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Hamilton, an American Musical: a summary
  • Alexander Hamilton: Damn, this kid survived and then some
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: I have no idea what I'm doing
  • My Shot: But it seems like none of you do either!
  • The Story of Tonight: We have heartwarming aspirations
  • The Schuyler Sisters: Fuck the patriarchy
  • Farmer Refuted: Bro the king's not going to do anything
  • You'll Be Back: Oh shit, I guess he is
  • Right Hand Man: Desk work??? You've got to be kidding
  • Winter's Ball: I think we're drunk
  • Helpless: This is the best love story ever
  • Satisfied: Never mind
  • The Story of Tonight Reprise: We're definitely drunk
  • Wait For It: Surprise, surprise! I do have ambitions!
  • Stay Alive: THIS FUCKING GUY
  • Ten Duel Commandments: Could this be foreshadowing? Nah
  • Meet Me Inside: I done fucked up
  • That Would Be Enough: Apparently my wife doesn't mind
  • Guns and Ships: We're kicking ass. Alex! Come kick ass with us!
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: Okay son time to tell you how the world works
  • Yorktown: Everyone's kicking ass except the British
  • What Comes Next?: Time for King George to have a hissy fit
  • Dear Theodosia: This love is so pure oh my god
  • Non-Stop: I'm still kicking ass but now I'm a lawyer
  • What'd I Miss: All-American dance party
  • Cabinet Battle #1: Well I lost that argument AND control of my emotions!
  • Take a Break: Sorry fam I have to stay here and obsess over banks
  • Say No to This: An affair? Well, I'm only a politician with a lot of money. What could possibly go wrong?
  • The Room Where It Happens: Politics are frustrating
  • Schuyler Defeated: Is this about me? Of course it is. Everything's about me
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Screw France we gotta look out for America
  • Washington On Your Side: We like to call ourselves the Bitter Squad
  • One Last Time: You guys are exhausting I'm out
  • I Know Him: Your baby nation antics are amusing to me
  • The Adams Administration: I will roast everyone
  • We Know: Okay now I know what could go wrong
  • Hurricane: My past is sad
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: Turns out I will also roast myself
  • Burn: Alex is a self centered little shit
  • Blow Us All Away: I'm my father's son: combative and full of pride
  • Stay Alive Reprise: Whoops
  • It's Quiet Uptown: There could not be a worse coincidence than that stupid pamphlet and our son's death
  • The Election of 1800: Okay I know I'm supposed to be grieving but here's one final roast for y'all
  • Your Obedient Servant: Passive aggressive fight turns into real fight
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: The hell are you going boy
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Whoops Pt 2
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza wins the prize for best character growth you can all go home

The Haus on election night. Turned out kinda long, so here’s a cut. Sorry, mobile users. And thanks, @aergie, for giving this a quick beta read before I posted it. - PB

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For now, you rude, grumpy alcoholic BEAUTIFUL man, we will just have to be the best of friends!!

My farmer is a wine/beer maker and I like to think has the biggest crush on the town meanie. He is also best friends with Pam….because…PAM! 

I’m addicted to Stardew Valley!

The only reason Bitty and Jack have been able to hide their relationship is because everybody else is too busy:

- Hiding their ‘teammate with benefits’ deal (Nursey&Dex)

- Denying their feelings (Shitty&Lardo)

- In the middle of complex negotiations for an open relationship (Holster, Ransom & March)

- Too in love to notice what’s happening in the outside world (Chowder&Farmer)

- Fucking the lax bro (Whiskey&Foxtrot)

- Very confused by what everybody else is doing (Tango)

yes the hockey team accepts farmer as a bro but what about chowder and the volleyball team? they are so protective over farmer, but love chowder so much?? no one knows how it happens. whenever he comes over they just say ‘the pie deliverer is here’ (you know bitty never sends him without a pie). chowder and farmer don’t get fined as much (the volleyball team doesn’t have such an elaborate system) so they are sickeningly cute and in love at the volleyball house. all anyone knows is that the volleyball team and the hockey team have the strongest alliance and they go to the other teams game whenever they can.