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where one person is actually famous and sets up a dating account with their real picture and the other sees it and is like, oh dude you are not fooling anyone with that picture (because srsly trying to catfish someone with a really famous person is hilarious and cute because the profile also had some really dorky info about liking model trains and farmers’ markets) cue an online romance and when they actually meet the other is pissed because DUDE YOU’RE THAT FAMOUS PERSON and the other is like, yeah, i mean, i thought you knew…

Things I Like In DBS

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Grandpa Goku, Babysitter Piccolo, Baby Pan <33333

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“God damn it Kakarot” - Tsundere Vegeta insisting he was totally not smiling there wtf no you did not catch shit, Kakarot

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WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE - I mean, what, did I actually enjoy this or is this gif just still hilarious to me for this reason

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So with all the critique and hate I like to throw on Super, I figured I’d let everyone know the parts I actually have enjoyed so you know I’m not totally hating it. I can enjoy it, too. x’D I just am sick of having high hopes and getting them crushed and I don’t want to hear anyone saying it’s better than DB/Z and I still don’t like the Black/Trunks/whatever-we’re-calling-it Arc. But there. There you go.

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I find it interesting that you keep saying that Asians in Asia don't see themselves as poc. While you may feel that way, I think it's valid to note that Britain (white people) occupied and conquered what was then India (today India, Pakistan, Bhutan, etc.) There is a big difference between the fair indians and the darker indians. To be light skinned is considered beautful. Therefore, that region of Asia does see itself as poc for they were treated as second class to the gori British.

Hey, I appreciate you writing in! I’ll explain my thinking behind the term here.

I too grew up in a former British colony, so while I did have a concept of whiteness and therefore do not see myself as “white”- I want to emphasise that the term “person of colour” does have different political and cultural implications than “non-European” or perhaps “non-white”. Simply, I do not see myself as “white” because of British colonialism, but I does not mean I see myself as a “person of colour”. I see myself as Han Chinese, East Asian or Asian. “ In general, I believe the term should not be used carelessly outside the US due to different ideas of whiteness between the US and Europe, as well as other countries in the Americas, where race isn’t perceived the exact same way. I don’t believe it should be used at all in the non-Western context.

1. Person of colour is a term that specifically originated in the context of the United States’ system of colourist racism, of Jim Crow, of slavery, where the idea of “white” became a vehicle to confer privilege. I say “vehicle” because whiteness has always been a social construct. in much earlier parts of US history, several light-skinned European ethnic groups were not allowed to access whiteness, like Irish people. Today, they are seen as white. Although the term has been used carelessly by many people on tumblr, “person of colour” is first and foremost a racialised identity taken on to organise against white supremacy- in Western contexts.

2. I don’t believe it should be applied to non-Western contexts firstly, because the history of Asian colourist discrimination has actually long-predated European colonial rule. Further, it doesn’t quite just exist as a marker of racial otherness, but as a class division. Fair skin has been prized in China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years due to classism. I believe it is the case with India too- from what I know, it was very much tied to the ancient Indian caste system or other class/regional divisions. That is not to say British rule in India didn’t make it worse (it certainly did) or that Western beauty standards don’t help to reinforce this preference today, but it would be inaccurate for us to ascribe this obsession for light skin all to recent European imperialism. Recognising its ancient roots is crucial: as a light-skinned East Asian, nobody has ever tried to sell me skin-whitening cream, unlike my other Han Chinese friends who were darker-skinned. 

3. As “person of colour” is an organising tool against white supremacy, I do not believe it has much relevance in non-Western contexts because we are no longer under European colonial rule. This is not to say its legacy doesn’t still affect us, but that the fault lines and tensions that matter are very often not going to centre so much around whiteness anymore in day-to-day life. I feel white privilege can be discussed there without us defining ourselves as “persons of colour”. 

