Heading out of that Hungry Gap

After a particularly prolonged and persistent winter, dogged by Siberian temperatures, gloomy days and seeminly endless buckets of rain, the mercury’s finally up, the sun is out and here all week (oh yeah) and we’re finally seeing long awaited seasonal treats turn up in our veg boxes

After an May spent longing for asparagus and dippy eggs suppers, it was a real delight to finally find these long-lost-stems in our veg boxes last week. Although heavily dependent on our (rather annoyingly) fickle British weather, British asparagus season normally starts in April and signals that spring has officially sprung. The cold weather has meant this year’s growing season is running a month or so behind schedule, depending where you are.

British asparagus is widely held to be the best in the world by chefs and foodies alike. It’s so good we steadfastly refuse to share it with anyone else. Interestingly not one spear is exported - we scoff every last British asparagus spear ourselves.

And although we grumble about our unpredictable (but mainly damp) climate, it’s precisely these conditions that allows the stems to develop very slowly which produces a full, sweet flavour and delightfully tender yet crunchy stems. Don’t forget the season is short and sweet, so make sure you grab these tasty little guys while you can.

With sightings of asparagus and fresh garlic in Pete’s boxes. we know we’re well and truly on our way out of the so-called ‘hungry gap’, and can really start to get excited about more seasonal wonders heading our way.

In addition to more Hampshire asparagus, this week’s veg boxes will contain some delicious Cornish new potatoes and crispy, crunchy-leaved lettuces.

There are so many ways to enjoy asparagus, but a read of Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s baked eggs with roast new potatoes and asparagus recipe has resulted in some serious tummy rumblings so we can’t wait to get stuck in after Thursday’s drop.

Photo courtesy of © Jak210 | Dreamstime Stock Photos