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australians need to take the results of this US election seriously. this is going to excite one nation voters. it’s going to legitimise everything tony abbott and pauline hanson believe among their base and among swing voters. don’t think this same god damn thing can’t happen here. read up on what voters in rural areas are facing. read up on lack of broadband access, on farmer suicide, on lock the gate efforts, on preventable deaths in rural areas that occur because health services aren’t considered financially justifiable there. DON’T let one nation voters lead the debate with their racism. DON’T let the liberals make this country unsafe for queer people. 

but don’t you fucking dare let the same misunderstandings about disenfranchised white voters in rural areas allow the same election result happen here in 2019. because it is a fucking possibility. 

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Concept: Sebastian gets a huge crush on the trans boy farmer, and handles it like the absolute nerdlord he is. (Bonus points: Robin only thinks they're friends until she sees the farmer sneaking out of Sebastian's room very early in the morning)

(Thanks for the ask, I hope you like this!!)

Sebastian heard the tapping of soft footsteps on the wooden stairs before he saw who it was, but he could recognise the sound easily. It was them. He took a deep breath, and turned to focus his gaze on his computer, pretending to be deep in his work. 

“Hey Sebastian I was wondering if-” the farmer started, practically tumbling into his room. Their eyes laid upon him, seeing him hard at work. “Oh sorry, you’re busy I’ll just go.”

“No, no, please stay,” Sebastian replied hastily. “I’m almost done here.” He had been crushing hopelessly on the new farmer that had moved in, only Abigail and, perhaps regrettably, Sam knowing about it. He pushed back from his computer, speaking in the farmer’s general direction. “You have my full attention.”

The farmer smirked. “Really? Then why aren’t you looking at me?”

Sebastian began to fluster, his face tinting pink. “I…what?” 

The farmer weaved their way over to the bed, gracefully jumping onto it. “If you were truly paying attention, you would look at me. Why won’t you look at me?” Their smile grew wider as Sebastian began to flush beetroot red. When he didn’t reply, the farmer’s eyes softened, as did their smile. “Sebastian, how do you think of me?”

Sebastian froze, his heart beat beginning to race. He let out a quivering sigh, finally breaking his posture by turning to face the farmer, locking their eyes. “I think you know.”

The farmer grinned, sitting up on their knees. “I think I do. You must understand how I feel about you too, right?”

Sebastian blinked. “Wait, really?” 

The farmer laughed, stepping off the bed and wandering over to him. The closer they got, Sebastian began to notice the soft flush of pink on their cheeks, the shimmering glint in their eye. Almost as quick as he noticed, it disappeared in a flash. “You don’t,” they trailed off, biting their lip. “You don’t mind, do you? About… about who I am?” They gestured vaguely to them-self.”I mean, I guess I understand if-”

“Hey,” Sebastian interrupted them, leaping up from his seat, grabbing the farmers wrists in his hands. “Hey, why would I be bothered?” The farmer moved their gaze down towards the floor, but Sebastian tilted their face back up to his, forcing them to look at him. “If I were bothered about who you are, I wouldn’t truly love you, would I?”

The farmer raised an eyebrow. ”Did you just say what I think you just said?”

Sebastian didn’t reply, instead, caressing their cheek, before pulling them in with shaky hands, kissing them tenderly. 

The farmer crept out of Sebastian’s room, sneaking towards the front door. 

“I think you’ll find it’s locked”

They froze, slowly turning on their heel, coming face to face with Robin, dressed in a blue dressing gown and slippers, combined with a large smirk on her face and crossed arms. “Could you, uh,” the farmer stammered. “I mean, would you…”

Robin chuckled, moving in one swift motion to unlock the door, opening it wide for the farmer. “I mean, you could always stay if you wanted to. It’s about time you hook- excuse me, I mean, got together.” She teased.

The farmers eyes widened, darting out the door before she could say anything further.


And the award for “Sweetest Expression Preceding Locking Someone In The Bathroom And Stealing Their Cell Phone” goes too….

(I think if Red had said he was going to throw her off the balcony, Marta would have still had that smile on her face and happily obliged. He’s quite the charmer our Red)

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Oh my I love Farmer & Dex being friends but I totally think they would be!! Of course Farmer is friends with Dex & Nursey!! Anyway, I hope that in that fic world they make out soon ;) Chowder & Farmer will probably lock them in a closet if not.

the making out is coming… at some point… probably with ridiculous costumes. 

Also - here are some “fun” things that Farmer& Dex do together (loosely based on the friendship I have with my best friends’ signif others)

  • Drinking Buddies. Dex isn’t a big drinker but for some reason he gets around Cait and like an hour later they’re each six beers deep and things are bad. Don’t even talk about the number of shots of random types of alcohol he’s taken just because Cait keep pouring them. 
    • Nursey thinks it’s funny… if he’s ever sober. So generally he witnesses The Start, but then he gets distracted and by the time Cait and Dex are at the Messy Stage, he’s already into the Danger Zone.
    • one time drunk Cait and Dex thought it would be a Great Idea to make macaroni and cheese in the Haus kitchen during a party… They were oddly successful (of course they were, it’s Dex and Farmer), but then they just… stood at the stove and ate it out of the pan and dropped a whole lot on the floor. Needless to say their hungover asses were Very Busy cleaning the next day.
  • Work Out Buddies. This is mostly in the off season, but if the hockey team and the volleyball team are ever in the gym together it happens too. This is for 2 reasons
    • Both Dex and Cait are competitive AF, and they have found that being near their signif others (NURSEY IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND - yeah dex we get it hush) while working out only ends in misery and potential injuries. But they don’t ever push too hard against each other… mostly because they need to go easy enough that they can bitch about people while working out
    • Dex’s younger sister plays hockey too, so he spent a lot of high school working out with her, and Cait reminds him of his older sister, a bit, so it’s kind of comforting? (Dex reminds Cait of her cousin from home but she’s not about to admit that she misses him, because Kevin is annoying. and an asshole. but whatever).
    • They both like running, so a lot of times they just ditch the weight room and run around campus. One time Dex thought it would be fun to have a squat contest and Cait whooped his ass big time. The do not have squat contests any more. (He beat her at pull-ups though and holds that over her head for eternity).
  • Bitching Buddies. More of a full Frogs + Farmer activity, but Dex and Cait like, really have a connection. They don’t even have to say their rude comments out loud, they just have to kind of give each other a look. It drives Chowder and Nursey crazy, because this look is different from the silent communication Dex and Cait have with either of them, and they don’t know what it means.
    • most of the time they are making faces about the obnoxious LAX bro in the library or the person with like a mountain of used tissues surrounding them who should really not be here
    • sometimes they make faces because their boyfriends (NURSEY IS NOT - yeah, yeah Dex we get it) are super adorable and/or annoying. Actually… this is most of what the looks mean. All of the looks. 

Anyways, Farmer and Dex are totally bros, thank you for your time! 

(and thank you for reading my little fics!)