  • Primarily, I am against the term because it posits a false illusion of solidarity that erases local oppressor-oppressed dynamics, and centering on whiteness very often becomes a tool of deflection for their own crimes (like in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, when he took ownership of land from white farmers ostensibly to correct the inequality in land ownership suffered by black Zimbabweans. Sounds fair, considering how colonial rule historically stripped people of their land. But the problem is rather than actually giving it to experienced black Zimbabwean farmers or training people to use the land, he mostly gave it to his cronies. Who didn’t utilise the land properly, causing food shortages that eventually hurt thousands of black Zimbabweans and made people worse off.) On another level, I don’t wish to centre around whiteness all the time because I think the fixation on it at the expense of other fault lines is in of itself a perpetuation of Eurocentric/whitecentric history and narratives.
  • To me, the attendant notions of solidarity underpinning the idea of POC have very little relevance when outside the Western world, our oppressive structures and systems of privileges are very often run by other non-Europeans. Whiteness is the “default” in the US, but in mainland China? It’s being Han Chinese. Han Chinese supremacy is the reason for continued racism and Sinicisation of non-Han minorities like Uighur Muslims and Tibetan. And this racism has a history in Chinese imperialism that long-predates European colonialism. To call all of us “POC” flattens the power structure and posits false solidarity between oppressor and victim- it allows the oppressor to wrongly occupy the space as the victim: as if the Han Chinese general is the same as the non-Han people he has captured for human sacrifices to the gods during the Shang Dynasty. You can have groups of people in the Middle-East and North Africa like Kurds, Amazigh who are very often marginalised by Arab supremacy- such as when Saddam Hussein enacted a genocide against Iraqi Kurds in the 1980s, using chemical weapons. The Nigerian government’s slow response to the Boko Haram crisis despite angry protests by Nigerians? The government not caring when people in Northern Nigeria, which is much more impoverished- die. For my own family history, some of the deepest grievances stem from how the Japanese mistreated my grandparents during WW2.

4. Lastly, the term “POC” outside the Western context tends to flatten the power structure between non-Europeans who live in the West or otherwise have a Western background vis a vis people from our ancestral countries. 

  • White privilege can reinforce Western privilege but they are not totally synonymous: Because even people not considered white do benefit from citizenship in a Western country or a Westernised background. When it comes to global economic inequality, we are closer to the centre of the empire, to the position of those who benefit, not the exploited. People like myself benefit from speaking English, from appearing “more European” and generally Westernised. It’s the reason my friend, who is of Indian ancestry, was treated very differently by the immigration officer when his British accent became obvious- compared to Indians from India who were on the same flight as him. There would for example, be a huge power differential between an Arab-American soldier and the other Arab people in say, Iraq. I cannot in good faith say my experiences are the same as the Chinese workers who work long hours in factories, many of whom start working at 16. At 16? I wasn’t done with schooling. It was taken for granted I would get a university education, and so on. 

5. So, the term “person of colour” is meaningless to me in the non-Western context context, and I personally find it actively harmful when people lump us as “POC cultures” because it purports to create an illusion of solidarity that obscures the massive amount of racism and oppression Asians are enacting against each other till today. Further, I see it as a projection of Western race politics on a non-Western context, which is decentering from local dynamics.

In conclusion, I very much see myself as “non-white” in Asia due to growing up in a former European colony. But I do not see myself as a “person of colour” there. I see myself somewhat as a person of colour in Europe, because it is a Western context where light-skinned Europeans are the majority. Still, not entirely- because it is quite an American term and European racism has a lot of ethnicity dimensions. I tend to see myself as a SEAsian Chinese, most specifically.

with every broken bone, i swear i lived

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a bit of hurt/comfort fic for @aarondingel

Robert didn´t really know how they had ended up here.

Well, technically, he did know how, but his head was still feeling a bit woozy and it had all happened so fast. Mostly though, the situation they´d found themselves in just seemed too ridiculous to actually be true.

He was just glad he´d managed to get both of them into hospital somehow.

His head-wound had been a quick fix. The doctor had managed to close the cut on his scalp with three quick stitches that he´d be able to get removed within two weeks time. Robert being Robert, he was far more bothered by the small newly shaved bald spot on the back of his head than by the injury itself. He could already hear Aaron mock him mercilessly for his vanity over the next few weeks, while he would try to cover up the hole with his too short hair or the odd beanie. The worst offender when it came to his bruised ego though, was the less than attractive bandage, which the nurse had carefully wrapped around his head to protect the wound from the elements as well as his itching fingers. It made him look like a tennis player wearing one of those terrible thick white headbands that should have done the world a favour and stayed in the 80s.

Aaron´s injury had been a bit of a different story. The fact that he was currently hooked up to a number of beeping machines, looking younger than his years while lying in a hospital bed in front of Robert with his left leg hoisted up in a sling was proof of that.  

