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From an au in which Beth and Kent knew each other from the army, Beth ending her tour early after her twin brother dies in battle at her side, she takes over the farm that was meant to be passed down to him. She’s surprised to find her old army buddy Kent, has returned to his family, one she’d grown unwittingly close with in his absence, during her second year in Stardew Valley. Things start off tense as they pretend not to know each other in public. Unable to find work, Beth offers to hire Kent on as a farm hand. The two find solace together, working on the farm, foraging in the secret woods and fishing at the mountain lakes, and soon old feelings that kindled low ignite into a dangerous affair, between two souls who feel lost in their own homes.

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One insecurity: my weight

Two fears: creepy crawlies, failure

Three turn ons: intelligence, being good with kids, good manners

Four life goals: visit all 50 states, have a family, own a house with a front porch, go on safari

Five things I like: the beach, board games, farmers markets, pie, Netflix binges

Six weaknesses: puppies, junk food, my bed, Trader Joe’s, Target, sloths

Seven things I love: my family, Annie Banannie, Pete, tea, sleeping, books, Christmas

Eight blogs: @mynewnormaluc @marathonmelissa @manda-says @lifeonalayover @runhardliveloud @tessa-rae @love2befit @katiebugoo

anonymous asked:

hi! i'm a junior in high school and i really want to travel. i've never left America before and i just wanna see what's out there in the world. i have probably about $12 in my bank account, a decently-paying job, and i hate fundraising. what would you suggest to enable me to travel for cheap? i know there are summer volunteer programs for teens, but every one i've looked into is thousands of dollars. help me out? thanks!

Hi there! Sorry if this a late reply. The first thing that comes to mind is save. I have a friend that seems to be traveling all the time all from saving and she doesn’t make much. Keep your itinerary open-minded; if you go the “tourist” route it will probably be expensive, there is so much to learn from culture and people besides the most known things.

Know that the slower you travel the cheaper it is: walking < biking < hitchhiking < buses < trains < boats < planes… you get the idea. 

Personally I would wait till you graduate high school to take one long adventurous trip or even a gap year and work overseas as an ESL teacher, hostel worker, au pair, dive instructor, seasonal worker at a ski resort, waiter/waitress… But if you can’t wait, I suggest you don’t go very far at first and start with the slower transportation. You’ll be surprised how different it gets once you step outside the “world” you know, even if it’s just a few miles away. Try the other side of your country, or a neighboring country. 

Couchsurfing and WWOOF are two great options for travelers that want to connect with hosts and travel for free. With couchsurfing you’ll find people all over the world who are willing to share a place to sleep for a couple days. At WWOOF, world-wide organic farmers provide food and boarding in exchange for an extra hand. 

Airbnb is my favorite option for accommodation. 

I hope this helps! Happy travels!

The signs as obscure things from the PSAT
  • Aries: the weird receipt that for some reason listed the quantity of each item and the total tax and the total price, but not the price of individual items or the subtotal
  • Taurus: extra batteries on the floor
  • Gemini: contamination from the industrialization of fish farming
  • Cancer: whispering "herminia, herminia, herminia".
  • Leo: the researcher who believes that in the winter, Spanish moss will receive more sunlight.
  • Virgo: the authors, who AGREE or DISAGREE with this statement.
  • Libra: the boat carrying too many pounds of books
  • Scorpio: the discount at the video store (which still exists in the psat world???) allowing Luis to get the first movie at full price and the second for 25% off
  • Sagittarius: moss that grows in Spain. NOT spanish moss. Actual moss from Spain. Not Spanish moss, tho, not Spanish moss.
  • Capricorn: the 67th time reading Fredrick Douglass' speech to-day.
  • Aquarius: cold minnesota lake water
  • Pisces: the poor landfill where far too much of the plastic from Thad's water bottles will end up
I want to write a detailed post about the wheat board privatization, but I really don’t have the energy.

So here are some basics:

  • wheat is a huge deal in manitoba and saskatchewan, a massive chunk of our economy is agrarian, and we invest a lot in agricultural study
  • the wheat board was created in order to give canadian farmers more collective power on the export market - our wheat is high-quality, and together, we get a better price and better distribution through a central reseller than individually
  • the wheat board has now been privatized and it is no longer required for all farmers in its jurisdiction to sell to it
  • that positions multinational corporations which buy the wheat in a considerably better position than the farmers who grow it in terms of negotiating power
  • the majority of farmers under the wheat board actually didn’t want it gone, because it means lost revenue and less stability
  • the wheat board still exists, but it is now majority privately-owned and as stated before, voluntary - the board is based in winnipeg and the parent company is partly saudi-owned
  • now a partly foreign-owned private interest is one of many (some transnational) buyers of canadian wheat
  • the issues at play here are economic sovereignty, the wellbeing of canada’s agriculture industry, the stability of the prairies’ economies, and the privatization of the public interest
  • collectivization and expansion to other crops would have been a much better solution to the problems present in the wheat board (that farmers had little say in how it worked and faced some challenges competing in a global market, and that crops other than wheat and barley are making up more of our product), the present situation could be considered more fair, except that farmers now have less bargaining power than before - they will be less able to compete, and have less say in how the market operates
  • thomas mulcair went so far as to call the sale “economic treason” and won back some of my respect for that honestly
  • it pisses me off and it means my province is gonna have a tough time
  • the tories literally do not give a single shit about manitoba’s economic interests