farmer ted

Hughes picked Hall for his teenage romantic comedy,Sixteen Candles(1984). Hall played a girl-crazy loveable geek known as Farmer Ted, who spent much of the film chasing after Molly Ringwald‘s character. Both Hall and Ringwald reunited with Hughes on the popular teen drama, The Breakfast Club (1985). Judd NelsonAlly Sheedy,  The five portrayed teens representing different parts of school culture-the geek, the jock, the rich girl, the wacko, and the criminal. These stereotypes started to break down as they served in-school detention together. Hall continued to play an overachiever with his next big role in Weird Science (1985).

“Michael” as people called him was said to be dedicated with a great sense of humour and great to work with, he was very friendly and made good friends with all his co workers especially Ringwald who he dated for a year 85-86, and remains friends with to this day. He made an attempt to break away from his roles as the stereotypical film geek but later returned to this role in  in the 1999 television film Pirates of Silicon  where he plays  Microsoft's Bill Gates. He suffered a minor drinking problem in the early 90s which he recovered from quickly without medical intervention by himself. 


Being in love with the 80s Anthony Michael Hall is the hardest thing ever.

  • no new pictures
  • no new movies
  • He is in his forties now.
  • He is so adorable.
  • Time travel hasn’t been invented.
  • I am 17.
  • I wasn’t born the same time as him.

He is single because he didn’t meet me when he was younger, just saying.