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bottletopaces  asked:

So i have been playing 5th ed with some friends once a week, i got the dm roll amd we kicked throigh the starter pack a couple times, im getting to the "write a real campaign" stage and ive rolled a few smaller dungeon type plays for my guys, ive looked through the dm guide and ive got this idea to have them help a town then kinda build the town up (build it into a city eventually) just womdering if there was a website/reference material for this kinda thing??

Depending on the era of your campaign and the buildings that would seem normal, you could write a list of buildings that a small town would and wouldn’t have, then mention that they are building something every now and then.

“You pass by the new entrance of the town, a section of two towers in the midst of construction, their half assembled stone walls rising up just high enough to cover the foundations to several buildings behind it. When the guards stop you, their halphazard armor glittering from over polishing, they proudly proclaim they are building an actual guardhouse and training grounds to help protect the city from recent attacks.”

This interwoven narrative will help them get an idea of how the city is growing. But the real question is what’s stopping it from growing and why they need the player’s help. I would go against saying they are just poor and go deeper. Why are they poor? Is there a landlord who is unfair in his taxes? Do they wish to plan a revolt against him? Or are the merchant caravans disappearing? Why? Is it that every time they attempt to build new walls, their local militia (more farmers than trained men) can’t hold back the ogres that demand a human sacrifice every month?

All of these would make them look to skilled fighters and explorers who want to help for leadership. Who knows, maybe in the end they will have a small manor built for them, and the town will elect them as mayor, or the ruler of the area will recognize their leadership by bestowing them with a title.

As for websites helping with this, search for town generators. Often you can put in the population and spread and it will give you the buildings you would find in a town that size.

Good luck!

Hook, Line and Sinker

Title: Hook, Line and Sinker

Author: InvisibleRaven

Summary: where one person is actually famous and sets up a dating account with their real picture and the other sees it and is like, oh dude you are not fooling anyone with that picture (because seriously trying to catfish someone with a really famous person is hilarious and cute because the profile also had some really dorky info about liking model trains and farmers’ markets) cue an online romance and when they actually meet the other is pissed because DUDE YOU’RE THAT FAMOUS PERSON and the other is like, yeah, i mean, i thought you knew…

Status: Complete

Chapters: 4 oneshot

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Nyotalia au?

Summary: where one person is actually famous and sets up a dating account with their real picture and the other sees it and is like, oh dude you are not fooling anyone with that picture (because srsly trying to catfish someone with a really famous person is hilarious and cute because the profile also had some really dorky info about liking model trains and farmers’ markets) cue an online romance and when they actually meet the other is pissed because DUDE YOU’RE THAT FAMOUS PERSON and the other is like, yeah, i mean, i thought you knew… (prompt by: @swingsetindecember)

Chat: I haven’t written some lesbians in fucking forever, soz


Dating online was a thing Daisy always wanted to try and she had no other way to get a date. Being a lesbian you had to know people to go out with them, because gay bars were filled with desperate or questioning girls, or that’s what she came by.

Other than that she was a famous. It was kind of an accident, she wanted to be an actress when she was really young and her parents supported her. She got her first role as a little kid in a sitcom and she upgraded to being the main bitch in a high school series.

Some days, Daisy felt like Sandy, a rude heterosexual who picked on the main character and other times she felt like shy Daisy that loved reading books in the back of a coffee shops (so no paparazzi could find her) and smiling shyly at butch lesbians who caught her eye.

Her sister had got a date a while back with a dating app for lesbians called GG (Gay Girls) it was a five dollar fee in the App Store, but she dished out everything for just a chance. Daisy briefly wondered if she could put her real name and picture, but decided that sure, who would know.

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Gemsona weapon ideas part 6

parts 1  2  3  4  5

most of these are ninja weapons, say what you want about them, but they could make some cool stuff.

The Shuko was used to aid in climbing but also combat.

there is also the Tekagi Shuko, which is the same thing but with wolverine claws.

the Kakute are bladed rings, imagine getting punched with a fist wearing a bunch of them.

The Tekko is similar to brass knuckles but is better suited for blocking and less bludgeoning.

The Eku can simply be described as a “Weaponized boat oar” or just a cricket bat with a really long handle.

you know how ninjas were originally random farmers that trained themselves to fight? well the Kuwa pretty much cements that theory as fact. its just a hoe.

(not sure if its a ninja weapon but it is Japanese) the Yawara is made to help you punch harder but in a different way than brass knuckles would.

