfortable stating the place I work, since it’s just a small pet shop. I live in Massachusetts though, so I know it’s pretty liberal here. I was lucky enough to grow up in a decent area, but I know some people don’t have that kind of safety. I understand I’m somewhat speaking from a point of privilege on that aspect.

Just remember you don’t have to come out to everyone, or all at once. I know it sucks to have to be closeted, but I guarantee some people will surprise you with their acceptance and willing to learn. Having just a few safe people or safe places you can be yourself really helps. Find people you can trust and fall back on when you need them. 

I also got some advice from someone online a few months ago, which summed up to: how important are certain aspects to you? Would it help to just change your name and/or how you present yourself? People are less apt to question things like that, as even cis people change their names or go by a totally different nickname. Sometimes just changes like that can help.