I love that certain people love to make things Unproblematic, like jayroy, to make it acceptable.


Roy isn’t this sweetie that is stupid and this trucker, redneck looking person. He’s a compassionate, brilliant person that is also struggling with addiction. He has demons. He has issues. he is trying to heal

Jason isn’t some darling with “anger issues” that has minor issues. He is mean, he is blunt, he has no filter when it comes to the truth. He murders criminals to lower the innocent body count. he tries to be a good person. He has a very logical mind that makes him lethal and he enjoys gentle things like literature.

Stop watering down these two to fit this happy go lucky and morally sound people.

They are not amazing people. They are imperfect and trying to be good,

Accept the flaws and problematic aspect of them. 

Don’t ignore who they are.

What's your flavour?

You’re new in town and you seem very intimidating but as it turns out you have an awful sense of direction even with a map and you’re actually adorkable so here let me help you” AU.

With Jason Todd



Jason yelled out in frustration as he glared at the map. His “best friend” was being useless kicking the rocks on the street.

“Why can’t we use the GPS again Roy?” Jason asked him frustration laced in his voice


“Because somebody needed to get a fucking Eevee.” Jason replied “it was fucking rhetorical.”

“It wasn’t any eevee! It’s a Metropolis Eevee!”

“Is there a fucking difference?”

“How the fuck do you not know how to get around  Metropolis?”

“How the fuck do you not?”

Civilians passed them by, their fighting out them off from sticking around to help them.

“Fuck this shit, I don’t have to put up with this, I keep telling you to upgrade your fucking phone Jason.” Roy shouted in frustration before walking off and Jason kicked the trash cans next to him in frustration.

He glared at the surroundings, and he finally sauntered into the cafe you had witnessed him and his friend from, as you worked.

“Hello sir how can I help you today?” you offered him your biggest smile, despite the fact he sort of scared you after watching his interactions only minutes ago.

“I’m so fucking lost and I was hoping you could show me how to get to the hotel on Main Street?” He asked with an effort to be polite “I’m sorry about my manners but it’s been a long week, and if I hear about another eevee I will stab myself in my eyes.”

“Can I please see that?” You giggled awkwardly  motioning to his map.

“Oh sure.” He nodded simply.

“Okay so here’s the problem, your maps out of date but-” you pulled out a pen from your pocket and a napkin from your right “if you take this route. This is here…  then you’ll end up here.” You smiled at the map you drew for him

“Thank you so much.” He smiled at you tiredly and looked at your name badge “Y/N. I’m Jason.”

“You’re welcome. Now pick a muffin, it’s on the house.” you smiled at him motioning the cabinet

“Oh no I couldn’t. But thank you.” He picked up the napkin map.

“No way there’s a free muffin when you buy a coffee and i’ve just made one for myself, so you can have my muffin. You look like you need it more than me?”

“Can I atleast pay you? With my number?” He joked as he pulled out his wallet “Sorry that sounded better in my head.”

“Sure thing Jason.” You smiled “but I need you to know that you’re adorkable.”

“How about you hold onto that thought until you get to know me?” He grinned at you

“Let’s get started then.” You smiled “what’s your flavour?”