(done with ninja stuff for now.) the Vajra was made to symbolize the indestructibility of diamond and the powerful force of lightning.  The vajra is used symbolically by the dharma traditions of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. but aside from that its pretty much the same as the Yawara.

the Fliegerfaust was unfortunately made by the nazis as a rocket launcher that fired small rockets in succession. never really perfected and abandoned, looks cool though.

The Skywall 100 is probably the most modern weapon ever put on here. it fires rockets that home onto drones and ensnare them in nets.

found a walking cane taser

and finally we have a hatchet multi tool. for a gem that needs to be both deadly and handy.

anonymous asked:

As someone with Zimbabwean ancestry, thank you for calling out the Mugabe post. Not only did he wreck the economy, steal massive profits from the country's diamond mines (which his wife spends on mansions and designer clothes while people starve and cholera, AIDs and childbirth deaths are rampant) but even the redistribution of farms (certainly something that needed addressing) just led to experienced white farmers fleeing, while little training was given to their replacements...

…meaning that we were just worse off than before (like yeah, does tumblr seriously think blacks benefited from something that was just an excuse for Mugabe’s cronies to grab as much land as they could?). And yeah, as for how much Mugabe promotes antiblackness, my uncle’s friends were black, and last we heard of them, they were in the Marange camp, whilst my cousins were sexually assaulted numerous times by the police. But woo, at least someone’s standing up against our white oppressors!

Thanks for sharing- I’m sorry to hear the terrible things your friends and family members continue to experience under Mugabe’s regime. It is incredibly hurtful and offensive when we Western POC proceed to make into a hero someone responsible for immense suffering people you love go through. By doing this, we not only show a total ignorance of non-Western affairs, but imply that the choice Zimbabweans have must be restricted to being between the British colonialism and a terrible dictator like Mugabe who poses as an anti-colonial hero. 

As this anon showed so well- in many non-Western countries, all these leaders do is to effectively don the mantle of the European imperialist after first riding a wave of anti-colonialism to install themselves in power. They claim to be icons who have heroically fought European colonialism, and accuse their political enemies of being Western puppets or colonial sympathisers, when all the while, they are becoming the oppressor. With his parasitical exploitation of Zimbabwe,  self-enrichment at the expense of millions of Zimbabweans and political repression, Mugabe has more or less replicated, reinforced and continued the extremely poor conditions people were subject to under colonial rule. How many European countries, for example, had oppressive leaders belonging to their ethnic group, who people felt they were entirely justified to overthrow? Why do we not extend this logic to people in non-Western countries? Do we think the highest aspirations of people outside the West is to be ruled by somebody who looks like them, no matter how cruel and oppressive?

We should recognise the superficiality of the posturing people like Mugabe do. Sure, he deprives white farmers who disproportionately own land in Zimbabwe due to colonial rule- but he does it in a manner that results in even more food shortages where the hardest hit are poor black Zimbabweans. Does this not make it abundantly clear he does not care about black Zimbabweans at all, save his small circle of cronies? Many of our leaders who gained credibility as being leaders against European colonialism have only proven themselves to be traitors and hypocrites.

The world is not as simple as “four legs good, two legs bad”. The ending of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, I think, is particularly instructive. The pigs who initially championed the liberation of the farm animals from human tyranny walk on two legs, wear human clothing and finally- invite a group of human farmers over to play cards and divide the spoils of exploiting the animals. And so the anticolonial rebel finally becomes no different from the imperialist oppressor. The new boss is the same as the old boss, the king is dead, long live the king.


Whether Officer Friendly, Murder Coat Rick, Bearded Rick, Scruffy Rick, Clean-shaven Rick, Crazy Train Rick, Farmer Rick, Beat up Rick, Crying Rick, Grief Stricken Rick, Knock You the Hell Out Rick,  Deadly as Dillinger Rick, Covered in Blood Rick, Red Machete Rick, Shoot First and Ask Questions Later Rick, Head Tilt Rick, First One to Step Up Rick, If You Do Anything to Hurt My Family, I'ma Kill You Rick, Leader Rick, Brother Rick, Daddy Rick, Michonne’s boyfriend, and any other persona of Rick Grimes there may be, we love him, appreciate him, have mad crushes on him, and can’t think of anyone else besides the enigmatic Andrew Lincoln to better breathe life into the Rick Grimes character for the last 6 seasons.  We love you, Andy! 

And Lawd have mercy!  Those eyes!